11 Best Sites To Get Free Stock Photos For Social Media Posts

free stock photos


Having visuals to accompany your social media posts is a crucial component, especially if you are looking to make your profile stand out of the crowd. Moreover, if you are a digital marketer, you already know how tricky it is to find perfect, royalty free images. Either you have to pay for the photos or spend a considerable time searching to find the one that works for you.

Luckily, there are several free stock photos sites to collect the best images for your social media posts. In this blog, we’ll share different resources to pick and use free images for your content.

Before we get started, here are some terms you need to understand:

Know These Terms Before Using Free Stock Photos

Free stock photos are images from artists and photographers who have permitted everyone to use them. However, if you infringe on anyone’s copyright, there are chances of severe consequences. 

That’s why it is essential to know about specific terms before you use any free stock photo-

What Are Royalty Free Images?

Royalty-free images are not necessarily free. The user has to pay a one-time fee in order to obtain the rights to use an image. The word ‘free’ means that you won’t have to pay royalties to the image’s owner every time you use it. Stick to posting pictures relevant to your niche to get more Instagram views

What Are Public Domains?

Public domain images are those whose copyrights have been expired, forfeited, or inapplicable. And, a copyright is a law that protects your work from being used by the others without your permission. Finding any image on the Internet not always means that it is under the public domain.

What Are Creative Commons?

It is a non-profit organization that allows the sharing and use of knowledge and creative work using free online tools. It grants several types of licenses for using the image. Every image that falls under creative commons means you can use it without worrying about getting sued.

11 Best Sites For Free Stock Photos 

Here are the eleven best sites to pick free stick photos for your posts-


unsplash image source


Unsplash is an excellent source to get free stock photos from the best media creators. There is an amazing collection of thousands of photos, mostly sceneries and outdoor shots. You can subscribe and get 10 new photos every 10 days. 


Pixabay is another great platform that contains millions of free images, graphics, illustrations, as well as videos. From beautiful outdoor photos to food close-ups, there is a good selection of royalty-free images. This site will send you a gentle reminder to make sure that the content in the images doesn’t infringe on the rights. 

All the images are covered under the Creative Commons license. So, you can modify the images and use them for your commercial work online. To create a fantastic feed, you can edit the Instagram photos using powerful editing tools.


Pexels is a fantastic website that offers thousands of images of outdoor landscapes, concert scenes, and business pics. It collects images from the other websites like Pixabay, Little Visuals, etc. to provide you with the best quality pictures on a single platform. This site has its own license that states what you can or can’t do with the visual content. It allows you to modify the images for both personal and commercial use without any attribution. 


Burst is a free stock photo resource from Shopify. This platform was launched to help entrepreneurs with their social media marketing campaigns. Some pictures are licensed under the Creative Commons, whereas others fall under Shopify’s own license. 

Most of the images are taken from the in-house photoshoots and themes around the popular business niches. The collection of eye-catching images is open and free to use. 




Gratisography is an excellent site that features numerous unexpected photoshoots by the famous photographer Ryan McGuire of Bells Design. You can find high-resolution and royalty-free images ready to use wherever you want. Nature, animals, people, the objects-this site has a good collection of pictures of all categories. It has its own license that allows you to do almost anything you want.


Reshot has its photo collection from talented photographers to give you the best-quality images for your needs. It is a massive library of royalty-free images you won’t find anywhere else. If you are sick of finding similar stock photos everywhere, give a try to Reshot. 


It is another popular free source for social media images. With more than 2,000 high-resolution images of different categories, it is an ultimate website. You can click through any category and go for the premium option to have access to all the photos in their collection. 


FoodiesFeed food image source


If you a food blogger or run a restaurant with online services, this free stock photo site serves you with the best food imagery for your social media posts. It consists of thousands of realistic free food pictures of high-quality. So, it’s time to bid goodbye to the sterile stock photos and make your online space look more beautiful with high-resolution food images.


Freestock has a wide range of free stock photos of different categories that are released under the Creative Commons. The images are of high-quality and good to use.


It is a unique image hosting platform where you can get images to use or modify for commercial purposes. Select the ‘Commercial use & mods allowed’ under ‘Any license’ to find the images which you can adjust. As the user rights vary for each image, remember to check the license every time you pick a photo.

IM Free 

IM Free is a huge collection of free stock photos for commercial use. These royalty-free images are organized by categories, including nature, education, technology, etc. However, the free stock photo isn’t the only thing you can find on this website. It offers free templates, button makers, icons, and much more.

These are just some of the many fantastic resources for free stock photos. These websites are indeed a blessing for digital marketers, bloggers, or web designers. But, make sure to respect the creative works of the photographers, artists and avoid violating anyone’s copyright.