How To Increase Instagram Followers On A New Account?

The third-largest social media platform, Instagram has seen a drastic rise in recent years. The application has become one of the most preferred business marketing applications and holds the trust of over 1 billion active users. However, this popularity has also raised a big question for new users.

They want to know that does the initial investment matter on Instagram and if not, then how to increase Instagram followers on a new account without them.

Well, the answer to the first part is, no, budget is not an issue on Instagram. As long as the Instagram viewers find your content valuable, engaging, and appealing, they won’t care about the investment you did on it.

As for the other half of the question, this post will guide you with it. It will give you some simple tricks that can instantly uplift your account’s value and followers with minimal or no investments. Have a look.

Focus On Your First Impression

For a new user account, the most crucial part is the initial view of the account. This part includes the element like your profile pictures, description bio, and more. They are essential because your account doesn't have many reviews and is entirely invisible in the initial stage. The account will not even have a lot of content, so, the viewers will judge you through these elements.

They need not be perfect, but they should present a clear message about your brand. Have a look at these Instagram pages from some famous brands. They will help you to understand it better.

Lamborghini Instagram Page
Barkdog Instagram Bio
Netflix Instagram Bio

Each of these bios belongs to different categories of business. The first one shows Lamborghini, a supercar company. The snap presents the bio of bark shop, a pet-related store, and the last one shows the famous online stream service provider Netflix. Even their bio descriptions are different.

Lamborghini writes words about its cars, Netflix talks of an upcoming series in a single sentence while bark dog has used multiple sentences.

However, each of these bios is ideal for their business because they present the main motive of the brand.

Further, the images, hashtags, and URL links also compliment the bio and add value to it. So take references from the bios of these brands and construct your account in the same way.

Follow Other Brand And Influencers

At a glance, the best answer to the question how to increase Instagram followers is, by increasing your visibility and attracting more targeted viewers.

Now the best way to do for this task is to take advantage of influencers and popular accounts. It is a robust strategy that benefits you in more than one way.

The accounts that you follow will obviously have some relation to your business. Therefore, the fans follower on that page will also have something in common with your page. Hence, they will become your follow with much less persuasion than a standard user.

Further, you will have a chance to analyze the patterns, post, and tricks other users are implementing for gaining fans. You can then upgrade your policies to beat these trends and gain leverage over the market.

Even global brands like Nike, Adidas, and more apply this trick. Have a look:

Nike Followed Accounts


Adidas Followed Accounts


Go Unique But Consistent

Attracting traffic to your account is the first phase of getting followers; the next part is to capture and retain them. This section of your business will, by default depend on the content and the personality of your pages. The stronger you build these parts, the better will be your results.

The best approach to them will be to create a unique theme for your business. In these settings, you have to come up with a color and posting scheme that matched your profile and stick with it. For example, if you are providing dog-related services, the main them of your account should include dog products.

Moreover, these settings should present a reflection of your brand and highlight its personality. Here’s an example from “itspuggydouglas.”

Pug Themed Instagram Account


The user has created this page for a pug, so all its elements and setting align to dogs. Whether you see the profile picture, stickers, stories, description, or any other part of the page, everything talks or show dogs. This way, the page presents a clear message about what you can expect from it.

Here's another example from a Skullcandy. The brand sells sound-related gadgets. It is running on a mood theme scheme where it sets a monthly color of its posts.

The first image shows the color of independence that Skullcandy will be using thought out august. The second one is from July. Skull candy reserved this month for empowered series and used pink color for it. 

Skullcandy Independent Series

Skullcandy Empowered Series


The one thing that you will notice in all these posts is that they may differ in color or pattern by they are consistent in theme. Skullcandy sells sound systems, and each of these posts presents at least one sound accessory. Moreover, Skullcandy highlight solid color for their products, and these posts reflect this trend. Every picture that introduces a new product has a smooth solid background. 

Regulate Your Post Timings

Even after creating a consistent theme and developing exotic content, there are high chances that your posts get lost between the thousands of posts on Instagram. It's common for a post to get covered by other posts before a user sees it.

Therefore, you have to regulate the timing of your posting. For instance, if your primary target is teenagers, posting during evenings or after dinner time. Posting in the morning is also a good idea.

Teenagers usually spend the better part of their day at college or with friends, so they usually don't open Instagram to like a post. However, they have a habit of seeing check social media before sleeping and after waking.

As for the weekends part, the holidays are for parties and outing. So the exposure chances of your post will be minimal.

Global Instagram Engagement Time Map


Therefore, us the Instagram analytics to find the user engagement hours of your location and set your uploads according to them.

Further, once you have the timing stick with them and post regularly.

Be There For The Followers

The post and setting of your Instagram will help you to get started with the account. They will gain a few hundred and even a few thousand followers. These followers will begin to share content with you, comment on your post, and sometimes ask you question about your brand. Make sure that you respond to all their comments and queries.

The responses will help you to set up a more interactive environment, which is very good for building trust. You should also consider live videos and reposting user-developed content on your account. These tricks will help you to create an emotional connection with your followers.  As a result, they will not only support your account but also refer it to their friends and followers.

Whether you are looking to increase Instagram followers on your new account, or own a well-established account, make sure to be always available to your followers. 


Setting up a new Instagram account is not as complicated as it sounds. It does not need any high investment or specialized hardware for it. All it takes for you to get at the top of Instagram is your understanding of the market trends.  

So, step into the shoe of normal Instagram users, think about their preferences, combine them with the above tricks, and implement them in your account. They will ensure the market you deserve, and also ensure that the question How to increase Instagram followers never bother you ever again.