How to use Instagram stories to build your audience

Instagram story is an amazing component that enables you to publicize a video or a photo on your Instagram account for just 24 hours. 

They are one of the most used features of Instagram. They empower people in acquiring new tasks, communicate, and remain associated with their favourite personalities, gain new outlooks on life, and can prompt a ton of engagement and value -- whether you're sharing a Story from a label account or your profile. 

Why create an Instagram Stories strategy in the first place? Statistics have reported that about half of Instagram’s monthly users are making use of Stories. That’s 500 million people posting 1 billion Stories every day. About 62% of those people say they’ve grown more engrossed in a brand or label after seeing it subsequently featured in their Stories. Instagram Stories make it simple for marketers to connect with users, give their brands a human face, create leads, and gain more clients on the platform. 

In this article, we are going to explore how you can transform your Instagram stories into a tool to build your audience.  

The fact that Instagram stories don’t last for more than a day doesn’t mean they don’t need some adequate planning. If you are to build up your audience, consider taking your Instagram stories as seriously as you would your posts. Think of it as another channel to reach out to your audience.

 Here are some practical tips to bear in mind while creating your Instagram stories.

  1. Motivate your clients; Aiming at exciting content that does not just advertise your brand but also creates a bond with your customers is an effective way to build your audience and prompt their engagement. Try to know your target audience and their lifestyle. Then envisage the type of contents they would be looking out for. Making use of the poll feature in Instagram Stories assists you in engaging and knowing your audience better.Take advantage of Story Highlights.


2. Take advantage of Story HighlightsThis is a feature that allows your stories to be available even after the 24 hour. With this, your Stories become available on your account in the Highlights section and your audience can view them at their convenience. Creating interesting and engaging Instagram stories helps you make your content relevant at all times. 

3. Employ Instagram stickers; With your Instagram stories, there's now an alternative of adding stickers to motivate several varieties of engagement (use the smiley icon at the top right of your screen). Some interesting available options for stickers are;

 Product stickers which allow buyers to easily tap on it to learn more about a particular product and also make a purchase instantly; 

Poll stickers which help you get feedback from your audience easily by writing questions and custom answers; hashtag stickers, questions stickers which allow people to react to your stories, music sticker, selfie sticker and a host of others.

4. Have a planned schedule. The importance of planning for everything can never be overemphasized. If your stories must be effective, it must be treated with as much seriousness as your posts. Creating a schedule for your Instagram stories frees you from the mental stress of having to come up with an 'emergency' idea for your stories every single time! It is one of Instagram's best creative practices you can think of.

5. Adopt videos in your stories; It's a known fact that videos get a lot more engagement than photos. Videos in Stories can be very helpful at stimulating brand awareness and also increasing your audience. 

6. Influencer marketing; One of the most effective ways of using Instagram stories for marketing is by utilizing an influencer marketing strategy. An influencer is an Instagram user who has built a large and engaging audience on his account and helps other brands gain more visibility by promoting them via his own account. Influencer marketing enables businesses to become visible to their target audience in a more genuine and comfortable way than traditional advertising can. Find influencers who suit your budget. Share product videos or images with them and implore them to use them in their Stories. Alternatively, you can ask your influencers to develop their own Story content that promotes your brand.

Get Started!!! 

Instagram Stories is an unrestricted marketing tool with the ability to reach millions of potential clients. Apart from buying real Instagram followers to create a huge follower base, it is ideal to make use of organic methods to engage and build a wider audience. Try out Instagram stories for your business and tap into the potential it brings.