Instagram Analytics Tools: All You Need To Know

instagram analytics


Are you wondering about how to master your performance on Instagram? Do you want to increase the engagement rates and grow your account? Well, it all starts with understanding the Instagram analytics! 

Instagram analytics provide valuable data to inspire your social media marketing goals. It isn’t just about the numbers of likes or followers you have. Analytics also help you to know how the platform is operating as a part of your overall marketing strategy. By getting the insights, you can improve or grow your business. 

As a marketer, you might be keen to access analytics to gain actionable insights on how you are performing. However, Instagram doesn’t offer any native dashboard to view the analytics. So, using third-party analytic tools is the best bet!

Also, Instagram restricted access to the public API (application program interface) in December 2018. Therefore, all the third-party tools need to the new set of privacy rules first! So, it is crucial to find which tools will work best for your unique needs. 

Here, we’ll get you through the best Instagram analytics tools to use in 2020. First, let’s know what you should look for in these tools-

What Should You Look For In An Instagram Analytics Tool?

The market is full of a rainbow of analytic tools! So, you don’t need to limit yourself with just one tool. However, if you are a marketer who needs only insights or an analyst who requires numbers, it’s crucial to look for a tool that provides a broad overview of the performance. 

Based on the essential needs of a marketer, here is a list of must-haves in an Instagram Analytics tool-

  • Ability to benchmark the metrics.
  • Control over the audience’s engagement rate regardless of the community size.
  • An option to allow users to access the metrics.
  • Customization options.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Luckily, there are numerous Instagram Analytics tools you can use, with some of the best ones being free. They are good enough to handle your Instagram business account and intricate a posting schedule. You can use:

Instagram Insights

instagram insights


It is a free, in-house Instagram Analytics tool. It offers data on follower demographics, actions along with analytics about the content. When your followers are online, this tool helps you to see what they are clicking on, what they like, etc.

You can gain Instagram insights in multiple ways, i.e., from your profile, stories, or individual posts. It provides you with a summary of data for the content you’ve posted in the last seven days. 

Instagram Insights consider more statistics, including:

  • Data for individual posts.
  • Summary of the followers’ demographic.
  • Instagram stories insights.
  • Data on paid promotions, if any.
  • Impressions, reach and profile views.


Instafollow is a mobile app available to both Android and iOS users. This tool is simple to use and provides insight about the followers’ base. After downloading this app and syncing it up with your account, you can:

  • Track your Instagram followers.
  • Know about the users you follow that don’t follow you back.
  • Follow and unfollow the users by simply tapping inside the app.

It’s the simplest way to keep data on your fingertips. It will help you to manage your follower base and make changes to increase your Instagram follower count.


Another useful tool to uncover the secrets of Instagram analytics! Iconosquare’s free Instagram audit gives you an overview of where your business is excelling and where it can be improved. 

This desktop app gives in-depth analytics such as the total number of likes, history of your most-liked posts, number of likes or comments you received per photo, growth chart, impressions, engagement rate, reach, and overall performance. 

You can also use its content functionality to create Instagram contests or promotions. By doing so, you can engage with the new community and gain more Instagram views.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics accesses the analytics through the graph API, so you can trust the information you’ll get. It provides a range of data to create an effective strategy. It includes:

  • Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Profile analysis
  • Keyword listening, etc.

It is a great tool to analyze the followers’ engagement rate with your posts, identify the top content and discover new fans. 

You can take up a free Instagram account checkup to know the last 30 days activities on your account. You’ll get critical insights into how to improve your strategies. It includes:

  • The best time to post to get the most significant response.
  • What type of content resonates with your followers, and what falls flat.
  • Which Instagram hashtags give the most engagement and increase your reach to the target audience.


It is a vast database tool powered by AI or artificial intelligence. It gives a wealth of information to distinguish between the real influencers and those who just pretend to have that status.

Though it doesn’t provide a free plan, being pay-as-you-use, it won’t cost you much! 

HypeAuditor analyzes the influencers’ profile, dig deep into the audience, and lookout the data. It uses 28 different metrics to give a thorough understanding of who you are dealing with. It is exceptionally useful if you want to have a close look at your competitors. 

In short, you get to know about the audiences' quality, how authentic and reachable they are.

What Are The Important Instagram Metrics To Track?

Now that you know which tools you can use to get Instagram analytics, it's time to put some light on the important metrics to track on your dashboard-

Overall Engagement Rate

Though engagement rates dip as you gain followers, it is still a crucial factor for evaluating how much followers actually like your posts. Almost all the analytic tools will calculate this number for your account. However, the percentage may be different from different calculators. So, keep a check on this Instagram metric and implement the best tricks to boost the engagement rate of your followers.

Best Time To Post On Instagram

If you post at the wrong time, it can hinder the engagement rate, and you may lose followers. So, an easy change in your Instagram strategy can make a big difference in your account’s growth. The analytics dashboard provides every minute detail about when your audience is online so that you can tailor your Instagram posting schedule and choose the best time to post on Instagram.

Besides this, you should also know which hashtags are relevant to your posts that will increase your reach to the audience.

Click-Through Rates And Conversion Rates

Both these metrics measure your posts’ effectiveness at getting the audience’s attention. A low rate indicates you should ask yourself whether your content is compelling enough for a call to action.

These are some of the many metrics you must check to excel in your Instagram marketing strategy. As a marketer, all your social media marketing strategies are useless if you aren’t going to measure your performance and act as per the results.

Keeping track of the metrics seems to be a daunting task. But, once you jump in, you can expect a big payoff!