5 Common Instagram Marketing Myths That Every Instagram User Must Know

Instagram Marketing

With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram presents excellent opportunities for selling goods, promoting business, and a lot of other marketing campaigns. The app has over 25 million business accounts that are being used for earning profits from it.

However, there are still a lot of businesses and individuals who are not confident about Instagram marketing trends. They don't believe that the app has the features and accessibility that they need. A majority of these misleading thought arises due to the myths that surround Instagram.

The following post will share some of these myths and also shed light on the truth behind them.

Only Big Brand Can Get Real Instagram Followers

The big brand like Amazon, Flipkart, Nike, and more have dominated Instagram for a long time. These brands have a lot of followers in real-life, which ensure high traffic on their Instagram pages. However, it doesn't mean that only large brands can acquire real Instagram followers. The traffic depends more on your posting quality, niche, timing, and strategies than the brand name.

There are countless small scale businesses and individuals who have gained a considerable fan following on Instagram without involving any famous brand or personality. The following are some Instagram account that proved that Instagram is equally available for everyone.

Pura Vida Bracelet Instagram


Alex Strohi Instagram


Arii Instagram


 The first snap shows the Instagram page of a medium-size business- Pura Vida Bracelet. The fashion brand has over 1.8 million followers. The second one shows the Instagram account of a photographer who has nothing to do with a famous brand and still secure 2 m followers on Instagram.

The final image is from an individual account, Arii. This account has 2.6 million followers, more than that of the ecommerce giant Amazon.

All these accounts, along with many more, started from the ground, like your account. It was the content and the robust Instagram strategies that enabled them to get the followers they have right now. 

Instagram Marketing Progress Is Non-Measurable

Instagram developed as a social media application before it became a hub for business and dealing. It makes many users think that the platform lack support for the analytical element required for marketing. However, the reality is completely opposite.

Instagram allows almost every type of analytical tools you will need. You can easily measure click-through rates, follower online timings, acquired leads/click-through, and a lot more. There are several analytical applications like Quintly, Socialbakers, and Squarelovin, that you can use to get Instagram insights.

In fact, the social media application offers in-app analytical tools for all its business accounts. You can access them by clicking the "Insight" option under your business account options. The snaps below will give you an idea about accessing and using the in-app insights. 

Opening Insight
Instagram Insight

Instagram Is Just For Posting Pictures

Anyone who has used Instagram knows that there is no truth in this statement. Instagram may have started as an image posting app, but it supports a lot of other types of content that you can use. You can use carousel photographs, video clips, and a lot more. 

Its parent company has also added chatting features in the social media application. It allows you to text, share graphics, and also support video calls. Instagram’s parent company has even included boomerang in their app. The set of images below shows how you can use boomerang for creating animation for your Instagram page. 

 Beach Boomerang


 Dress Boomerang


The recent version of Instagram even allows live videos. It also has a story sharing feature that will enable you to share a temporary video clip or pictorial status. These 24 hours lasting Instagram stories are excellent for generating revenue and attracting more followers. Their inclusive features like timers, alarm, and more make these stories even more marketing-friendly. You can use them to announce launch dates, share sale time, and more. Here’s a set of pictures showing the usage of Instagram stories. 

 Instagram Story With timer


Instagram Story With Portal


Apart from the posting and chats, Instagram also allows you to share business details like location email and other contact details.

Instagram Doesn’t Allow Ads Or Link Sharing

Instagram’s parent company had made it quite friendly for advertising in every way. It allows you to add single picture ads, multi-picture ads, and video ads for all kinds of products or services. Even the temporary story supports advertisements. 

Instagram also allows you to share your URL link and other similar details through the posts. If you don't have a store or a website, it can help you to set a virtual collection. You can use it to create a separate collection page that will review all your products or services if someone clicks on your advertisement. The hashtag and location tag feature of Instagram further help to enhance the exposure level of your ad.

Below are some examples of advertisements that are possible on Instagram. The first one is a picture ad, and the second is a carousel ad.  Next to these still ads is a video ad, and at last, there is the temporary story ad.

 Instagram Ad
 Instagram Carousel Ad
 Instagram Video Ad
 Instagram Story Ad

Instagram Only Works For Visual Product

Instagram support visual product, and people like them, but it's not limited to these products or services. It provides almost the same facilities and opportunities for all niche areas. In fact, in most cases, the general post gets more likes than sexy posts.

Fashion Nova Instagram


 Tentree Instagram


The first picture shows a hot model in black tights, posing for a clothing brand Fashionnova. Next to this fashion model is a picture of an old man holding a plant. Just compare likes on both these pictures, and you will see that the non-visual products can perform on Instagram.

Similarly, look at the video below. It shows a graphical video of an egg that has received over 1 million likes on Instagram.

 World Record Egg Instagram

Hence, it's not the visual but the presentation and the uniqueness that decides the value of your Instagram account.

The Final Words

Instagram presents marketers with numerous ways to expand their business and gain popularity in the online world. It has traffic, community-based sorting, diverse content type, and a lot more features that can help you to target potential consumers.
So, don’t let the meaningless rumors like the few mentioned above stop you from engaging in this incredible platform. Just signup on Instagram, buy some Instagram followers for creditability, and get ready to explore the opportunities it offers.