How to Earn Organic Instagram Likes Instantly

Everyone wants to grow and make their presence felt on the photo-sharing network that Instagram is. But for that to happen, you have to invest in the right kind of growth.

With its high volume of users and its fun and engaging way to connect people, Instagram has become a part of people’s daily life around the globe.

With Instagram recently hitting the 1 Billion monthly active users mark, the photo-sharing platform becomes the most suitable stage for people to gain recognition with their work and creativity.

Instagram offers enormous growth potential to users and businesses. In spite of all this, some users find it hard to understand where even to start.

There are many ways to effectively take advantage of Instagram’s potential, and many tactics and strategies that can be used to grow and earn organic likes and followers on Instagram.


Let’s talk about a few ways through which you can organically earn Instagram likes:

Buy Instagram Followers

One of the most accessible and time-saving techniques for obtaining organic Instagram likes is to buy Instagram followers.

It is a well-known fact that pages and profiles on Instagram that have a good amount of followers are more discoverable and more visible to the large audience of Instagram.

Buying followers for Instagram makes it easier for your profile and the content you share in becoming more visible in the ‘suggestions’ and ‘discover’ columns. This tactic helps in creating an already established follower base and hence boosts your visibility to the global audience.

Many websites on the internet offer such services in exchange for a nominal fee. Users can also buy Instant Instagram likes, subscribers, and views from these online vendors for their Instagram profile.

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

There are no predetermined rules about how frequently you should post and share content on Instagram. But it is good to maintain a posting schedule that is consistent for your followers.

Along with maintaining a regular posting schedule, it is also important to time your posts and the content you share.

To get the most out of each post and to get the maximum likes for your content on Instagram, you have to maintain constant engagement with your followers. 

A recent study has proven that there are times in the day that have shown to garner more engagement than other times in a day. Moreover, there are different times of the day that are more engaging, and this stands in the case of all days of the week.

It is hugely helpful to understand when and at what time your followers are most active. Posting content at such a time will appear in the feed of users and will attain maximum engagement and earn organic likes for your post.

When you post excellent and engaging content regularly and timely, users also begin to expect your presence in their Instagram news feed.


Post Good Quality Pictures

Posting pictures that are of good quality is as important as sharing creative content. And you don’t need to be intimidated by this tip.

You do not have to be a professional photographer or have expensive and hi-tech equipment to post good quality pictures. Using what you have but with creativity and proper execution is all you need to do so.

Having a sense of the many marketing strategies for Instagram has also proven to attain maximum engagement and can result in getting you more organic likes.

Here are a few tips for creating good quality pictures and posts for Instagram:

  • Lighting Matters: Photos taken in low-light are less appealing as compared to images taken in natural or well-lit artificial lighting environments.
  • Use Captions: Using captions for your pictures is another way of attracting attention. Make sure the captions you use catch the eyes of users and attract them instantly. Use emoticons to make your post and caption look more appealing.
  • Don’t Use Too Many Filters: Using too many filters on a picture is often considered as phony and artificial. Use filters that make your photos look natural and attractive. Or maybe even don’t use filters if you do not need it.
  • Cropping: Crop your pictures in a way that they bring-out and highlight the main subject or content of the photograph.

Using these tips will significantly help in getting more organic likes on your posts. Many Instagrammers even buy instant Instagram likes for their posts to become more visible and discoverable to Instagram’s massive audience.

Use Hashtags (A LOT!)

Using Hashtags, also recognized as the (#) sign is one of the best ways to promote, market, and attract users on Instagram.

Specific hashtags can be used to attract users belonging to a particular niche. There are many kinds of hashtags, but the most commonly used ones are community hashtags and branded hashtags.

A community hashtag generally aims at attracting users belonging to a specific community on Instagram. For example, the hashtag #Soccer will aim at attracting users from the soccer community on Instagram.


Instagram allows the usage of 30 hashtags per post. Make sure to use the most engaging and apt tags that will attract users interested in your post.

The proper usage of the hashtag technique can garner your posts a lot of organic Instagram likes.

Users also buy instant Instagram likes for their Instagram posts to appear in searches and look attractive to users. Users are automatically attracted to pictures and posts that have more likes as they seem to be more interesting.


Creating a unique identity on Instagram is considered as an attractive trait to people using the photo-sharing platform.

There are many techniques and tactics for gaining organic Instagram likes. Make sure you send out a clear message with each post. Your picture must be clear and able to explain the intention and message you expect to share with your audience.

Make proper and adequate use of appropriate hashtags for your posts to be more visible and discoverable to users.

Invest your time in creating quality content and use the best techniques for marketing and promoting your posts.

Remember that it takes time and effort to create the best profiles on Instagram.