7 Types Of Instagram Ads And Tricks To Gain Insta Follower With Them

Instagram Ads

Do you have an account on Instagram and now plan to run Instagram ads to enhance its appearance?

If yes, that’s a great decision! The platform can help you to attain a high amount of business and market appearance in no time.

However, before you get the benefits, there is a tricky question that you have to answer- what type of advertisement you are going to use?

If you are still not sure, don't worry, it's pretty normal, and you can quickly solve the problem by gathering knowledge about the options available. This post will guide you with all the ads that you can use. So, read on.

Picture Ads

Instagram started off as an image sharing software, so the first type of advertisement to enter it was picture ads. These ads are not much different from the standard post in terms of uploading. The only difference is that the image ads focus on click-through, while usual posts focus on likes.

Moreover, the marketers have to create more innovative captions and involve direct website link with the photo ads. Here’s a photo ad about Adidas shoes that you can use as a reference.

Adidas Shoes Photo Ad

Notice how carefully Adidas uses a small caption to share most of the details related to the product. They have also involved a clear and visible Call-To-Action button in the advertisement.

Video Ads

Instagram allows its users to create and share about 3 to 60 seconds of video footage in their feed. You can easily use this video clip to talk about your product and its features. The advertisement is much similar to image ads and works the same way, but it offers more exposure and direct communication, which enhances its customer convincing possibilities.

This ad type is also ideal for sharing teasers of actual ads and redirect consumers towards your website or YouTube account.

The following image will show you an example of this advertisement type and the way it shares data with the users.

Aaptiv Video Ad

Carousel Ads

Carousel is a very recently added post type of Instagram. The post is unique because, unlike other post options, this post allows you to share multiple images or video clips. You can use it for uploading up to 10 video clips or photos in a single slideable post. You can apply it in more than one way. For example, you can divide a large picture and then upload them as a carousel to present a whole story. The divide and upload method also enable you to increase the length of shared videos. The most amazing part is that the post type is flexible for both paid and non-paid advertisements. 

Moreover, creating an Instagram carousel post and uploading them doesn’t need any special tools or plug-in. You can click on the ‘multiple’ icon while selecting a picture or video for your post.

Guided Instagram Ads

The guided ad, also known as the mapped ad, is a new and quite less familiar Instagram ad type. The ad is basically helpful in redirecting the audience from one page to another. Brands usually prefer it for presenting the customer with the different variants of the same product. Not many brands are using this ad type, but you can turn towards the Instagram page of supercar manufacturers Mercedes to get an idea of this ad type.

Mercedes used guided Instagram ads for developing their ‘Build Your Own Mercedes-Benz GLA' advertisement. In this ad, the users were asked to select the color of their vehicle by clicking the ads. Once you click the post, it redirected you to a page that presented you with all the color options available for purchase. 

After you click the color variations, the post will ask you to select a tire type, after which you need to choose the roof. The post keeps on redirecting you to all the different options available. Then it shows you a preview you the custom car with its price and an action button to order it. Here's a snap of this exciting ad type. In case you want to visit the post and try it, click here.

Build Your Own Mercedes-Benz GLA Mapped Ad
Choose Mercedes-Benz GLA Color Instagram Mapped Ad
Choose Mercedes-Benz GLA Tires Instagram Mapped Ad


IGTV is not a part of the original Instagram app, but an external application that can interact with Instagram. The parent company of Instagram itself developed the IGTV application to enhance video post length. You can use this application to create a video post of up to 10 minutes. In case you have a verified account, you can use it for a video length of up to 1 hour. The video length is enough to create a promotional video for your product.

However, in this case, it's better if you avoid direct promotion as customers usually don't want to spend hours watching ads. Instead, you can use it to create tutorials of your product, share stories behind it.

Another good thing about the IGTV Instagram ads is that they stay in a separate section of your Instagram account. So, they won’t cause any problem in managing your Instagram account or followers.

 The FeedFeed Instagram page

Story Ads

Stories are not a new concept for social media users. They were a part of Facebook, Snapchat, and a lot of other social media applications for a long time. However, Instagram took it to another level with special tools and options.

Instagram users can easily use these temporary posts to share limited period deals, give away, and other similar offers. Instagram has also included some interactive tools and stickers that you can use for these ads. For example, for a limited period deal, you can use an insert a timer in the story. Similarly, for location related ads, you can consider adding allocation tags to the story posts.

Implemented with some robust Instagram marketing strategy, this post can easily enhance your Instagram engagement rates and attain more click-through. It can also enhance the market by sharing small teasers of the upcoming offers, and deals that your audience can get. 

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Instagram ads are a combination of all the above-mentioned ads, except you have to pay for these advertisements. These ads are preferred for businesses and brands that want to expand their brand appearance and need to target audiences out of their follower circle.

 The ad type is also preferable because it allows you to select the type of target audience, according to credentials like age, gender, and more. Once created, these ads can appear on the home page of any target account and also share a direct link to any website, store, or profile. It's a kind of direct marketing. 

Further, you can also consider them for conducting contests and giveaways. Fueled with proper marketing strategies, these ads can easily get genuine Instagram followers for your account.

Nike Shoes Instagram Sponsored Ads


Now that you know about the available Instagram ad advertisement options, select the variants that suit your budget and get down with the marketing campaign.

Just remember no matter what you choose, you won't be disappointed. Moreover, you can switch between these ads anytime; it's all up to your requirements and choices.