Quick Guide To Create Instagram Carousel Post And Use Them

Instagram Carousel Post


Pictures are great for sharing a piece of information, but they cannot share the whole story. Even Instagram videos have a time limit, which makes it difficult to share all the required data in a single post.

Therefore, Instagram came up with a new and interactive type of post- Carousel. Launched on 22 February 2017, the Instagram Carousel post allowed the user to add up to 10 videos or pictures in a single post. 

This following post will show you how you can create a carousel page for your Instagram page. It will also show you some fantastic ways to use these posts.

Create Carousel Post

Creating an Instagram is a straightforward and straight forward process and doesn't need any third-party plug-in or application. Here's how you can create it:

Open your Instagram and click on the plus (+) icon on the bottom menu bar.

Open Instagram Posting Tab


Instagram will open the new post windows. On this screen, click the “Select multiple” button. It is on the bottom right of the currently displayed photograph or video.

Enable Stack Pictures

After clicking the stack button, scroll through your library and select the images and videos you want to upload. Then click "Next."

Selecting Pictures For Carousel


On the next page, select the filter for your images or videos. The filter that you apply to the first file will be applied to all the photos. However, you can select different filters by tapping the images and selecting filters individually. You can also edit the position by tapping a picture and holding it till trash can appear on the top. Then move it left or right to shift its position.

Apply Filters to Instagram Carousel

Once done with the Editing, click "Next" and move to the caption page.

The captain page looks the same as the one you have for a normal Instagram post. Just, fill in the detail and upload your post.

Interactive Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Post

Carousels are a great way to present stories, share information about new products, and a lot more. They also allow both video and images, which makes them flexible for multiple types of applications.

The following are some ways to use them for enhancing your Instagram marketing and engagement rates.

Illustrate Product Variation

When you launch a new collection of products, a single picture is not enough to present them all. Of course, you can create multiple posts, but that would be a hassle. Moreover, posting too many pictures at the same time can affect your engagement. The Instagram carousel post can help you to deal with the situation.

This post type can present 10 varieties of products from your new range in a single picture. The consumer can see all the images by simply sliding them. It will give them flexibility and also save a lot of space.

Everlane, an American clothing retailer, used this trick to promote their jumpsuit. They presented the carousel with a woman wearing the suit for different activities.

Everlane Jumpsuit Carousel


Create Visual Storyline

The multi-slide structures of the Instagram Carousel offer a great way to tell a story. You can do it by sharing a set of pictures, a collection of videos, or even with one single image.

The following are two examples that will provide clarity on this topic. The first image shows a set of pictures that subway used to present different varieties of subs that they sell during the weeks. The second shows a single picture story by Cadbury. They have divided the picture into parts for creating the collage.

Subway Carousel


Cadbury Long Picture Carousel



Brands and marketers have been using the before and after images for a long time. These images helped them to present a clear value of their product and the betterment it can provide. The Instagram Carousel images just amplified this image style.

This post enables the user to view both before and after images without dividing the screen into two half. In simpler words, the user doesn't have to squeeze both the pictures into a single frame. They can use multiple frames to keep the thing neat and clean.

Here’s an example from Olaplex that will show you how you can use carousel for comparing two pictures.

Olaplex Comparison Carousel



Carousels are excellent for providing a step by step guide for a simple process or product. You can use them to informate users about how to use a product, how to install equipment, and a lot more. Here's an example from the UK website Refinery29. This website uses Instagram carousels to share tutorials for crafting hanging plant pots.

Refinery29 Plant Pot Tutorial


Another excellent example of a brand that uses Instagram Carousel for creating tutorials is Lego. Here's a picture from their Instagram account.

Lego Tutorial Carousel


Lego Carousel Post


Event Recap

Regular Instagram users and influencers often use the carousels to share their experiences at an event. They are also considered one of the best ways to establish brand authority on Instagram.

It's because they allow the user to share video and still that capture the energy of the event without getting spammed. This picture set is also beneficial for marketing as it gives the audience a place to tag themselves.

Instagram added the tagging feature in carousel after Kim Kardashian tweeted on Instagram. It was after she realized that her shared carousel did not allow tags. The below picture is a snap of her post.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Post


The Final Words

Multi-image system or the carousels are a robust solution to grab consumer attention and present them with more data using less space. This post type has been a part of various social media applications, including Facebook and Snapchat, and more.

The marketers have used them to share life stories, customer reviews, user-generated content, and much more. Some brands even used carousels for advertising, and these posts proved to be good at all these things. They can attain instant Instagram followers and likes for your Instagram page.

So, if you are a business looking forward to expanding or an individual who wants a better appearance on Instagram, Carousels are the best option.