How to Use Instagram Insights to Accelerate Your Growth.

Instagram insights: what is it?

Instagram Insights is an analytical tool found in Instagram's business accounts. It provides data on content, engagement, and follower demographics. The information gotten can be used to measure and track your Instagram marketing efforts and enables you to improve consistently.

With Instagram Insights, you're able to figure out what people desire and then give it to them. To succeed in social media marketing, you must attempt, review, improve, and try again.

With Instagram Insights, you can find out what works and what does not work, and these data will assist you to grow your followers as well as your business.

How to Get Instagram Insights

The first step to getting Instagram insights is to have a business profile instead of a personal account. You can convert your already existing profile into a business profile, you do not need to create a new account.

Having done that, here's how you can view insights on Instagram:

In contrast to Google Analytics, Instagram insights are built directly into the app. This makes it very easy to view your audience Insights by taking a few steps. There are three ways to view Instagram insights, they are:


  1. Go to your Instagram profile, tap the three lines to access the menu, then select Insights.
  2. You can also access Instagram insights through each of your posts. Go to your post and click on "view insights" underneath the image or video.
  3. If you want to access Instagram insights for stories, bring in the story you want to gain insights about, then tap "seen by" in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

with each method, you can glean results that are quite different. With the first method, you'll be shown all your Insights. This page has three tabs which include content, activity, and audience.

The second method allows you to see insights from specific posts, and the third method enables you to use insights from specific stories.

You will most likely access your insights using all three approaches and must, therefore, get comfortable with using all three.


Benefits of Instagram Insights.

With Instagram Insights, you are able to see how your Instagram account performs daily. It grants you access to your content, activity, and audience.

In the Content area, an overview of the last activity can be found. This includes the number of posts and stories you've uploaded in the past week, a summary of your recent Instagram stories, and the possibility of creating an Instagram promotion. With these, you'll be able to track your activities.

In the activity session, you can see your impressions, reach, and interactions. You can also see profile visits as well as every action taken on your account in the last seven days.

In the audience tab, you gain important insights about your Instagram followers, such as age, gender, and follower growth.

It enables you to see the locations your contents performed best. With this knowledge. You can make posts that suit the needs of your audience.