How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Travel Photography Blogs?


Do you have a travel photography blog, or are you planning to create one? If yes, then go ahead, it's a very wise decision.

But, have you thought of any marketing strategy. Obviously, you can expect to get appearance on the huge internet community without marketing, a lot, and lots of marketing.

In case you have no plan for this part, start with Instagram marketing. It is the one spot that will offer you targeted audiences, massive exposure, and a lot more without any high expenses.

This post will guide you on how to use Instagram for promoting your travel photography blog right from setting account to uploading your post and analyzing your growth.  

Creating an Instagram Account

Creating a new account on Instagram is free, easy, and won't take more than a couple of minutes.

  • Install the Instagram app from Google or Apple store and open it
  • Click on the signup option and fill in your phone number and click next. If you don't want to use a phone number, slide from right to left, and you will see the option for Email signup.
  • In the next fill in your preferred user name and passwords
  • In the next step, Instagram will ask you to turn on contact sync, upload photos, and some more minor task.
  • Choose the option according to your preferences, and you are good to go.

Setting Up Instagram Account

After you create the account, it’s time to modify it for the appeals that can help you attract more Instagram followers.

Here's a checklist of tasks you need to perform.

Upload Profile Picture

The Instagram users see the profile picture as a reflection of the post types they can expect from your account. So, you have to keep the image as close to your interest as possible. Usually, the logo of your blog will do fine. In case you don't have one, use a picture from a travel site. It’s even better to use a profile picture with you as the subject. It adds a humanoid look to the profile.

Write Bio

Instagram Bio is a small introduction section for your followers. It doesn't have to be wordy but it should deliver a clear message about your vision with the account. So, write something short, engaging, and instant attention-grabbing. A slogan or a catchphrase like the one Coca Cola uses will do it fine.

Coca Cola Instagram Page

Once you have the text, add some emojis, and URL links for your blogs. A clear call-to-action is also ideal at as long as it does not make things look messy. Again look at the coca-cola bio for a reference.

Convert your Account to Business account

A business account on Instagram offers a bit more flexible features like direct contact, insight, and more. They come in handy to track your progress. Here's how you can turn your account to a business profile.

  • Go to your profile and click the three lines on the top right to open profile options
  • Click the gear icon for opening settings


 Opening Instagram Account

  • Navigate to the ‘Account’ option and click it

 Account Setting

  • On this page, you will find the 'Switch to professional Account' option. Click on this option, fill the form that Instagram show, and you will be good to go.

Switching Instagram Account To Professional

How To Use Instagram For Reaching Audiences?

Now that you have a properly designed Instagram account, post a picture or two, and let's get started with increasing followers on your Instagram account.

Here’s a guide for this task:

Buy Some Followers

Most of the online pages will suggest you not to buy followers, but don't listen to them. Buying followers is one of the best strategies to get a jump start for the page. They will make your pages look more original, engaging, and genuine, which is the biggest challenge in the initial stage. The added credibility helps to attract more customers, which in turn means more like.

You can also consider buying some comments and likes for improved results.

Screen Capture Your Latest Content

Once you have the initial followers, start scheduling your posts. For the initial stages, some quality pictures and videos will do, but after that, consider dropping a screen capture of your blog post.

Make sure you choose the latest blog and do some post-processing for this part. You also have to develop an engaging story for the bio section along with a click to action button and a short URL link. This way, the follower who sees your post will get a direct route to your blog posts.

However, the screen capture trick can backfire, so try filling you feed with a mixture of videos, carousels, and images rather than posting just screen capture. Moreover, remember to add adequate hashtags and location tags to these posts; you will need them to attract potential users who don't follow you.

Promote Your Blog Directly

Instagram posts and feed aren't the only options to market; it also offers video and stories for it. You can consider holding a live video session while visiting a location. It will allow you to share the view in real-time and have direct interaction with the audiences. You can also answer some of their questions in this video.

Just make sure to inform the audience before you start a video. You can use the Instagram story for this task. It's also ideal to use a timer in the story to create a sense of urgency and boost the curiosity level of your followers. And at the end, ask them to read about the whole journey in your blog site.

Interact With Fellow Bloggers

Fellow bloggers are gems of Instagram that can help you in multiple ways. For instance, you can use their account and posting style to get a better idea of the market demands. Similarly, commenting on their posts will divert a lot of attention towards your page. The logic here that the audiences on their page are interested in your niche, which makes them highly likely to follow your page.

Create Teasers

Teasers are useful for creating curiosity and enhancing your engagement rates, but blogs don't allow you to create them. Luckily, the thing is possible on Instagram. You can easily share behind the scenes and small trailers of your upcoming posts.

Paid Ads

While most ads and marketing strategies on Instagram depend on your followers, paid ads have no such limit. They can share your ads and trailer on any targeted account. Keep the ads value-adding, and they can increase engagement rates on both your Instagram account and the blog website.

Bonus- Instagram Insight

Insight is pre-installed information displaying system of Instagram application. It can provide you with full detail of your followers, engagement rates, and a lot of other things in your account.

You can quickly access this feature from the profile setting of your business account.

Wrap Up

Instagram is a vast market for every type of niche, blog, and website promotion. It offers you everything you need and can provide you extremely good results, especially when combined with other social media applications.

Now that you know how to use Instagram for promoting your blog, get down with it.