How to Save Instagram Videos: 5 Easy Ways

save Instagram videos


Instagram doesn't allow you to save a video file directly to your camera roll, but it contains some other several options for saving a video file to share or save for later. In this article, you'll come to know about how to save Instagram videos in your private account, as well as on your device or computer.

It'll help you in several ways if you know how to save Instagram videos:

5 Easy Ways to Save Videos From Instagram

If you want to keep another user's video and share it on your story feed, you should always tag them first in the following post.

It is not only a kind gesture to do, but it can avoid conflict between you and another Instagram user regarding copyright issues, which has happened earlier to many Instagram users doing the same thing.

Many Instagram accounts got reported for reposting another person's feed and stories without taking permission or giving credit to them.

It will help if you read Instagram's copyright policy before posting any content taken from another person. It is crucial to adhere to the Instagram policies to avoid any penalties. Look for the organic ways to get real Instagram likes for your posts. 

Save Instagram Videos to your collection

Instagram videos collection


You can directly save the videos to your Instagram account by simply just tapping the three-dot icon and selecting the save option. All your videos and photos are organized in a folder named collections that you have collected on Instagram.

Now, Instagram has added a feature, from which you can directly save the content in your collections, click the save icon below the video or image you wish to download.

After tapping the save button, the content you have saved will be available in the protected section of your profile. It can be accessed by moving to your info page, then click on three horizontal lines on the top right corner, and select Saved.

To add a video or photo in a specified album you've created, press and hold the save button, and it'll show the list of records in which you wish to keep the content.

You can watch any video anytime when you want. But, you can't repost it on your feed. Instead, you can get an idea about how to optimize your content for better results. After optimizing, you can schedule your Instagram posts to increase the traffic. 

Saving your Videos

You can easily save a video that you have made for your Instagram story feed or profile after you are finished filming it.

Once you are done recording your video, please tap the download icon displayed on the top of the screen before posting it on your profile or feed.

You can still download and recover a video if you've already posted it on your feed or story.

Just open your story and click on the video. Then tap the three dots icon displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, and then a menu will open where you can click on save video, and the video will be saved and downloaded directly on your device.

Tip: You can go to settings and click on privacy, then open story controls and tap on Save to camera roll, this function will automatically save your feed and Instagram stories directly to your device.

Recording Instagram Stories Manually

record Instagram stories


Unfortunately, on Instagram, you are not allowed to download feed or videos which are on other user's story. But there are many different techniques and methods to record video.

One of the easiest ways is to record the phone screen.

iOS users should follow these steps:

  • You can open a toolbar by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and tap on the Control Settings.
  • Then tap on the circular Recording Icon.
  • Then click on Start Recording, and a countdown will begin before the recording starts.
  • Then it'll start recording your video.
  • Now, open Control Settings and click on the red Record button that will stop the recording.

You can now see your recorded video on your phone's Camera Roll. All the recorded videos will directly come to this section after you finish recording.

Only iOS users have an in-built specification, which allows the user to record the screen without any other application to do the same.

Android users don't have this function so far. Some fantastic applications are available on the Google Play Store, which helps you record the phone screen.

  • Super Screen Recorder
  • ADV Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder

All of these applications are free and are very easy to operate, with no time limit and no Watermarks. These apps contain a variety of special editing features in which you can trip and edit the video as per your demand.

Applications to Save Instagram Videos

The simplest way to download any video from Instagram is by using a video downloading app; you can download from the play store, which will quickly download the video directly to your phone or computer.

These apps will give you access to download photos and videos from other person profile or Instagram feed, and you can further share it on your feed.

These are the list of the apps for both Android and iOS users:

  • Instasave (Android)

It is an app available on the Google Play Store, which gives you access to download photos and videos from Instagram directly. This app is straight forward to use; it requires only a few clicks to download any content from Instagram.

  • Fastsave (iOS)

It is also a great app available on the Apple app center, which helps you to save and download photos and videos for Instagram. Have to copy-paste the link of the photo or video on the app, and it'll be downloaded on your device.

Download from Web

Many websites can be found online that give you access to download files from Instagram directly on your desktop. You have to import the images and videos into your phone before posting it on your Instagram.

You have to search for an Instagram web downloader on your search engine, and you'll get many websites from which you can download photos and videos from Instagram directly to your computer.


These are the several approaches to Save Instagram Videos on your phone or computer. Although it is not possible to download photos and videos directly from Instagram, you can use some of these tips to save Instagram videos directly on your device or computer.