CREATING SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR THAT WORKS. creating-social-media-calendar-that-works

Every social media marketer needs organizational tools to enable them to plan strategically. As they say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. When you plan ahead of time, you cannot be a victim of last-minute scrambling.

If you want to experience continuous Instagram growth, better quality content, and less stress, planning a content calendar is what you need.


Social media content calendar refers to a spreadsheet or an application that is used to manage campaigns, track deadlines, organize, and schedule social media content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Content calendars can be created using three formats. They are:

  • Paper + pen:

This is the traditional approach. It involves a physical planner and a handwritten calendar.

  • Spreadsheets:

This route is cost-effective. It involves the use of an excel spreadsheet or Google sheets to plan your Instagram posts. Using this format, you can share your content calendar with members of your team.

  • Social media management tools:

This is also referred to as the professional option. It involves the use of software services and is said by many to be the most efficient option because of its incredible automation and ability to save time.

Using this format, you can schedule live broadcasts,  and have your content posted without having to log into your social channel.

With a social media content calendar, you do not need to spend so much time on your social media page to keep it active. creating-social-media-calendar-that-works


You may want to know the benefits of using a social media content calendar. Your business needs it and here are several reasons you should use one:

  1. Save time by being organized.

With a social media content calendar, you can stay on top of your content across all your channels. Social media marketing requires time and effort but working with a social media calendar you can avoid multitasking by planning. There won't be a time when you'll be desperately searching for something to post. Social media calendar tools keep your platform organized by constantly managing audience engagement

2. Work smarter not harder.

When you sit to plan, you can draw up contents for the week, or the whole month if you so, please. Having done this, you have the remaining hours of the week or month as the case may be, to attend to other issues. Planning gives you more time to focus on other ways to grow your business instead of worrying about contents that would have already been settled.

3. Post Consistently

Making posts on your Instagram platform consistently is one of the ways to keep your platform alive. It increases your likes and engagements, it grows your followers and drives sales. This is because when you post consistently, your contents keep appearing on Instagram users' feed, and having them engage continuously with your page will increase your organic reach and with time, non-followers would also be able to see your posts and follow your brand.

4. Team collaboration.

Everyone you grant permission can access your social media content calendar. So if you're working with a team, you can all make contributions for a better outcome. Most social media content creation apps have features that enable you to pen down ideas and leave comments directly on the calendar. It's such a great way to achieve teamwork.

5. Quality Content.

To make a post on social media, the content must have passed through a whole team of creatives: photographers, designers, editors, content creators, and others. You cannot afford to keep having your team deliver an emergency post. Working with a content calendar means duties are shared between team members and the digital app. Then there's more time to put in the best of efforts. You can also measure the outcome of your content using the insights of your social media analytics. With time, you will discover the best time of the day to make a post on each of your social platforms.

Conclusively, a social media calendar may seem to you as a huge commitment initially but with time its benefits will begin to unfold. As a marketer, you do not have the luxury of time to keep deciding what to post and what not to post every day. with the use of a social media content calendar, you can plan for the future and then focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. Remember to continuously engage your audience and keep your page interactive. Reply to followers, respond to DMs, and engage with others in your niche.