7 Best Tricks To Boost The Engagement Rates Of Your Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram engagement rate is a powerful factor in growing the appearance of your Instagram account. There are Instagram ads, stories, newsfeed, etc. that help you engage the audience with your brand. 

According to 2019 statistics, brands on Instagram see 10 times higher engagement rates than on Facebook. However, the success metrics for the content you post on this social giant keep changing with the Instagram algorithm. 

Thus, it becomes a bit difficult to improve your brand’s appearance, engage the audience, and get new Instagram followers.

So, what can you do to keep up with the latest trends and boost the engagement rates? Keep reading to know!

Post At The Right Time To Engage Your Instagram Followers

While posting on Instagram, keep in mind that consistency is better than frequency. If you share your posts an absurd number of times, it may irritate the viewers. Similarly, you can’t post just once a week and hope for consistent results.

Maintain a balance between when to post and how many times to post.

Early morning is considered to be the best time to post on Instagram for maximum engagement. The reason is, most of the users check their Instagram feed after they wake up in the morning.

You can also post on weekdays during lunchtime (between 11 AM to 1 PM), as many of your Instagram followers might be lunchtime surfers. 

Use Different Types Of Fonts In Your Stories

When it comes to using fonts in the captions or stories, Instagram provides several options. It offers five types of fonts to choose from-Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong. However, your brand might need something more customized.

Instagram Fonts

Though you can’t get more fonts in-app, here are some tricks to help you find fonts that match your brand-

Open a Fonts Tool first. You can use free Instagram Fonts tools such as Fonts for Instagram or Instagram Fonts. 

Write your content into the box of the fonts app you have chosen.

See how the text appears in different styles available on the app, and select the one that suits your brand’s aesthetics. 

After that, copy the text and paste it into your caption, bio, or stories.

Explore Different Video Formats

Video generates more engagement among the audience as compared to the other types of posts. The videos in your feed are permanent unless you choose to delete them. So, you should spend a bit more time making sure that the video contains high-value content. 

The good thing about the videos in your feed is that they are searchable, and you can include hashtags to help the users find them. Brand campaigns, product announcements, and tutorial videos are perfect types of content to post in your video feed.

Likewise, the videos in your stories disappear after 24 hours. These can be the real video footages from the event, live announcements, snippets, or snapshots, allowing your Instagram followers to look behind the curtain.

Apart from type, you can also explore different supported sizes. Instagram usually allow three different sizes for videos.

Instagram Video Sizes

Find Creative Ways To Interact With Your Followers

This trick is all about how you can amplify your Instagram marketing strategy via Influencers. Large businesses might have the potential to accommodate the leading influencers for their brands.

However, small and budding businesses can still leverage the benefit of Influencer Marketing.

Instead of worrying about the lack of money to hire an Influencer, ask your fans, followers to collaborate with you.

Some of the content types that work well to get instant Instagram followers and boost engagement rates are:

Take Your Followers Behind The Curtain

Show them 'making of' the moments from your latest marketing campaigns. This way, you can encourage them to respond, participate, and build engagement.

Conduct Contests

Creating a lot of Instagram content can be tricky sometimes. One creative way to get valuable content is by conducting contests. 

Through contests, you can ask the users to do something to enter. You can encourage them to contribute their content and post it in your stories as a reward.

Tell The Audience How You Can Help Them

As a business owner, you want your connections to trust your brand’s skill and expertise. And, there is no better way to prove your talent than teaching others. So, you can post tutorials consisting of tricks and tips to explain to your fans how you can help them.

Get People To Save Your Instagram Posts

'Instagram Saves' is one of the hottest engagement metrics. According to the latest Instagram Algorithm, the more saves your posts get, the more audience it will be shown to.

Therefore, to grow your Insta account, focus on getting people to save your posts. Here is what you can do:

  • Post infographics or informational images. People are likely to save valuable information so that they can process it later.
  • Writing long and rich captions is the key to share valuable content to the readers. 
  • Focus on creating evergreen content. As the Instagram algorithm keeps changing, you need to post something the audience will love to view or read again and again. It can be a year-long checklist, calendar of events, tutorials, or workout videos.

Not only this trick will keep your existing fans engaged, but also help you get Instagram followers instantly. 

Optimize The Post

All your efforts to gain instant Instagram followers will be useless if they take too much time to load. You have to ensure that your posts are light and can load in minimum time (on standard internet speed).  Several tools can help you to compress the videos and images to correct sizes for it.

In case you take pictures from DSLRs, you can also consider decreasing the aspect size of the image. These cameras generate very high-quality pictures that are very bulky and are not suitable for Instagram.

Listen To Your Audience

Any type of social media marketing is a two-way process. You can’t keep just posting the content and hope that the content hits its mark. 

It is essential to reach your audience, listen to them closely, and understand what they want. This trick will help you to connect with the target audience and develop content that touches their emotions. It will make them feel that you care about their interests and thus create a healthy customer relationship.

Wrapping Up

If you are an aspiring business owner, these tricks to engage Instagram followers and get the new ones can help you. Once you employ these tips in your marketing strategy, you’ll see how your engagement rates grow!