How Instagram Stories can Drastically Boost Your Revenue

Instagram stories are one of the most used features of Instagram. Instagram stories enable people in learning new tasks, interact, and remain connected with their favorite celebrities, gain new perspectives on life.

Instagram stories have turned out to be a more authentic and less filtered alternative to usual Instagram posts.

Seeing the current state of social media marketing, it is all about engaging your existing audience and attracting potential audiences.

With the photo-sharing company having more than 1 billion active users every month, it becomes the best platform for a brand or business to boost its revenue.

The creative art of visual storytelling i.e., Instagram Stories, became such a massive phenomenon because of the impact that videos have in the digital world and how integrated it has grown with Instagram.


Let’s talk about a few ways in which Instagram stories can grow your business and boost y our revenue:

Use the Call-To-Action Feature

Statistics show that more than 500 million accounts use the Instagram Stories feature every day. This simple statistic means that the stories feature on the photo-sharing platform is an impressive tool for maintaining engagement with the audience and for pulling in new customers for the business.

Instagram enabled a feature through which business accounts could add links to their stories. Verified accounts and business accounts with more than 10,000 followers can use this feature as well.

Many businesses buy Instagram followers to be able to use the call-to-action feature to promote their businesses and increase revenue.

This feature has been proved to be hugely helpful for businesses using Instagram as a platform for the promotion of their brand.

The call-to-action button redirects the user to any URL or even the webpage of the business by adding the link in their stories. Many are also familiar with this as the “Swipe-Up” feature.

To generate the most possible traffic, create an attractive and enticing CTA (call-to-action). This feature has resulted in increased sales for businesses and an eventual boost in revenue.

Showcase Promotions & Special Offers

Instagram has made the promotion process of businesses more simplified and at the same time, far-reaching. Instagram stories are the best way to announce limited-time offers and deals.

Since the content of an Instagram story vanishes automatically after 24 hours, excellent and attractive deals generate good revenue for the business within the period of the Instagram story.

Businesses can use the Stories feature to run daily, weekly, or monthly offers than can only be redeemed by Instagram stories audiences.

Brands can use Stories in attractive ways like offering a limited-time deal or discount-code to a product to get users to swipe-up and be redirected to the dedicated landing page.


Make Use of User-Generated Content

UGC or User-Generated content is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing on Instagram.

It has become a social trend for brands to share pictures of their followers using their products. This simple yet unique tool of promotion and marketing puts the spotlight on the followers using the products, which makes the brand look more inviting and friendly.

There are many advantages to using this style of advertising.

Firstly, UGC put the brand in a position to highlight its products and promote its brand in an authentic way that gives their potential customers a welcoming feel.

Secondly, since the company uses pictures of its followers using their brand, the content is entirely free and costs the business nothing.

Lastly, User-Generated Content garners more attention on Instagram as the content is authentic and free from fabrication.

If understood well, Instagram Marketing Strategies can be used to make the most out of User-Generated Content for advertising and promotion of a brand.

Use Feed and Stories Differently

Posts on your Instagram Feed and Instagram stories should not be similar. Both the features of the picture-sharing network should be used for different purposes and for putting out content that’s different and new to the viewers.

Many brands use professional photographers for taking pictures to be uploaded on the brand’s Instagram feed. On the other hand, brands show their more creative, fun, and playful sides in stories.

It is a known fact that business pages with a large following convert more engagements into sales whereas pages with a lesser following find it hard to do so.

This is the reason for which many companies are planning to establish their brand buy Instagram followers. This gives them an already created follower base, and they can work on more important things like creating useful content.

It is a good idea to consider Instagram Stories during product photoshoots. Getting the right vertical images and videos can be beneficial for the brand’s performance on Instagram.

Using stories as an engagement and distribution platform can increase traffic to your website and promote your brand with less effort.


Story Stickers

Statistics suggest that brands and businesses post one-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram.

Seeing the ever-growing user base of Instagram, the photo-sharing company recently introduced a feature for businesses to use the “Product” stickers to tag and link specific items and products featured in their content.

The specialty of this feature is that it allows small businesses with less than 10,000 followers to drive users from their stories to their products directly.

While these features were only limited to verified and business accounts, product stickers brought around the concept to the entire Instagram eCommerce community.

These stickers can be used both on videos and images and adding these stickers on stories is incredibly easy.


These functions of Instagram Stories can be used in several ways to drive traffic and generate revenue for brands and businesses on Instagram.

While many businesses buy Instagram followers to create an already established follower base and be exposed to the user base of Instagram, others use manual processes to achieve the same results.

Instagram is like a goldmine for businesses as it is easy to access, highly engaging, and a straightforward monetizing platform. Moreover, Stories is a free to use marketing tool that has a reach of millions of potential customers.