How You Can Grow Your Instagram Followers

You must grow your Instagram business account because today, Instagram has the best average engagement rate of all social channels, beating Facebook, and Twitter. The high branded engagement rate on the platform makes Instagram's audience more open to branded content compared to those on other social networks.


With the use of Instagram, most companies can connect with customers from different places, boost their marketing strategies using photos from customers, track their sales through Instagram analytics, and carry out quality advertisements.

Here are some tips on how to grow your Instagram followers

Upgrade your Instagram account.

Upgrading your Instagram account is essential before thinking of how you can grow your Instagram followers. You're supposed to think of how your homepage should look like. You ought to have a username, a profile picture, and a well written bio. Most people use their personal information for personal accounts and business information for business in accounts. Your profile picture should be professional, and of course, welcoming. Your business aims and objectives should be properly stated. You could put your email, phone number, or website, for contact purposes. On the long run, your Instagram  profile should be optimized for search.


Have a dependable content calendar. 

A content calendar helps you plan ahead of time and know what to do for the day. This is essential for businesses, helping them compile their work for a long period. A content calendar must be niche relevant, worthy of engagement, well planned, clearly stating what is to be done for each day.


Use hashtags

it's safe to say Instagram hashtags are generally underrated. After creating your content and having your caption and photo, for your post to be seen when searched, ensure you're making use of the right Instagram hashtags. first, you have to research hashtags relating to your business, or the service you're offering. You can also include hashtags of the day the post is made (daily hashtags) such as; #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayVibes, #WednesdayWorkout, #TriviaThursday, #SaturdayLove, and #SundaySpecial.


The maximum number of Instagram hashtags allowed for each post is 30. After attaching the hashtags, you can proceed to make your post

 How You Can Grow Your Instagram Followers

Define your target audience 

Knowing the audience you're targeting not only helps you save time, but it also helps you save money. Aiming at the wrong audience or random audience wouldn't bring any positive results. if you are offering child care services or selling items for infants, your customers are married or expectant couples. If you keep presenting your services to secondary school students, the best you will ever get is likes. There are some factors you need to consider about your audiences, factors like their age range, sex, location, what they are attracted to and dislikes, etc. when you know these, you’ll know the right way to engage on your page, and you’ll know the people to look out for. 


Share engaging and quality Content 

Sharing engaging content with good quality is key. It gives your audience something new that would get them engaging with your page, and anticipating the next. It could be something helpful, inspiring, or entertaining. Firstly put down your topic, then research and improve on your ideas. You can follow a particular pattern or style while writing and think of possible ways to get traffic to your post. 


Follow relevant accounts 

It is advisable to follow a business that is in the same line as you, to enable you to have an idea of how they write their contents, captions, how they manage their page, and the kind of pictures they post. This will be helpful to people who are new or have little or no idea of it. Find out what your audience likes, how their attention is being held, then go to your corner and try to improve on it. Come out with your style- something better and unique.


Use keywords that appear during searches

Make your content searchable and worthy of the explore page. Some contents are seen first because they are clear and easy to understand before other ones. This could also help in growing your followers.


Be interactive

Create room for your followers and anyone who comes in contact with your page to interact with you. People should be able to share their ideas/opinions. Your page should be welcoming.

Talk about the weather, ask about social happenings, let them air their views, go live with your audience, organize a question, and answer session. 

Post consistently 

Posting consistently is key. The more you posts, the more engagement you’ll get, and if Instagram finds your engagement rate decent enough, it will be easier for people not following your page to see your posts on the platform, and the page will be one of the first things your followers see when they come online.


Learn from other brands 

You can check other brands to have an idea of what they post, who they follow, and how they manage their pages. Like they say, there is never an end to learning. New things evolve daily and you can’t always be on top of every trend. So from time to time, check what others are doing. If it’s something you can emulate, fine, go ahead and do it your style.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today for business, stories, and several other purposes. On it, you can build a community. On Instagram, you can run a business and make sales comfortable