Important Instagram Statistics You Should Know in 2020

It is important to know the latest facts about the Instagram application so you can plan your Instagram marketing strategy better.

Over the years, Instagram has grown, and continues to expand its reach. It is now being used by brands, influencers, and advertisers. Not only is your audience on Instagram, but your competitors are also there, and it's best for you to always be on top of Instagram trends.

  1. How Often Instagram is Used.

After Facebook, Instagram is the second most logged-in social media site. About six in ten Instagram users log in at least once a day. 

Instagram usage has risen since 2014. Twenty-one percent of users log in every week, and 16% log in less often than that.

Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes daily browsing through the platform, and this user base is projected to grow.

  1. Instagram Hashtags Usage

The usage of hashtags to identify and tag contents has grown since its invention in 2017. It is now one of the most popular and essential elements of social media, including Instagram.

In your usage of hashtags, It would interest you to know that the most popular hashtags are usually overcrowded. For example, #photography has over two million users, and adding it to your posts means your content would be added to the other two million posts with the same hashtags, and it could get drowned by the amount of competitors.

  1. Instagram currently hides like counts and video views in some counties.

Since April, Instagram started hiding likes count in Canada, and in July, six more countries were added to the list. They are:

  1. Brazil
  2. Japan
  3. Australia
  4. Ireland
  5. New Zealand
  6. Italy

Research has shown that post engagements in Canada have reduced after likes counts were hidden. This implies that hiding likes doesn't in any way reduce its importance.

  1. There Are Over 500 Million Daily Active Instagram Stories Users

Since January 2019, the number of Instagram stories users has risen tremendously to 500 million active users daily and chances are that it will keep growing as time goes by. With the use of Instagram stories, your brand can drive traffic to your website, get feedback from customers, build anticipation, showcase your product and services, and a lot more.

We also keep seeing new features added to the Instagram stories to improve it and create a better visual interactive podium.

  1. The Center Ratio of Instagram Users is 52% Female and 48%, Male.

Instead of making assumptions about the demographics of your followers, it's better to use social media analytic tools to get precise data about your audience. Correct information would aid your content strategy and enable you to run ads successfully by targeting the right set of people.

  1. Young Adults use Instagram More.

The age of most Instagram users ranges from 25-34. And then we have users between 18-24. With these statistics, you know the right audience to target. Instagram is the best platform to market goods and services if your target is young adults. Your focus should be on producing the right kind of content that they would be interested in.

Knowledge of these Instagram statistics would enable you plan a more effective marketing strategy.