Instagram Hashtags For Business: Everything You Need To Know

instagram hashtags


Do you use Instagram for business marketing? Are you wondering about increasing the visibility of your Instagram posts? Well, you can make more people view your content on Instagram by using hashtags!

Using relevant Instagram hashtags is an effective way to get more eyes on your posts and improve visibility. According to Statistics, a post with at least one hashtag can increase the engagement rate by 12.6%. Moreover, one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories come from the business profiles. 

So, it’s worth creating a hashtag strategy to improve the visibility of your marketing posts and grow your business. Here, we’ll tell you how to use Instagram hashtags to increase engagement, get more likes, and attract more followers. Let’s get started!

What Are The Best Practices For Using Instagram Hashtags For Businesses?

Many of the marketers struggle with using Instagram hashtags in their posts. Some don’t know how to use them correctly, while others use irrelevant hashtags. If you are one of them, here are some basics you must know-

Know Where You Can Add Hashtags

where to add instagram hastahgs


Generally, there are three places where you can use hashtags in your content-I

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram feed posts
  • IGTV

However, you need to remember a few things about how many hashtags you can use in all these types of content:

In an Instagram feed or a regular post, you can insert up to 30 hashtags in the comments or captions to rank up in the search.

For Instagram stories, you can use up to 10 hashtags. But, keep in mind that these hashtags should not clutter your content. To avoid this, you can use an emoji or sticker.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in the description of your IGTV videos.

Besides this, you can also add a hashtag link in your bio. Whenever a user taps any of these tags, they will be taken to a specific hashtag page to follow. 

Irrelevant Hashtags Won’t Show Your Business Profile Up In The Search

Stuffing the post with irrelevant hashtags isn’t a good idea. It may annoy the people who follow those hashtags, and they are likely to tap ‘Don’t Show for This Hashtag’ option.

If you provide your audience with the content that speaks to their interests, then only you can increase the engagement rate. Use the right number of hashtags that are relevant to your posts. 

How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags To Promote Your Brand?

The best hashtags for your brand are the ones that align with the business you operate. For example, suppose you are a digital marketing manager for a travel agency. You can find hundreds of options, such as #travel, #passport, etc. It may help you fetch a few extra likes.

But, if you want to increase the engagement and boost Instagram views, you need to be more specific about the hashtag choice. If you post a picture of a travel destination, it’s better to add relevant location hashtag or hotel’s hashtag. 

Here are a few other tips for finding useful hashtags-

  • Check what hashtags your competitors are using. Even if you don’t want to compete with a similar audience, you can use similar hashtags in your posts.
  • Use Instagram hashtags from the posts of influential people in your industry. 
  • A social media listening tool can also help you discover the most popular hashtags.
  • Explore Instagram’s search function. All you have to do is type a keyword in the search bar and select the ‘Tags’ tab. It will give you a list of hashtags with that particular keyword.
  • Browse through the trending posts that contain a hashtag you are using successfully. 
  • Consider using related hashtags in your posts. This way, you’ll find the hashtags relevant to your niche.

Check The Effectiveness Of The Hashtags

effectiveness of instagram hashtags


Business profiles have access to the insights that help to measure how effective the hashtags are. Here is how you can access the data-

  • Choose the post and tap on ‘View Insights.’
  • Swipe up to see all the information. Keep scrolling till you get to the bottom of the screen. It will tell you the number of impressions you got and where they came from.

Branded Hashtags Work The Best For Businesses

Branded hashtags are the ones that are unique to your company. They can be as simple as your company’s name, tagline, or the name of your product or campaign. They are designed to connect the themes for you and your audience.

If the audience loves your product and wants others to know about it, a branded hashtag can be a great asset! Encouraging the real time Instagram followers to use your branded hashtag in their content is the key to getting your business discovered by the new users.

Save Hashtags To Save Your Time

If you often use some of the hashtags in your posts, it’s a great idea to save them in a note. It will help you save a lot of time that can be used in other tasks. Make sure not to use the same hashtag several times in the same post. It may make the content appear spammy.

Instagram Hashtags Help You Drive Business Results

Using Instagram hashtags correctly helps you get more followers and increase the engagement rates on your post. If you implement the tips mentioned above, you’ll start noticing better business results.

Let’s see how it happens-

  • The popular and relevant hashtags give you an initial burst of activity from the audience. However, your content may get buried in the archives of those hashtags.
  • The less-popular hashtags keep your content active for hours or days.
  • Meanwhile, the existing audience engages with your posts.
  • Whenever a user likes or engages with your content, the Instagram algorithm considers that you are creating good content.
  • If you continue to use the hashtags correctly, while keeping all the factors in mind, your content will start ranking the searches!

The posts stay in the top placements even for months. If someone looks for a specific hashtag, you might be in the first ones. If the users realize that your products or services are relevant to them, it may turn them into followers. It further improves your brand’s visibility and boosts your business!