6 Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Instagram is one of the biggest marketing platforms used by brands today for attracting prospective customers.


As of February 2019 itself, Instagram boasts a user base of over 1 billion. Instagram has now become a global platform that is not used for just personal use but also allows brands to showcase their content, recruit talent, and inspire their followers. 


Instagram has introduced many features and functions over the years that not only help businesses in promoting their brands but also keep followers updated and connected to their favorite brands.

Establishing your presence on Instagram is not easy, considering there are more than 25 million business accounts active on the platform.

Instagram promises an enormous growth to brands if the proper Instagram Marketing Strategies are put to use, and Instagram’s user base is too large for any brand to ignore.

Proven Instagram marketing strategies [Get More Instagram Followers & Brand Recognition] 

Increase your Following

One of the first and best marketing strategies for your brand on Instagram is to increase your follower base. Gaining instant Instagram followers for your brand page can be intimidating and confusing if you are new to the photo-sharing platform and have to begin from zero.

If you an already recognized brand, reach out to your already existing customers by messaging them through your email list. Also, make sure to offer them attractive incentives for following you. Be sure to follow through your offer if you use this strategy.

To gain a competitive edge, many businesses buy instant Instagram Followers to have an instant follower base for their new page on Instagram.

You can use other social media channels to promote your Instagram page and gather new followers. Follow other brands in your niche and see what they are doing to attract users and use strategies that you think can help you.

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First Impressions are Everything

The first impression of a user visiting your page means everything. Design your page in a way that it appeals and attracts users into following you.

When a user visits your page, the first things they see is your profile picture, your bio, and the recent posts shared by you. As a business, you have to make sure everything about your page should be attention-grabbing.

Choose a profile picture that is a representation of the business and gives out a clear message about what you are about.

Including a bio on your page is also very important. Every page on Instagram probably has a unique bio. Be descriptive and creative while writing your bio. Phrase every sentence in a way that it reads and sounds interesting.

Keep everything short, professional, and to the point. Following the right steps will undoubtedly create more opportunities and promote your brand efficiently.


Use Instagram Features for Engagement

Instagram has rolled out a lot of unique features for its users over the years. Features like Instagram live, stories, IGTV, etc. have turned out to be great hits with users across the world.

These features and functions of Instagram are great tools for maintaining regular interaction and engagement with your followers. Instagram stories are probably the most used feature because of its popularity. You can share video snippets, create questionnaires, play quizzes, and many more things through Instagram stories.

The Instagram live feature can be used to share live events and functions related to the brand. This feature gives users a feeling of being connected to the business in real-time.

Updates and new product launches can be announced through these engaging features of Instagram. These tools help to maintain creativity and spontaneity to keep your Instagram followers engaged and can turn out to be a good popularity boost for your brand if used appropriately.

Post Frequently

Posting and adding new content once or twice a month is not called an active profile. To always remain in the memory of your Instagram followers, you have to post with regular frequency.

At the same time, you don’t want to flood your followers’ timelines with posts just from you. It is necessary to maintain an equilibrium between regular engagement and bombarding.

It is fair to post at least once a day. In case there is more content, you have that you want to share, use the story feature of Instagram.

Timing your posts is crucial as well. Most users are active at or after a particular time of the day. Timing you post in such a way will gain you maximum engagement with your Instagram followers.

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Use Relevant Captions & Hashtags

 Adding captions to your posts is an important part of posting on Instagram. Captions and Hashtags are as important as posting pictures and videos.

Captions give more description and reference to the picture or video you post. There are many approaches to using hashtags on your post.

Hashtags allow a post to become more discoverable and visible to users. A brand unique hashtag can be created and used on your posts, which will enable users to find your posts by searching for your hashtag.

Hashtags of latest trends can also be used for your posts to become more visible to users.

Respond to Messages & Comments

Doing this might sound like a time-consuming and tiring task, but there are huge payoffs attached to following this strategy.

As humans, we prefer to have personal connections over being generalized. Responding to comments and messages gives your brand a more human characteristic which, believe it or not, people really appreciate.

Users of social media highly value good customer service and responding to your Instagram followers will gain your brand a good reputation.


Social media has now become a significant influencer in shaping people’s purchasing decisions. The growth of Instagram has paved the way for many flourishing businesses and has become a primary method of driving sales to many.

While many brands buy instant Instagram followers for gaining an edge over other beginners, many also prefer investing their time into growing their businesses on Instagram manually.

All of these strategies will help you grow your presence on Instagram and eventually result in sales growth.