Grow Your Business with Instagram Analytics: A Step-By-Step-Guide

It is exciting for businesses as well as regular users to watch their followers and the rate of engagement growing.

The current knowledge of these statistics has been possible due to the introduction of analytics for businesses and creators on Instagram.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, businesses have targeted the photo-sharing network as their platform of choice for growing their business’ social presence.

Insights are a feature of Instagram through which you can track the statistics of your business account to understand the performance and engagement of your posts on Instagram.

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Insights help you in adjusting your content and strategy in order to keep your audience engaged and to broaden your business’ reach on Instagram.

Let’s talk about how you can use Instagram analytics to grow your business on Instagram:

Profile Analytics                          

Instagram studies the metrics of your profile that you can easily access by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ button to be directed to the said page.

Profile analytics show you metrics dating back to a week which you can use to boost the user visits on your profile.

Let’s look at the metrics that can be seen in profile analytics:

  • Profile Visits: Profile analytics shows you the number of users that visited your profile in the past week. 
  • Email & Call Button Clicks: This section shows you the number of times visitors on your profile clicked the email/call button.
  • Link Clicks: This shows the number of times visitors clicked the link in your profile. 
  • Impressions & Interactions: Impressions show the number of times users saw your posts during the given period. Interactions show the number of actions that have been taken on your account. 
  • Profile Visits: This section shows the number of unique visitors on your profile over the time of one week.
  • Mentions: With the help of this, you can understand the number of times your account has been mentioned in one week by other users.

These are the many kinds of insights and information you can get with the help of profile analytics. You can use these features of analytics to improve your marketing and boost your interaction with the vast user base of Instagram.

Instagram Analytics for Stories 

 Instagram stories are one of the most used features of Instagram. With more than 500 million daily active Stories users, it is a highly engaging and interactive feature that businesses can use to their advantage.

Stories increase the exposure of your brand on Instagram to a more untapped audience and help get your brand in front of a broader potential customer base.

Here are the statistics and metrics you can track with the help of analytics for stories:

  • People Insights: This feature will list and show all the accounts that have viewed particular components of your Instagram story.
  • Reach: This feature provides you information with the number of unique users that watched your Instagram story.
  • Replies to your Story: This shows the number of time users replied to your story in the form of a DM.
  • Exits: This function shows the number of times users’ exited mid-way through your Instagram story.
  • Impressions: This depicts the number of times users have viewed your story.

With the help of these analytical insights, it becomes easy to understand the dynamics of creating content for your Instagram stories that is more interactive and gathers more engagement for your business on Instagram.

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Instagram Analytics for your Audience

Audience analytics is an Instagram feature dedicated to calculating and analyzing the data collected from your interaction with audiences on Instagram.

Businesses seek to target a specific and particular demographic audience for the products and services they offer, but the interaction of their posts does not usually align with their targeted audience.

Here are some of the primary audience analytical metrics you must pay attention to for growing your business on Instagram:

  • Locations: This section of your audience insights lets you see the top five countries and cities from where most of your followers are located.
  • Gender: This section distributes your followers into exact ratios of the number of males and females following your business on Instagram.
  • Follower Hours & Days: This is a very insightful statistic according to which you can plan your posting schedule and understand the best time to post on Instagram. These sections show the average time of the day and days of the week when most of your followers are active. 
  • Age: Instagram specifies the age rangers of your followers through this statistical information.

Instagram Analytics for your Posts

Post analytics enable you to understand the nature of content that is more engaging and interactive towards your followers.

This is one of the easiest and most accessible ways of understanding whether or not your content is working with your dedicated audience. Many established brands and businesses use this feature to get real Instagram followers and grow their business.

Let’s look at the statistical insights for your posts on Instagram:

  • Follows: This section shows the number of followers you gained for your business through a post.
  • Impressions:This shows the number of times users on the social media giant have viewed your post. Many Instagram analytics apps help you gain more insight and information for the active growth of your business. 
  • Discovery:This feature enables you to see the number of accounts your business reached through the discovery feature on Instagram.
  • Reach: This feature allows you to see the number of unique accounts your post reached through Instagram.
  • Comments: This section shows the number of comments on your post.
  • Saves: Through this feature, you can see the number of accounts that saved your post to their personal folders.
  • Interactions: This function shows the action users take directly after seeing your post. Actions like using the call/email tab, visiting your profile, visiting the link in your bio, etc. are visible in this section.

With the help of these Instagram analytics, you can track the engagement your posts had with the users on Instagram, and change or improve your strategies to grow your business on Instagram.

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The introduction of Instagram analytics has made it easier for businesses and content creators to track metrics, analyze, and make appropriate changes to their marketing strategies to gain exponential growth on the photo-sharing platform called Instagram.