5 Extremely Successful Techniques to Establish Your Brand's Authority on Instagram

According to a study by Statista, the population of Instagram users have increased from 90 million in 2013 to about 1 billion by 2018.  This number makes Instagram the third largest social media application right next to Facebook and YouTube.

The biggest reason for this rise in popularity is the upgrades it has received in the last few years. The application, which once focused on interaction among the users, now supports video call, live streams, and a lot of exciting camera features like boomerangs, filters, and more.

Therefore, without any doubt, Instagram has established itself as a favorable platform for attracting traffic, promoting business, and scaling your brand.Instagram However, this popularity does not mean that you will get an instant boost in your business by creating an Instagram account or posting some pictures. Instagram users are very selective and will not engage with every post or follow every user. You have to be extremely good with your content and strategies to capture their attention.

Read on for some effective tips and strategies that can help leverage Instagram to market your business successfully.

Build Your Brand Persona

Consistent brand personality is the key to successful Instagram marketing campaigns. It lets the audience know your goals and what they can expect from your post. It helps you to build loyalty amongst your followers and ensures long term relations.

Therefore, before you buy instant Instagram followers for your account or start posting on it, take time to understand your brand. Think of the community you should target, the templates you need to adopt, your logo, and every other part of the account. 

When you have made the decision, come up with the way of writing, time of posting, color themes, and photo editing style that matches your need.

These aspects will remain consistent throughout your working cycle, ensuring that each post aligns with your primary target and adds value to it. They will define who you are and what your brand stands for.

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Add Human Touch to The Content

Businesses often see Instagram as a way to promote and market themselves. It may sound professional, but it won't get you relevant followers. There may be a lot of potential consumer on this platform, but it's still a casual socializing platform.

Therefore, don't stick with the picture and video of your product; add a human touch to the page. Add photos of your team, some places you visit, add stories, and most of all, consider live videos. 

You should also follow some Instagram account, comment on pictures, interact with your followers, and share your day with them. People like personalization and enjoy the effort you put in for them. 

It is also a great idea to ask the viewers to follow and refer to your channel. It may sound irrelevant, but it's extremely useful.  A lot of users wait for a nudge before they start to follow your account.

The motive here is to let the consumer into your life, so be interesting and lively.

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Take Advantage of Instagram Stories And Highlights

Once a person enters your Instagram account, you have only a few seconds to convince him/her to stay and follow your page. Your Instagram stories are the best way to do so. They can present the user with an overview of your business and your personality, at the same time. According to data shared by Instagram, 50% of the business on Instagram share at least one story in a month and invade 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram story section.

Instagram also offers a "Highlights" feature to extend the lifespan of your stories. However, you will need to acquire at least 10k followers before unlocking this feature. Therefore, you might have to buy instant Instagram followers to create highlights. 

Develop strategies to leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content is an instant follower attractor. According to Businesswire, more than 85% of the consumers say that they find UGC more influential than brand created content. It means user-generated content has a lot better chances of attracting consumers towards your Instagram channel. It makes you look customer-centric, testifies customer loyalty, increases brand reach, and provides a lot of other benefits.  

So, create some simple hashtags that your consumer can use, let them upload some pictures with the tag and then select the most attractive once for your account. The user will be a bit reluctant in the beginning, but once they start to trust your brand, they will come around. You can also buy instant Instagram followers to help you to establish your trustworthiness and authenticity.

Use Influencers

The best way to get an instant flow of followers is to use an Instagram influencer. You can consult some influencers for shootouts or talk to them for promoting your account and sharing your content.

Influencers usually have loyal fan-following that they can easily divert to your account.  You can even follow some famous influencer on their Instagram and participate in their conversation or comment on their post. Their follower will eventually notice your presence and click on your bio link.

 Another great approach will be to ask the influencers for account takeover. The users will have to follow your page to see stories, and that will generate massive number of followers within no time. 

However, make sure to clear all the terms of work and write a contract of work for this task. It is essential to prohibit the user from using bots and creating fake followers.

A Quick Recap

Starting a new Instagram account is exciting; you buy instant Instagram followers and jump-starts the marketing campaign with the motive of achieving popularity. The campaign works the way you want, and you start to gain followers with every passing day. 

However, after some time, the increasing number of followers slow or stops. At this point, you need advanced tricks to add appeal to your account and make it look more inviting for new followers. 

This post shows you the ways to optimize content, use hashtags, leverage UGC, personalize post, and bio highlights tricks. All of these are the best practices of Instagram that are known for attaining more followers on your account.

So, take the necessary steps, deploy these tricks, and ensure that the number of followers never stay constant.