How to go live on Instagram


Most applications are constantly rebranding and updating their features to stay relevant and become more appealing to its users. Instagram is not left out in the business of features upgrades: One of its unique features is Instagram live.

Instagram live enables users to Livestream videos. It can bring about a connection between you and your users, the establishment of your brand and it also builds engagement.


What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is one of the features on Instagram story, usually found at the top of your screen while on the Instagram app. It allows users to transmit videos and engage followers in real-time. When Instagram users broadcasts live videos, followers are usually alerted by a ring hovering around profile pictures so followers can view the live stream.


How to Use Instagram Live

Using Instagram live is very simple and also similar to using Instagram stories. Perhaps you've never really tried it because you have no idea how to use it or you were just nervous. We'll show you below how to go live on Instagram.

  1. Get prepared: make up your mind on when you what to have the broadcast and where. You also need to decide what the broadcast will be about. Get your team ready too.
  2.  Open the camera icon at the top left of your main feed.
  3. select Instagram live. You can choose filters by tapping on the emoji icon. You can also choose who can and cannot see your live broadcasts by tapping on the Settings icon and selecting "hide story from".
  4. Tap the "end" button to stop the stream. Save your live video to your camera roll once it is finished. 


Why Should I Use Instagram Live?

According to New York Magazine and Live

  1. 80% of audiences would rather watch a live stream than read a blog post
  2. 82% of audiences would rather watch a Livestream than see a social media post.
  3. 67% of audiences who watched a live stream bought a ticket to a similar event the next time it happened.


Your Instagram live video can turn your followers into customers. Find below, some pros of Instagram live chat:

  1. Increased engagement. Instagram live chat increases your interaction with followers and this interaction brings people closer, gives them this feeling that they are a part of your brand, they get to join in, comment, and like the video. This Interaction increases the chances of your content appearing at the top of their newsfeed and reduces the chances of your video getting lost. There are chances of getting more Instagram followers after your live videos
  2. Save and share live videos. Instagram live download is possible after streaming. You can choose to save your Instagram live video and upload it to your story afterward, then again the video goes right at the front of the story feed. This means when an Instagram user starts checking out Instagram stories, yours would be the first they see because you've gone live.
  3. Relationship building. With Instagram Livestream, viewers can save themselves the stress of having to send a mail or visit your DM. All they have to do is type in their questions and have you attend to them immediately, and this, in turn, strengthens old relationships and builds new ones. Instagram sends your followers notifications when you begin a live video and they are likely to join in. You see when someone new joins and you try to make them feel at home with your chat, carry them along in the conversation and before you know it, you've gotten a new customer.


Tips For Instagram Live Stream

Having known that Instagram live is an essential tool for your marketing strategy, some persons may still dread the idea of having to sit before a camera and perform live activities especially for someone who hasn't done that before. Well, here are a couple of tips on hosting an amazing Instagram live video.

  1. Have a plan. Everything good starts with a plan. Take out time to plan for your video. Find the best spot, the perfect time of the day, get the content of your video ready, figure out the best topic, crosscheck everything to be sure you're good to go. 
  2. Get prepared. You can practice before going live. Remember you're not about to give a speech, you're about to begin a conversation and you cannot afford to appear uncertain or nervous. Practice with a friend and ask them for feedback. Write down your bullet points, you can look into them once in a while during the live stream.
  3. Engage with viewers. This is a perfect platform to engage your customers, this is the main goal of your Instagram live chat. Don't make it all about yourself, ensure you're carrying viewers along. 
  4. Recognize their presence, let them in on some of your plans and achievements, ask for their opinions, appreciate their comments, give room for questions and answers. When you give immediate answers to questions you're being asked, other viewers would develop the confidence to ask you about something that's not clear to them about your business, and this could also influence someone's decision about your service. By doing this, you gain visibility, you also gain their trust. 
  5. Reward viewers. Show your appreciation to your viewers for having tuned in, tell them you look forward to spending more time together. Give them something to be thankful for an announcement of a new product, a bonanza, or a valuable piece of advice. Do something to make them encouraged and motivated to tune in some other time.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Instagram Live

  • How do I turn off comments?

If you do not want to see comments while the video is live, you can disable them by tapping on the three dot icon (for android users) or the settings wheel icon (for iPhone users), and then select "turn off commenting"

  • How will my followers know if I'm broadcasting live again?

if your followers are online or connected to the internet, they will see a live badge when you are Live. They may also receive a notification when you begin live streaming.

  • Can I restrict who sees my Instagram live?

you certainly can. Instagram live comes with an option to choose who can and who cannot see your Instagram live stream. Tap on the camera in the top left corner, click on the Settings button, go to "hide story from" and select people who shouldn't have access to your live stream.

You may want just a more precise audience, that is also possible. Tap on "close friends" and your video will be shared with a smaller audience.

  • What do I do if someone is harassing me or just being annoying?

You are at liberty to block whoever you're uncomfortable with. You could also report offensive users for further disciplinary actions.

  • How long would my videos stay up?

your video would stay up as long as you're Live. They cannot be replayed, hence they end when you end. Viewing ends when broadcasting stops.