How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Increase Growth.

Over 100 million users were added to the Instagram platform in 2017, and ever since there haven't been any signs of reduced growth. Instagram keeps advancing as the days go by. There are countless number of people, influencers, companies, brands alike on the platform uploading and seeking to access remarkable photos and videos. 

Your social media presence matters a lot. It's important to create an Instagram profile that can capture the attention of visitors and turn your targeted audience to customers.

In this article, you'll learn how to optimize your Instagram profile to skyrocket growth.

  1. Have an Instagram Business Profile.

Instagram has two types of profiles. Normal profile and Instagram business profile. We recommend that you go for the latter because it's easier to grow your business with the tools and features that come with using a business profile, Such as Instagram insights, Instagram shopping, and Instagram ads.

Also, you can boost contents with just a few taps, causing you to reach a wider audience


  1. Make use of easily searchable business and username:

There are numerous pages on Instagram, with over a billion users. This implies that if you want users to be able to search for you with ease, your username must be simple and easy to find so that people can easily find and interact with your Instagram profile. You should also include your full business name in the "name" session of your profile.

  1. Pay attention to your Instagram profile picture

 Your brand's profile picture draws the attention of page visitors, and when you make a comment or share a post, it shows up right next to it.

It is the first pictorial representation of your business online. That's why it must look perfect.

You could try using the same profile picture for all your social media profiles to bring about uniformity and strengthening of brand presence.

  1. Ensure you are linking to a mobile-optimized website:

If you want to drive website traffic from your Instagram profile to a company webpage, ensure that the website is mobile optimized.

Many of your page visitors will be accessing your platform through a mobile device, and chances of them becoming customers shouldn't be thwarted.

  1. Write an Intriguing and Informative Bio.

Your bio is the next thing people look out for after your profile picture and name. It should be as professional as possible. Your followers would want to know what you do, what you can do for them, and why they need to follow you. Instagram allows the use of not more than 150 characters, and you need to use that wisely.

Summarily present your brand's personality and mission and how your customers can benefit from you.

Keep things simple and effective.

  1. Activate Instagram Notifications

Turn on Instagram notifications so you can be alerted of your audience's activities on your page. This makes it easier and faster to respond to them. It will also drive a message of availability to them, which will in turn build brand sentiment and increase engagement.

  1. Post Quality Contents.

Both pictures and captions should be worth the while. Looks matters on Instagram, so pay attention to your Instagram aesthetics, as well as quality. The first impression your page communicates should be positive. Help people recognize your brand just by taking a glance over your page. Use a consistent style, create relevant and fresh content. You do not have to be a photography whizz. You can keep things simple or use a filter.


Just like a full-fledged website, Instagram connects you and the people but make sure your profile is able to turn these people to customers or active members of your audience