Instagram Captions - Grow Your Instagram Followers with Best Tricks



Instagram, the online application for sharing photos and short videos, gives a platform to many new companies to flourish their products online. It helps the businesses to stay connected to the public at maximum. For gaining popularity, Instagram has also modified its app in many ways to make it trendier to its users. With increased competition among social networking apps, Instagram has also added many new features like – face filters, stickers, emojis, geotags, short videos, etc.

But will all these, Instagram captions are the important and necessary thing for making your content catchy. It helps your Instagram followers to find your videos/photos easily, which in turn results in increasing your followers too.

People usually go for social networking, mostly in their free time to relax, so why to wander the minds of your audiences by posting content without captions. Just give them a peaceful delight – “an Instagram caption” so that they need not think what the content is all about. Interesting content should be paired with solid captions so that it ignites the viewers’ interest in it, and this will surely increase your followers.

Certain points should be kept in mind before writing any caption to your Instagram posts:

Brief Instagram Captions with Central Idea

In today’s fast-growing world, everybody is in a hurry for something or other. People seldom get time to socialize on the internet. If you want your posts to be viewed or followed in maximum, give it a brief description of the content. Write it in a heading, or use subheadings, to sum up, the whole content in short. The main stuff that you want to tell your viewers/followers should be kept in front. There should not be the need to click on more options to view the whole caption for its relativity with the post.

Neither caption should be too long, nor should it be too short. It should be informative enough that the post should be well explained and boost engagement rate through the caption. Try to use catchy words in the Instagram caption, so that people cannot resist from reading your post.

Use Hashtags



The hashtag is a symbol that, when used in any sentence, relates to its linked followers. By using it, you are actually supporting or talking about a similar conversation done by some group of people. Quite possible, you don’t even know them on social media but joining them in the same. This is a great way to buy Instagram followers. Hashtags have linked many people, thus promoting certain stuff online. Many companies/businessmen use these important hashtags to post pictures of their products or their availability location on social media. People can easily follow them by searching these hashtags.

In short, hashtags bring people of similar interests together and give them a platform to get connected. A tip for using it is that avoid using it in starting of your sentence, as your caption won’t be read after that. Always use the hashtag at the end of the caption to give your viewers a link to search more about it.

Size Matters – Monotony Is Boring

There is a saying - a drop of water when falls on a leaf shine like a pearl but not in an ocean. Similar to this true saying, a caption written in different styles and font sizes will attract the viewers.

Whenever you grab a magazine or newspaper, what catches your attention? Usually, we pay attention to pictures and headings and prefer to have a look at them first. The same goes true for social media too. People will always be in a hurry to give an eye on everything in one go, rather than reading an article on the whole at a time. So, the caption should be presentable in such a way that it attracts the viewer’s eyes at first glance.

Caption Should Blend Well With the Post  

Like said that- `A picture is worth a thousand words,’ but a certain highlighted effect is sometimes needed for attraction. Your caption should be such that it is relatable with your post. The words chosen as caption should magnify your post well. Your Instagram caption should be informative and should draw attention to something that is not obvious but has a deep connection with the post.

As if a picture shot at a not much-known place but has a historical value, so, that can be mentioned in caption for many likes and views.

Use Emoji’s



When words fell short of expressing an emotion or of conveying an idea, then these small digital iconic symbols – emojis are widely used. They can be sensibly used in the caption to shorten the sentence or when space is less. It makes your headings more attractive and presentable.

These can be used in many ways – as a symbol at the beginning of the sentence or in the middle of the caption for the replacement of certain words. In whatever way you use them, they helps you to buy Instagram followers as they always add a visual treat to viewers.

Smartly Promote Your Other Social Media Accounts

Do you have other social media accounts and want to promote them? Then what can be the better way than promoting it in Instagram captions?

Increase your followers/viewers smartly by adding your other social media accounts in captions too. After highlighting the main stuff in the caption about your post, add a hashtag with your other social media account. It should be linked to the posted pictures at your other accounts that are related to the event. This allows viewers to have an added link with you and will increase your followers in manifolds at other social networking sites too.

Many executives promote their upcoming franchisee at the companies running social id in this way.

By following all these tips you can create a catchy caption for your Instagram posts. It will not only make your content catchy but also helps in increasing your Instagram followers.

We hope you create best captions for your Instagram posts and grow your followers and business!