5 Proven Ways To Get More Likes For Instagram

A user creates an Instagram account with the hope of getting appreciations for his/her works. The user then makes full efforts to get more likes for Instagram and follow every common trick for it. However, the results are not much promising every time.

If you too are facing this situation, don't worry, it's a very common story. It not because of your content or your its category, its due to the lack of visibility. There are over 1 billion people on the platform, and a part of them are celebrities or established.

 Therefore, all you need to get likes is to find ways to ensure that your content stays distinct and gain better ranking. This post will help you with it. It will tell you about the various aspects of your account that needs optimization and also guides you with some latest market trends.

So, without any delay, let's get down to work and get rid of this ‘lack of likes' problem, once and for all.

The Initial Research To Get More Likes For Instagram

Before you get down optimizing and upgrading your Instagram account, there are certain things that you must decide. Do some research, analyze your work type, and find the answer to the following question:

  • What is the motive of Instagram? Is it for business development or for getting fans following?
  • How often do can you post on Instagram?
  • What type of audience do you plan on targeting with your account?
  • How many resources can you invest in your account? (in case you need an influencer or paid promotion)
  • What is your actual nature, and what are your passions?

If you are creating this account for business purposes, some market survey and competitive analysis are also required to form strategies.

After you have answered all these questions, proceed with the following tricks.

1. Start With Quality Content

Content is the king of Instagram. It has a direct effect on your reputation and the appeals of your account. If the users find your content engaging and exciting, they will like, as well as share it without any incentive.

The following are the three things that you have to be there in your content.

  • Consistency: The color schemes and feed aesthetics are the elements that distinguish you from others. They are like your signature trademark that the user will remember. So, set them to reflect your unique personality and then stick with them.

  • Camera Quality: In this world of HD screen resolution, blurry or pixilated posts don't stand chances. The viewers want quality, and no matter what, you have to serve it. 

  • Content Style: Uniqueness is always appreciated, both in real and in the digital world. So get over the old stuff and experiment with something new. Mix these new trends with your themes and comes up with innovative posts.

Here are some post from an Instagram account “camillaackley”

 camillaackley Insta posts


camillaackley Insta Posts


camillaackley Insta Posts


Each of these posts has different backgrounds and location, but they share the same traits, humanoid touch, and are of high quality. The unique part in them are the stickers; you don't see a lot of business or users using casuals sticker son their post.

2. Experiment With Post

Different types of people will like different types of post. Some users want question-based post, some want funny, and a significant even look for games or giveaways. If you could find the material that your follower like it will not only maximizes likes for Instagram but also increase its sharing rates.

Now, there are multiple ways for this critical task. You can conduct live chats and stories to ask your followers about it, or you can go for a hit and trial methods. In the first method, you need to come up with stories and ask audience reviews for your posts.

In the second process, you will create different posts and upload them over time.  You can create question post, game post, give always, click &take post and a lot more. Then you can test the engagement rates of these posts, and this data will provide you with an idea of public demands.

3. Add Some Popular Hashtags

There are always some people around you who share your interests and hobbies. Hashtags can help you to connect with them. Instagram collects all the posts with the same hashtags to form communities of interest-sharing people. 

Let's take an example for a shoe brand XYZ whose hashtag is #XYZ. Your post presents the latest model of these shows, so you tagged it with #xyz.

Now, anyone who is a part of #XYZ community can see this post, whether he/she follows you or not. Therefore, you have a much larger group radius of influence than you had before.

Moreover, all the people coming across your post have an interest in this brand, so your likes will definitely increase. The results of these hashtags are even better if you research them locally.

4. Tag People To Your Posts

The visibility issues not only appear at the global scale; it can also occur at a local level. Even the people connected with you may not be seeing your posts due to a large number of posts on their application. Sending notification to these followers can actually do you some good. So, tag some relevant account to your post.

Apart from the account, you can also tag locations to the post. It comes in handy for targeting audience.

Here’s how you can tag both these elements to your pictures.

Open Instagram and click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom of the screen. (The icon will not appear in desktop browsers)

Instagram Home Screen

The screen will display three new options. The first one is 'gallery' and is for selecting content from your gallery. The second one is for 'camera,' and the last one is for video. Select the content and click next on the top of the screen. On the next screen, you will see some color filters. You can use them to make light and contrast adjustment in the posts.


Once you select the filter and click next, you will see a screen with blank space for writing captions. On this very screen, you will see the option "Tag People," click on this option.

Click on your desired spot on the tagging screen and a popup with message ‘Who’s this?’ will appear. Replace this text with the user name of your desired Instagram account.

After tagging all the account go back to the previous screen. Here you can select ‘tag location to share your current locality and also select options to share the content on some other platforms. Once you have set them all, click the share button on the top. 

5. Interact With Followers

Instagram is not about getting popular or selling products; it about sharing stories and letting people into your life. You have to build a two-way relation, where your followers feel valued.

Therefore, conduct regular live video sessions and share live events with them. It's also best to invite other users who live around you to volunteer in your videos and live images.

Above all these tricks, you will also have to take care of the comment and message section. It means that you have to send replies to everyone who comments on your messages.


The likes on your post are directly linked to your appearance and your social circle. The interactivity, engagement, and the friendliness of your account will decide the amount of like you will get.

So, follow these tricks and ensure that you never get dishearten due to low likes ever again.