How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business – 3 Brand-Building Tips

how-to use-Instagram


In this digital era, Instagram is a powerful tool to market your business. With over 25 billion business profiles, this magic spell can build an active customer following for your business. So, do you know how to use Instagram to grow your brand?

By using the right strategies, this powerful tool can establish your brand on a larger platform. Whether you have just arrived on Instagram or you need to brush up your strategies, here are the five tips that will help you on how to use Instagram to build your brand.

Learn them and become master of this digital media platform!

Define Your Audience and Build Trust among Them



You are creating an eye-catching Instagram post, but will it be worth, if it is not reaching the right audience? No! It is vital to understand your existing audience, and before advertising your brand or products, you also need to define your target audience. To buy followers, it is necessary to understand whether your products are reaching the right customers. You need to consider whether that can help you to build your brand.

You can determine it by having a better insight into who are already buying your products. It would be beneficial to refer to other social media channels to learn who is following you on those platforms. You can also have an idea by researching a little about your competitor's audience.

Once you are clear about your audience, then you can focus on the type of content they would like to see. You can research on the kind of content they are posting on their pages or accounts. See how they are interacting with your competitors. All this is necessary to build trust among your audience. When they positively interact with your posted content, creating a healthy and emotional connection becomes far easy for you. This results in increased sales, and thus your business grows.

To create a connection, you can even share videos from behind the scenes. It will make your business more available and trustworthy; this, in turn, can help you grow real Instagram followers.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags



Where using captions and filters is important in increasing engagement towards your posts, hashtags are equally important too. As Instagram feeds changes quickly, this makes your content lost in the other posts. Hashtags, the # sign, which is followed by some descriptive words, play a vital role in your Instagram posts. It is the only way to make your content discoverable.

Where usage of hashtag is necessary, you should also be careful about its overuse. Usually, posts include one hashtag, and it looks neat too, in comparison to the posts using excessive or above five tags. This not only looks cluttered but can decrease your engagement rate and can affect your sales too.

It can help you buy Instagram followers, as when a user searches for some hashtag or clicks on a particular hashtag, it comes up with all the images that are using it. The possibility is there that they choose to follow it by subscribing. They can reach your profile by viewing your photo and can even get engaged by starting following you.

There is no necessity to learn all the hashtags, but you should know the popular and trending ones. Your selected hashtag should be relevant to your location and business post. Along with that, it should also be engaging so that more users reach to your post by searching for that particular hashtag.

You can also use the branded hashtag to show your support for any particular brand or cause. Your descriptive hashtags should clearly describe your photo, post, or expertise. Same as keywords, the usage of your hashtag does not matter if it is not searchable.

Creating a unique and easily searchable hashtag is also a right way of its usage. But remember, the usage of your hashtag should not overpower the message that your caption is displaying.

Advertise Your Products Creatively



Instagram is not a place to just share your products; visual effect and how creatively you represent your product is all that matters here.

You can also use Instagram stories to promote your products. The pictures and stories that you share are not long-lasting; they usually appear for 24 hours only. This is the correct way of sharing the information or stuff that you do not want to be displayed permanently. Your creative stories are the best way of advertising your products and building strong relationships among your potential buyers. This will give a better understanding of your brand to your viewers who can become your Insta followers. 

Give your audience an offer that is hard to refuse. An eye-catching headline and a high-quality image can capture the attention of your audience. But this is not all; you need to add value to your content to make your viewers stick to your products and end up increasing your sales. To make it more presentable, you can question yourself, like why should your viewers follow your brand? Think about the offers that you can create to make your brand popular. Discover the creative ways of marketing to make your content shareable and reach a wider audience.

Do not sell your brand, instead share an experience to make it more engageable. You can share behind the scene videos about the product creation to create more interest of the viewers in your products. It is all about the higher following and how you make your followers part of your world.



To create a healthy relationship, you can even share your follower's stories on your page to show them how valuable they are to you.  The whole point here is not to spend a big budget on your marketing, thus try and think creatively to make your products look more interesting and appealing.

By following the above brand building tips, you will surely grow your business with the help of Instagram.