Instagram Automation 2020: All You Need to Know.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks which has become a centre for online trade. Countless businesses and influencers from every industry you could ever imagine are putting efforts to reach a larger audience on it. Some of which get successful in a short  period of time, while others experience gradual growth.

A lot of time and effort is required to manage an Instagram account due to the numerous tasks of posting contents, responding to comments, taking note of brand mentions and other aspects of Instagram marketing. Some entrepreneurs rely on Instagram automation tools to help them out with all of these.

Uses of Instagram Automation Tools

Building brand authenticity is an exhaustively strenuous endeavour, and automation has been discovered to be the solution. Automation tools reduce the burden by accessing and connecting with people in your account on your behalf.

Here are some of the capabilities of Instagram automation tools:


  1. Mass Liking: Through the use of Instagram automation, the tool is able to mass like pictures without you having to manually do it yourself. It is safe and won't get flagged as spam by Instagram. It is also free and increases your odds of engagement.
  2. Auto Commenting: Making comments is one if the most common things page owners automate on their Instagram account. All you have to do is write comments of your choice in advance and your automation tool will do the posting, helping you save tons of time.
  3. Direct Messages: Instagram Automation tools can also carry out private communication without you having to participate. You can program the software to welcome new followers, acknowledge messages, announce new services or give discounted offers.
  4. Unfollow: At one time or the other, during the course of managing your Instagram business account, chances are that you will need to unfollow pages as time goes on especially when the accounts you follow are too many and some of them are inactive or bots. The automation tools can identify your inactive followers, and also users who aren't following you back. This makes it unlikely for you to lose active followers.
  5. Customized Filters: Automation tools help you accurately target the right people. The more filters you use, the more Bonafied your engagement becomes and this enables the right people to find your content. You can target a specific audience based on niche, gender, location, timezone, language and every possible characteristics that can filter those unwanted.

Pros of Instagram Automation.

There's no doubt that automation services are of Paramount importance in the world of Instagram as they bring about eminent results. Some of the benefits of Instagram Automation are:

  1. It saves your time.

This is probably the most coveted benefit. You cannot make more time but you can make more money.

A good Instagram strategy requires time to perfect. You'll have to keep acknowledging and engaging followers as well as making yourself visible in your niche. On the other hand, after automating your Instagram account, you are at leisure to spend your time productively. Focus on content creation, work towards producing photos of better qualities, keep doing amazing stuff because you've got the extra time.

2. Instant Results;

Unlike growing your Instagram account organically, the moment you automate your account, you start seeing results as quickly as you can imagine. 

People's attention is drawn to your page when you create awareness by  liking and following them. They in turn checkout your page and more than half of them return the favour by following back and also liking your uploads. This continues on a daily basis, you do not need to wait for a period of time. The results are real, visible and instant.

3. Exposure;

Having engagements is a basic step towards gaining Instagram followers. The best way to gain exposure is by engaging with other pages in your niche. You need exposure to be seen on Instagram. Like a market, the feed is crowded and you will get yourself worn out in a bid to be found. By automating your interactions. Lots of Instagram users will be encouraged to pay your page a visit.

4. Real and Engaging Followers

 It is incorrect to assume that the followers you get instantly would all be inactive and fake. Gaining followers by automation and buying followers are not the same. The Followers you earn by automating your engagement are genuine and active followers who got invited to visit your page, and decided to follow you after checking out what you have to offer. As time goes on, they also begin to engage with your posts.

Cons of Instagram Automation

It is fondly said that for every decision you need to make, you have to consider its  negative and positive implications.

Instagram automation services are no exception. So here are the cons of automating Instagram services to consider.

  1. It cannot fix everything.

Simon Cocking, while talking about automation, said "it can't fix everything. Despite the major benefits marketing automation offers, ultimately, it is just an additional marketing tool."

It is not the answer to all of your digital marketing questions, it doesn't automatically substitute for your digital marketing strategy. It is just one of the  tools you need. When you get yourself to understand this, the benefits become real to you.

2. It violates Instagram's terms of service.

According to Instagram’s terms of service agreement, “We prohibit crawling, scraping, caching or otherwise accessing any content on the Service via automated means, including but not limited to, user profiles and photos (except as may be the result of standard search engine protocols or technologies used by a search engine with Instagram’s express consent).”

You can however avoid getting banned by providing a fair amount of human engagement and using automation services of high quality to avoid violating the terms of service.

3. Hard to master

Automation tools are one of the easiest to use, but it is quite difficult to master. 

It takes time and continuous practice to improve gradually and eventually understand how it works.

You may want to practice with a dummy account until you're ready to try it out directly to your business account.

Conclusively, we'll like to state that Instagram automation doesn't automatically guarantee your becoming successful on Instagram, neither does it make you an influencer overnight. It also is not a substitute for good quality content.