Great news!

Nothing is stopping you from owning that gorgeous shoe you saw on Instagram now. It's just a couple of clicks away from your doorstep. How is this possible? Instagram Checkout.



Instagram Checkout is a feature debuted in march 2019 which allows Instagram users to purchase products of their choice directly from the app.

With Instagram checkout, one can view an item from a shoppable Instagram post and move on to complete the payment process without leaving the Instagram app. All you have to do is enter your name, email, and billing information. If that's your first time checking out, you'd also need to provide a shipping address.

Instagram Checkout is presently limited to users in the US alone but with the historical progress of Instagram in the e-commerce space, this feature will definitely continue to experience massive growth and improvements in no distant time.

CEO of Digital Creative Code and Theory speaking to Glossy, explains that the Instagram Checkout will become more successful as more businesses gain access to the feature. In his words, "If the feature rolls out to everybody, it will have some level of success. Consumers will get more used to it and we would see a bigger lift happen. Brands won’t necessarily replace their e-commerce channels with Instagram Checkout, but it will be another meaningful way to convert”

Instagram Checkout is also limited to certain brands. It was first launched with 26 brands which include: Revolve, Zara, Parker, Warby, and Nike. But over time, more brands have been added to the list. Brands such as Steve Madden, Hollister, and SoulCycle, etc.

With this Instagram shopping feature, it is now possible for content creators and influencers to add to their Instagram posts and stories, product tags from their brand partners which users can directly Pay for within the Instagram app.


Instagram Checkout operates by enabling companies to offer purchasing options for featured products through their existing channels.

So here's how it works, you could be scrolling through your Instagram feed and then you find a lovely hat you need for yourself, all you have to do is click on it and you'll be directed to the purchasing page. On your first patronage, you would be required to provide more details for record purposes but on subsequent purchases, the process will be more streamlined. Updates on shipping and delivery will be sent to you after you place your order.

In a nutshell, here are the steps involved in Instagram Checkout:

  1. Tap on the product you like
  2. Select your preferences (colour, quantity etc)
  3. Click on “Checkout on Instagram”
  4. Enter payment details (only for your first purchase)
  5. Click Place Order

 Instagram shopping just got amazing.


Instagram Checkout comes with several benefits for your business.

It can drive your audience to make purchase by a few taps. Potential customers who didn't end up making purchases have cited the flow of purchase and safety as top reasons for termination of their purchase journey. Other reasons shoppers abandon their orders include complications and a long-winded checkout process. 

Instagram Checkout reduces the multi-step purchasing journey to two steps. Customers would more likely purchase if they can buy it directly from social networks. Instagram Checkout creates a frictionless shopping experience. Additionally, audience can visually explore the item before making a purchase.

Checkout also provides you with quantifiable measurements regarding the number of returns you get.



There are several ways you can make this feature work excellently for your brand.

We've put together five of our top tips to help you drive more sales using Instagram Checkout.

  1. Share an Exclusive Product Drop on Instagram;

 Sharing limited edition product drops that can only be gotten through Instagram is a great way to drive more sales with Instagram Checkout. By doing so, you create a unique offering for your audience. It is also an efficient means through which you can create hype around a new product. And it can also seem as a reward to your Instagram community, which can build your brand's trust.

   2. Include shoppable Instagram stories stickers;

 Don't forget to include shoppable Instagram stickers to your stories. These stickers create a possibility of having viewers make purchases from your stories. This is a great opportunity to drive sales, similar to tagging a product to an Instagram feed post. 

   3. Provide multiple routes to shop;

 Creating several opportunities to drive conversions for your brand is a great marketing strategy. You can do this by driving people to the link in your bio, tagging products directly in your posts, including searchable product codes in your caption for your audience to shop, and including a call-to-action to drive people to your website.

  4. Be Consistent With Product Tags;

 Consistency is key. This principle also applies to your Instagram marketing strategy. Consistently add product tags to every of your Instagram posts. This would enable your audience to realise that they can find product details and shop simply by tapping on your posts. With time, they will start seeing your brand as one that is reliable and every time you make an upload, they won't hesitate to shop your post.

  5. Partner With Influencers who have Access to Shopping from Creators;

 Shopping from creators was launched by Instagram in 2019. It allows artists, celebrities, and influencers to add shopping tags to their Instagram posts. When these shopping tags are added, followers can click on them and make purchases on the Instagram app. If your brand is seeking for ways to drive more sales through influencer marketing on Instagram, you can take advantage of this feature.

Conclusively, in this age where social media owns a quantifiable amount of our attention, checkout has made it possible for you to present your products straight to your customers and have them make purchases without having to go through so much inconvenience. It creates a world of possibilities not only to sales but also to engagement rates.