Best Time to Post on Instagram for Maximum Engagement in 2020

Best Time to Post on Instagram


Instagram has become the standard platform of choice for brands and businesses to promote their products and services in 2019.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, the photo-sharing platform entails great competition along with the vast opportunities it has to offer.

Big brands and businesses use great promotional strategies to gain traction of the vast user base of Instagram. Many companies also buy Instagram followers to give a tactical boost to their marketing campaign.

A lot of work indeed goes into creating the perfect Instagram-ready picture or post, but it all stands for naught if it is not posted at the right time.

Factors to Take Into Consideration before Timing your Posts

Many factors can be taken into consideration when choosing the best day and time of the day to post on Instagram. Let’s talk about these factors for maximizing engagement:

  • Time Zones: First of all, it is crucial to understand the time zones your dedicated audience belongs to. It is easier to set a posting time if your followers are spread over a larger geographical area.
    If your target audience belongs to a particular time-zone, make sure to set your posting patterns according to your followers’ time zones.

  • Day of the Week: Businesses have recorded different engagements on different days. There can be some variations in post engagements and interactions on different days of the week. 
    For example, posting at 5 AM on weekdays is beneficial as most people are awake early for work and check their phones.
    This does not apply to weekends because people usually sleep-in and check their phones later in the day. Thus, it becomes essential to carefully choose the right posting day and time for gaining maximum engagement. 

  • Workday Breaks: It is a known fact that many people check their phones and browse through social media networks during their breaks at work. 
    It is very beneficial to schedule your posts at such a time that aligns with the workday breaks of the majority of your followers in order to obtain maximum engagement from your posts on Instagram.

  • Niche: It is vital to create a posting pattern according to the niche of your business. With more than 25 million active businesses on Instagram, it can become challenging to gain engagement without timing your posts.
    It is an advantage to understand and analyze the best posting times depending on the sector or industry your business belongs to.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Timing your posts on Instagram is just as important as creating good and quality content. Let’s understand the best times to post on Instagram:

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram is constantly changing its algorithms to meet the needs of its users. This changing behavior also brings a change in the way businesses and brands function on Instagram.

Earlier, users, businesses, and content creators did not understand much about how to maximize engagement with their followers. The introduction of analytical insights changed this statistic.

Businesses have become more aware of the way their followers use Instagram and are making use of that data to create and post content that is more engaging and attracts more interaction for the business.

A recent study briefly explains the best time to post on Instagram:

  • The study states that posting Early Morning is helpful as most of the users on Instagram check their phone when they wake up in the morning.
  • The study claims that the second-best time to post on Instagram is between 11 AM to 1 PM on weekdays because of being the standard lunchtime for most people.
  • The next best time to post is between 5 PM and 8 PM as it is the after-work hours that users usually browse through their social media.

Many factors can be taken into consideration before deciding on timing your posts on Instagram. Businesses can also use different Instagram marketing strategies to promote their products on Instagram effectively.

Businesses can study their insights to understand what kind of posts are doing well with their followers as well as follow their time patterns to know when they are most active.

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Best Day to Post on Instagram

Just like there is a good and bad time to post on Instagram, there are certain days of the week wherein posts gain more interaction as compared to other days.

Research suggests that there are higher or lower engagements rates from posts depending on the time and day they are published.

Here are the best times to post for each day of the week:

  • Monday: The best time to post on Monday is between 11 AM and 5 PM.
  • Tuesday: The best time to post on Tuesday is between 9 AM to 6 PM. 
  • Wednesday: 5 AM, 11 AM and 3 PM are considered to be the best times to post on a Wednesday.
  • Thursday: 5 AM, 11 AM and 3-4 PM are the best times to post on Thursday.
  • Friday: 9 AM-4 PM and 5 AM are considered the best time to post on Friday.

Many businesses buy Instagram followers to concentrate more on increasing their sales on Instagram rather than worrying about their post engagements with followers.

The time for posting on the weekend is a little different as compared to other days of the week. Since most people are off from work on weekends, the best time to post on Saturdays would be between 10-11 AM. 

Sundays are considered the worst time for posting on Instagram as it is difficult to predict the time at which users are most active. The most suitable times for posting on a Sunday could be between 7-8 AM, 11 AM- 12 PM and 4 PM. 

Weekdays are considered to be the best time to post on Instagram for garnering maximum engagement. 


It can be tricky to select the best time or best day for posting on Instagram. The social media giant provides enough tools for users to analyze and understand the changes and improvements that can be made to obtain maximum engagement on Instagram.