All You Need to Know About Buying Instagram Followers

One of the best ways to quickly build your followers is by buying, and more importantly, buying correctly. You may have experienced buying a specific number of followers, only to have them disappear after a while. To several persons, this is a very familiar scenario.

Yours might be that your followers count grew quite alright, but you're not satisfied because these followers don't engage with your posts. Apart from the increased number of followers you have after buying, the account remains as inactive as it was before you bought the Instagram followers. Either way, the reason for such experiences is that you didn't buy active and real Instagram followers. You instead bought fake bots.


Knowing how to buy real Instagram followers reduces stress, and is more convenient than gaining organic followers. But we have several sites where they claim to be selling real Instagram followers, but what they sell are

bots. So, before you go out there to buy Instagram followers, there are some things you should be informed about. We'll be showing you in this article, why buying fake Instagram followers is dangerous, and how you can buy real Instagram followers.

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Dangers of Buying Fake Instagram Followers

1. In-authenticity 

 Buying fake followers can limit you from getting the ideal kind of followers you want. It is also very  easy to recognize an Instagram account with fake followers. Every time someone visits your page, they expect a certain level of post engagement after checking out the number of followers you have. When the amount of likes and comments you get for each post does not correspond with the amount of followers you have, they conclude that you are not real. 

2. Zero Assurance

Most of the sellers of fake followers care less about the outcome of your purchase once the deal is closed. All they are interested in is closing in on sales to as many customers as they can get. They do not have a customer support representative who will be willing to receive your complaints and answer questions you may have about their services. They have absolutely nothing to offer when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. You bring the money, they give whatever service they can, and that's all. If the followers disappeared, or the service delivered is not what you paid for, you would have to deal with it yourself.

3. Legal Consequences 

Fake followers increase the risk of getting your account banned. One of the measures Instagram uses to rank posts is its follower-to-engagement ratio. Instagram uses an algorithm to determine whether or not to show your content in the discover tab and also where your posts show up on your followers’ timeline. So, if you keep getting but a few likes and comments for your posts,having thousands of followers means nothing to Instagram.

Chances will be very slim that your content will be shown to your targeted audience If your engagement ratio is low when compared to the number of followers you have.

How to Buy Real Instagram Followers Successfully

After highlighting the dangers associated with buying fake Instagram followers, and taking into consideration the fact that most suppliers who claim to be offering real Instagram followers services eventually supply bots, we would also want to inform you that it is still possible to get real Instagram followers. So before you close the deal, here are some tips to help you in your purchase of Instagram followers. 

1. Look for A Reputable Supplier 

Sales of Instagram followers is no longer as straight-forward as it used to be. Many suppliers now promise what they do not have to give. So, before giving out your money in exchange for services, ensure to do your research about the Supplier and the services they render.  Make sure you are certain about what you're getting before turning in your money. 

2. Buy Targeted Followers

The aim is not just to have a bunch of inactive Instagram followers, but to have an engaged audience you can build on, a community you can engage with . consider the accounts following you, your niche, your most-used hashtags, your competitors,  and the services you render. Then you will have an idea of what your potential customers are like. Talk to the supplier about your targeted audience so that they can provide you with followers that will be beneficial to you. Ask for specific Instagram followers if possible.

3.  Watch Out For Cheap Instagram Followers

There is a difference between affordable and cheap. It’s okay to spend a little more money on quality followers. Most times, it cost less to buy quality Instagram followers compared to the money required to run ads, but if the price appears too good to be true, you may want to stop for a minute and reconsider. Most of the time, products with mind blowing cheap prices turn out to be of extremely low quality.