How to Schedule Instagram Posts: Ultimate Guide for Increased Traffic

How to Schedule Instagram Postssource

It’s no surprise that Instagram is counted in one of the top 10 platforms for branding and extending the reach of any particular business. As per a survey, over 25 million companies worldwide are using Instagram for the business. And why won't they? With more than 1 billion people visiting the online platform every month, it is one of the effective ways to get the initial boost for a new business.

Whether you are running a business or personal account, you must know how to best schedule Instagram posts. Not only it increases the traffic to your account, but it also plays a vital role in saving some quality-time and increases productivity.  

What are the features that matter the most? How to best schedule the Instagram posts? In this post, you will get all your answers and key insights that will help you increase the engagement on your Instagram account.

Pick an Appropriate or Best Time to Post on Instagram

Even though you might be posting on Instagram at regular intervals, it wouldn’t work if you are not posting at the time when your audience is most active. You should know the aesthetics of getting the maximum engagement on your account. Also, you need to know the behavioral characteristics of your target audiences. What time of the day are they most active on Instagram? How often are they online?

Best Time to Post on Instagram


As per the Instagram algorithm, if your post is getting the most likes and comments, more users will see your post in their feed. Also, the time you post on Instagram has the most influence in getting maximum engagement. It is essential that you know when your audience is most active. You can influence the reach of your posts and get more likes and comments if you could find the best times to post on Instagram.

Great! Now, how to do so?

Go to your Instagram Insights and check out the metrics of your audience and find the best times. Tools like Agorapulse and Autogrammer will help you post on the best times.

Note: You will need an Instagram business account to check the metrics of your audience.

Create the Content of Your Posts

It becomes much more convenient to create the content of your feed once you know the best time to post on Instagram. And if you're creating your content for Instagram, it's better if you decide the shoot days for the content of that week. Not only it maximizes the overall productivity, but you'll also get more time to plan ahead of your business.

You can use a Later app to store all your pictures and videos in the library until they're ready to post. The best way to pull out the right images or videos is to label it. It will help you organize the content and provides easy access when needed.  

Plan the Look of Your Instagram Feed

Before you schedule Instagram posts, you must plan out your Instagram feed. The look of your feed plays a significant role as it helps you buy Instagram followers and, thus, more engagement to your Instagram account. Preview and Later are some of the great apps that can help you see what your feed would look like.

All you have got to do is upload photos or the entire content of the week. Re-arrange them to see how they would appear in your feed. Now, schedule it and forget about it!

Note: The aim is to create a natural balance and depth of field with your Instagram feed. Often the best feeds are the one with a good variety of subjects that are organically spaced-out!

Get the most of your Instagram captions and Hashtags

The inside story and the behind-the-scenes of your business might not be interesting to you, but it may be interesting to your followers. Although it is time-consuming, you need to allow yourself enough time to write and edit catchy captions. Just like planning the look of the feed and scheduling time of your posts, writing good captions is also vital to best schedule Instagram posts.

Thanks to the apps like HootSuite and Later, you schedule a particular time to sit down and write some exciting captions for the entire week. Also, you can use it to get some great suggestions to the relevant Instagram hashtags that you want to use. Just enter the hashtag that you want to use and hit “Submit,” you’ll get some great options sorted by relevancy.  

Save Time with Quick Scheduling Your Posts

A quick schedule of your Instagram posts can easily save you a ton of time. In addition to saving quality-time, you can look forward to planning future posts. One way to scheduling the time is its manual entering which is time-consuming. Instead, you can take help from some great apps like HopperHQ and ScheduGram.

All you have got to do is create a queue of best times to post, select photos or videos from the library, and assign a particular time for the post.

Schedule Instagram Posts for Auto-Publishing

After you are done selecting the best time, writing suitable captions, and scheduling the time of your posts, the last thing which is still needed to be done is automatic publishing of your posts. If you are running multiple businesses and can only afford a limited time to your Instagram posts, you can make the most of Auto Publish feature of the apps like Hootsuite and Buffer.

NOTE: The feature is only subjected to an Instagram Business account. You can easily switch to a business profile by connecting your Instagram account to a Facebook account.


Scheduling your Instagram posts is not only the most convenient way to save some quality time, but also helps in achieving larger goals and objectives. Time is a massive constraint in running and growing any business, whether it's a small-scale or major business. And if you want to attract customers on Instagram, scheduling can effectively help you boost sales and generating leads.

Also, before you select an app for the proper scheduling of your posts, you need to have a thorough understanding of what kind of features are most valuable for your business. You do this right, and the rest will eventually work out for you!