How to Write A Perfect Professional Instagram Bio: 7 Easy Steps

Instagram Bio


Before someone starts following you on Instagram, he/she is more likely to read your profile first. If it is not well-written and attention-grabbing, the chances are you might lose one potential customer to your competitor. Therefore, creating an engaging Instagram bio that hooks your audience's attention is a crucial part of business advertisement and growth. An attractive Instagram bio showcases your brand's outlook, promotes your business, and leads to more followers.

This article covers all the necessary elements to writing a professional Instagram bio that helps enhance your business. 

Add Keywords Relevant to your Business for the ‘Name’

The name of an Instagram account is the most important element for any profession. This is the only way people search for your business on Instagram, which is why it should be unique and serve a valuable purpose.

When you click on the 'Edit profile' option while setting up your profile, the first option that you'll get is 'Name,' which is different from the 'Username.' A username gives your profile page its brand name. Now, to optimize your account for Instagram SEO, you must use specific keywords related to the niche of your brand.

The ‘name’ section is optimized for matches and allows you to write 30 characters in it. So, when people search for your business on Instagram, some keywords related to it will significantly help them finding you out.

Tips: If it adds value, you can also try using emojis in the name.

Write Catchy Bio for your Brand

Writing an attractive Bio


Writing Instagram Bio is an essential part of the business. Apart from the fact that it should be appealing and impactful, it must be informational and should give valuable insight to your business. It needs to serve three fundamental questions that a viewer is interested to know, that is,

  • What is your business?
  • What do you do?
  • Why they need you?

Other than these three questions, you also need to convince them not just to follow you, but also to make them visit your website.

You only get 150 characters to write an Instagram bio. Therefore, you must make the most of it. Here are some suggestions that you should include in your bio.

Services or niche

If you are associated with any specific industry niche and offering a particular service, you must use it to connect to the right audience immediately.

Skills and experience

You are more likely to win your audience's trust when you offer them an insight into skills, experiences, and expertise.

Hobbies and Interests

If it’s a personal business, then building a relationship with your target audience is essential. Be creative in sharing your hobbies, interests, in a likable and engaging way. 

Use the brand's voice & humor to add a personal touch

Your brand’s voice should be consistent across platforms. Use a bit of humor to give it a personal touch as it makes your brand more relatable.

Enhance your Bio with Emojis

Use emojis in Instagram Bio


Emojis are a perfect way to give your profile a fresh feeling. It helps your account to stand out from the crowd with similar services. The fact that emojis take less space than words, it enables you to pack your bio with extra information that text description doesn’t allow. Here are some of the tips for using emojis in your Instagram bio,

  • Use a combination of words and emojis.
  • Use emojis to enhance key points of your bio description. You can also use bullet points to break up the text, which makes it easier to read.
  • No matter how you choose to add emojis, it must add value to your brand’s bio.

Note: Avoid using emojis without text, as that would be a waste of brand marketing space.   

Use Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags


Hashtags can effectively be used in a bio description and play an essential role in the Instagram strategy. Not only it helps in driving post engagement on your account, but it also creates a community of Instagram followers for your brand.

As when you provide your Instagram followers with a way to share their content through branded hashtags, you will significantly create a community around your brand. It helps to promote your brand and enable your business to reach a wider audience.

Add an Appealing ‘Call to Action’

A ‘Call to Action’ is a vital element to add in the Instagram bio. Use the tool to tell them what to do, and if space allows you, also guide them on how to do it.

For instance, you can ask people to follow you on Instagram and other social networking platforms. If you are running an organization and providing services, mention your email so that people can get in touch for any query.

If you own an electronics store, then you must include the address in the CTA. If possible, also mention opening & closing time so that people can easily visit your store.

Use Appropriate URLs

Instagram only allows you to mention one clickable link at the bottom of the bio. And if your goal is to drive traffic to your site, it makes sense that you mention your website’s homepage URL in the bio. But the fact that business goals change after some time, you must change your website's URL link on Instagram.

Instead, you can try linking the product page, a specific marketing campaign, or any contact page.

Tips: With setting up URLs, the possibilities are endless. You must update your URLs as per the changes in your business goals. 

Use Brand Photo as a Profile Picture

When it comes to setting up an appropriate profile picture, there is no replacement for your brand's logo. It should be the same as on your website and various other social media platforms. With brand advertisement, consistency is the only rule for setting up a profile picture. It also makes it easier for people to recognize our brand.  


Well, the important thing to notice here is several elements play a vital role in creating a perfect professional Instagram Bio. The fact that you get different creative options to make it look catchy and attractive, the more dynamic your Instagram Bio is, the better.

You can try different variations with text, emojis, URLs, and others. Moreover, you must not stick to one professional bio forever. Keep it dynamic, upgrade it after a particular time, and observe if it works for your business.