How to Get Real Insta Followers (Step-by-Step Guide)

Instagram houses enormous potential for marketing business no matter how big or small.

However, there’s only one way to gain success in all your Instagram marketing endeavors – increasing your real Insta followers.

The challenge here is, when it comes to increasing followers on Insta, it’s just not as easy as it was a couple of years ago. In 2019, Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly users. At the same time, there are tons of creative and ingenious brands constantly working towards attracting and engaging these users. Plus, the platform itself keeps updating the algorithm, which again changes the game.

So, how can you tip the scale of competition to be on your side? How can you find a way to make yourself seen amongst the 80 million posts updated on the platform every day? How can you get real Insta followers?

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide that will surely come in handy. Read on.

Getting Real Insta Followers

For those starting from scratch on Insta, there’s an option to buy real Instagram followers to build initial momentum. However, even after you buy a few thousand followers, you need to implement a robust strategy that can bring engagement. It’s only when your followers really start to connect with your brand that you can meet your marketing goals. You can also read our post on Successful Techniques to Establish Brand Authority on Instagram.

Let’s walk you through the most effective tactics that will help you attract followers and keep them engaged for long.

Level-Up Your Account's First Look

The whole journey of your Instagram will start with the first view of your account, your bio. Polishing some component on this page can make sure that the potential followers find your account interesting.

Here's a list of components that you have to check for the landing page.

  • Profile Picture

The profile picture of your account should relate to the identity of your business. It’s best if you use the logo or a signature product for this particular aspect.

The following picture shows the profile of the largest eCommerce brand, Amazon. Amazon uses its signature smile symbol as their profile picture. This profile is not only unique and exciting, but it also presents the business value of Amazon.

Amazon uses its signature smile symbol

Additionally, it is also essential that you pair the profile picture with your business name. It will ensure that the users can find you.

  • About Account

The "about account" section is the blank space to display some necessary information about your account. It allows you to write more than150 characters, but face it; no one has the time to read a long bio.

So, it's best if you use small and innovative lines. Even a single line with a clear message paired with proper call-to-action buttons will do the job.

You can refer to the Instagram page of Oreo for this aspect. It has a single line description and has managed to attain over 2.6million users with it.

Instagram page of Oreo

  • Stories

The stories on your Instagram pages are the highlights of your services. It presents a lot of space for personalized content, hashtags, real-life events, and a lot more. The thing about these stories is that they present messages with human voices and faces. It helps to create an emotional connection with the customer and influence them to stay in your account much faster than images.

The following is the profile of the famous shoe brand Nike. Have a look at their stories. Each of them is using a famous sports personality as reference. In a way, the account itself is telling the users that "we deal with quality sports products."

Moreover, these people are social media influencers and direct a lot of sports enthusiast. These enthusiasts will inevitably follow a brand that their idol prefers.

famous shoe brand Nike

Now, if you don't have a link with an influencer, you can also use stories related to your brand.

This image shows the profile of WeWork, a shared office brand. The account doesn’t have any influencer, so it uploads the stories of employees other office related events.

profile of WeWork

Once you have all the written content, add some hashtags or promotional offers to your bio. You should also buy real Instagram followers to make the account look trustworthy. A decent number in the follower section will increase your visibility and enhance your reputation.

Target Established Competitors

Competitor accounts are the best place for finding some followers. Since the other brands share the same types of products as your business, the followers on their accounts are a targeted audience. They will be interested in your product and will need much less persuasion to follow your business account than the typical viewers.

For instance, if your brand is about fashion and clothing, follow brands like H&M and Gucci. A single picture on their Instagram page receives hundred of comments and thousand of likes. Have a look at the following image. The first one is from H&M and has over 122,601 likes. The second snap is from Gucci's page and has over 2,255,448 likes.

fashion and clothing H&M

Gucci -fashion and clothing

Clearly, they have too many potential consumers, and even if a percentage of these viewers can make a massive difference to your account.

Therefore, follow all your major competitors, comment on their pictures, and follow some of the users. You can also send messages to some users and ask them to visit your account.

Aesthetic Is Everything

Each and every part of Instagram is about visuals. The more attractive themes and patterns you use, the more is your chances of driving traffic. The best Instagram always stick with consistency for this vital aspect. They use clear color schemes, consistent topics, and focus on a specific post category.

For instance, Nokia and Apple both sell identical products, but if you check their Instagram, you will find completely different patterns.

Apple is more focussed on smartphone camera quality and photography, so its post pictures that relate to picture quality.

Instagram - Apple

On the other hand, Nokia’s tag line is ‘connecting people,’ hence its Instagram account present reviews and ads to informate the users.

Nokia’s connecting people instagram

Therefore, decide a theme for your channel and then stick with it.

Innovate Your Content

Nothing attracts a consumer more than uniqueness. Try a different perspective, angle, contracts, tones, and filters for all your posts. You can follow some famous photographs and photography software on Instagram as a reference. They often come with inspirational ideas for their posts.

You can modify their innovation for your business post or simply take inspiration from their works. These accounts can also familiarize you with the different aspect of high-quality photography.

Here's a snap from the Instagram page of the most renowned photography software brand, Adobe. Have a look at their posts.

 photography software brand Adobe

Adobe instagram posts

Adobe has shared vectors, real-life photographs, edited snaps, and even videos. However, each of these posts has uniqueness and conveys a clear message about the brand. Each of these posts adds value to the page and compliments the other post around it.

Here’s another example from the fashion brand Prada. Presently, the brand is using a unique approach and humanoid vectors for their products.

fashion brand Prada

This approach is an instant follower attractor, and their follower number proved that.


In a nutshell, Instagram is a visual that can create a difference for any business. It naturally high engagement, flexible uploading, highlighting features, and worldwide usability makes it a prime channel for marketing. It can provide international recognition to even a small start-up.

So, every aspiring, upcoming start-up and business holder should take advantage of its potential. The application can give you the boost that you need to fulfill your business and marketing goals.