How To Increase Instagram Followers With Minimal Investment?

Instagram is an excellent hub for gaining popularity and promoting your services, both at personal and business levels. However, it is a large platform with billion of users, so you cannot increase Instagram followers and ensure your visibility on the platform without any investment.

These investments have benefits in the long terms, but you cannot afford them all in the initial stage of your account building. Investing very high at this stage can unbalance your economy and profit. Moreover, they won't have a guarantee of returns.

Therefore, this post will focus on Instagram tricks that can increase your followers and won’t need much investment. Have a look:

Tags Increase Instagram Followers

Tags are an incredible way to create portals for bringing users towards your account. They classify your post according to their traits and post them in communities of interested people. Tags increase your post's sharing radius from limited followers to large communities and even help you to find other users near you. They present your work to targeted consumers who are more likely to follow your account.

There are four main types of tags that you can use to increase Instagram followers and get more engagement on the platform.

Account Tagging:

If you believe that your followers are not getting enough views from your followers, account tagging is just the thing you need. This tag allows you to attach your desired account to your post and send them notification of the post. This way, your posts will never go unnoticed.  The cherry on the top, the post will be added to the ‘tagged' section of the user account, and all their followers will also get access to it.

This tag is available in the description tab, right under the blank space you use to write caption while uploading a post.


Click on this tag, select a spot for tagging person, write the user name, and you are good to go.

Account Tagging

Geo Tagging:

There are a lot of people around you who may be interested in your work but are not aware of your work. The geotags, eliminate this issue. It attaches the device location to the post that in-turn displays your content along with other posts from the same area. The feature is handy for getting local recognition, especially for local businesses.

Have a look at the following images; they will give you a better idea.

Geo Tagging


Geo Tagging


The first images show post tagged with Beverly Hills, California and the second one display pictures tagged with Café des Arts. All these posts are from different users who most probably don't even know each other. Instagram display them together only because of their location.

Comment Tagging

The comments are promotional tags that a user can use to share your post with their followers. It's a user-oriented service that allows anyone to tag someone in your post. All they have to do is to write @ and then the account name.

Let’s have an example from the Instagram page “cbezerraphotos.”

Comment Tagging


In this post, the user has asked his viewers to tag friend who would like to visit Washington, DC. As you can see, the viewers have attached their friend. Considering the 16,417 likes on the post, the user's trick is working pretty well. Perhaps, you can also leverage this strategy and get more likes on your posts.


Hashtagging is very much identical to geotagging. The only difference is that here, the communities are based on words/phrases of the hashtags. The process of using a hashtag is also a bit different as there is no specific button for it.

You can include them by writing the desired hashtags while writing the description. These tags start with # and usually contain the name of a person or the business. Like for photography base posts you can use hashtags like # photography, #photographers, # Nikon, # cannon and more. 


Here’s the hashtag community of #nature photography and #photography. Look at the number of posts in these communities, and imagine the users who interact with these pages. 





Aesthetics Is The Key

Everyone in this world has some unique personality traits and a way of living. These traits define the person and make him/her different from others. The Instagram account should exhibit this personality, your true self.  It will help you to add a touch of uniqueness to the page and audience like uniqueness.

So, the aesthetic of your Instagram account should align with your interest, hobbies, and habits. Like if you a fun-loving person who loves to travel, you can represent travel photographs far better than fashion related posts.

Let’s understand it with examples. Have a look at the following pictures from Instagram accounts “gypsea_lust” and “doyoutravel.” Both of these accounts are travel blogs.




Now the following are the food blogger account by the name “the naughtyfork” “skinnytaste.”

Naughty Forks


Skinny Taste


Notice, each of these accounts. Each of them focuses on a specific element, and all their posts revolve around that particular element. The food blogger post only food pictures, the travel stick with attractive sites, and the brands posted about their products.

This regularity in their posting is one of the reasons for their success. Their audiences know their brand values and have clarity about the type of posts they will be sharing. This clarity is precisely the element that makes your account rise on Instagram.

Therefore, find the stuff that you are good at and use it as the central theme of your Instagram account.

Post Processing Is A  Must

Quality content is the king of Instagram posts. The better and more attractive content you post, the better likes, shares, and comments you will get. So, Instagram users pay full attention to camera quality and basic photography principle. However, the one thing that they often neglect is the post-processing, and that makes a huge difference in their posts.

Have a look at the following image. It shows before and after of a photograph. 

Editing Insta Image


No doubt, the camera did a great work in capturing the details of the picture, but it could have never created the effect that you see the second part of this image.

Here’s another example of a rocky landscape.

Image Editing


Observe the color of both the before and after images. The before edit picture was natural, but the after is much better. The after edit images have better color tones, highlight, and precise tint lining.

Therefore, you should surely use post-processing software for your post. The filters in your application may be useful, but they are no match for the potential of post-processing software.

Moreover, you don't have to rely on complicated software. There are a lot of them for every need. For instance, Adobe Lightroom is suitable for RAW files, Photoshop works for formats like JPEG or PNG, while application like After Effect and Premium Pro are excellent for video effects.

You can check the internet for the best post-processing softwares and select the ones that work for you.

The Final Words

These are a few tips to increase Instagram followers and achieve better visibility on the platform. They are quite low in investment and offer excellent results. Even the major brands are using these tricks to get better Instagram popularity.

So, without any delay, analyze your Instagram account and implement these tricks on it. They will be amazed by the number of followers these methods will attain for you.