How To Get Real Instagram Followers. how-to-get-real-instagram-followers

Instagram has become a serious networking, content marketing, selling, and audience building tool for entrepreneurs. Having over 200 million active monthly users, it is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world.

With Instagram, you can successfully sell your products online. All you have to do is build your follower base and adopt healthy social media strategies. But the issue most online businesses have is growing their Instagram followers, especially the first 10000 followers. This is because their brands are not yet known.

Getting real Instagram followers may be a little tasking but it is not impossible. Want to quickly grow your Instagram audience? Looking for a strategy that attracts the right kind of connections? Here are tips for you;


  1. Get Creative With Hashtags

The use of hashtags is one of the most certain ways to grow Instagram followers.

Tell part of your story using hashtags. Don't be boring, you can be ironic, outrageous, funny, or anything else you choose to be. Look beyond the regular one-word hashtag, be creative with your caption ideas.

You can begin by searching for hashtags that are not already overpopulated because it's difficult to highlight your Instagram post amongst millions of posts at the same time.

Hashtag usage widens your social reach, and this is advantageous as it is needed to build your community and gain new followers.

  1. Craft a Great Bio and Profile

A good bio is one of the keys to growing your Instagram followers. This is because your Instagram profile is the backbone of your Instagram presence.

Your profile needs to be structured in a manner that's capable of convincing visitors to click on the follow button. This is because two-third of the Instagram profile visits you'll get are from non-followers, and if they find your profile unappealing or unclear, they will not follow you. how-to-get-real-instagram-followers
  1. Repost Other People's Content.

Your posting strategy should include reposting other people's content. Remember to give credit to the original poster in your description so you don't get flagged every time you share. Also, as a result of the updated Instagram policy, you're to first seek the permission of the original owner before reposting.

We encourage you to repost contents because it's easier and saves you the stress of coming up with one at the moment, and you can select contents with great visuals, even better than yours.

However, ensure you repost contents that are relevant to your niche and can benefit your audience. 

  1. Keep Content Consistent.

Posting content irregularly is not the right thing to do if you want to gain Instagram followers. It will not only prevent new people from following you, but it will also cause your already existing followers to forget about your page or classify your brand as inconsistent.

About 200 million Instagram users log in every day, and the more they see your content, the more likely it is for them to become followers. So, get a posting schedule and be consistent with it to keep existing and potential followers in the knowledge of your brand.

  1. Advertise Your Instagram Page on Other Platforms.

On communication tools such as your online newsletters, your websites, your email signature, and all online and offline tools alike, ensure you have links to your Instagram account. This would serve as a medium for directing people to your Instagram page.

You can also add your Instagram link to your profile on other social media networks. By so doing, people who are already familiar with your brand in those platforms can find you on Instagram.


Your Instagram growth will not just happen. You need to put in time and effort if you desire to experience growth. Take out time to execute this strategy, keep track of your results and keep improving upon your efforts.