5 Tips to Create the Best Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is the foundation of your Instagram presence. It is your portfolio, your business card, and the home page all in one.  Setting it up requires a lot of time and thorough thinking.

Your Instagram bio creates the first impression and it should be able to gain your audience's attention and convert them from being just visitors to followers.

This article brings you tips on how to create an amazing Instagram bio that will promote your business, showcase your brand's personality and earn you more followers

Here are Five Tips For You.

  • Writing the Bio
  • Your Instagram bio ought to have a positive effect on your audience and this is tied to your ability to include description. People should be able to tell what you do, what your business is all about, and the reason they need you. Only 150 characters are allowed for your bio, and you shouldn't make it tiresome.

    Make your bio more about your audience than about yourself. It should be focused on how to inspire and help them. You should be able to use words that would speak to them directly. 

    Make sure that at the end of the day, what you've written with the 150 characters given is enough, not only to attract customers but also to make them become followers.

  • Use Hashtags
  • You can promote your Instagram business profile with your bio by tagging all related accounts, and also including your brand hashtags. By doing this, not only will it drive more post engagement, but it will also help in increasing your brand's reach, thereby expanding your community.

  • Use Keywords for the Name Field
  • Your username is separate from the name field in your bio. This makes it possible for you to customize the name field in your bio without having to change your username. So you need to look again if you've been thinking the name field on Instagram is just to add your name. 

    Using the name field in your bio for targeted keywords helps you with SEO. It also helps people to find and follow you. 

    Think about keywords your followers would search for and include them in your name field.

  • Use Emojis
  • using emojis helps your brand stand out from the crowd by giving your profile a visually amazing feel.

    Emojis are also helpful because they take up less space than words, thus enabling you to express a lot about your brand without having to write so much.

    You can choose to combine different emojis or use them with words, but do not use too many emojis, and most of all, do not use emojis without any content.

  • Put a Call to Action
  • The perfect place to add a call to action whether you're a business owner or an influencer is your Instagram story. It involves you telling your audience what and how to do what you want them to. It could be to follow you, make purchases, sign up to your platform, or listen to an audio. It gives you an extra edge as it can be used to draw traffic to your account.

    Generally, there are several ways through which you can create an amazing Instagram bio and they are quite easy things to do.  We would also want to encourage you, as much as possible, keep varying your Instagram bio and find out what works for your business. Until then, don't let your bio remain static.