Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

It is a constant dilemma for businesses and brands to post content on Instagram daily that is unique, creative, and maintains engagement with their audience.

Important decisions have to be made daily by those in charge of their company’s Instagram account. With more than 80% of accounts on Instagram following a business, the competition to be unique and attract more potentials becomes even tougher.

Businesses need to continually share high-quality content to stand out from the crowd and grow their influence on Instagram. But there are times when even creative minds reach an impasse or a roadblock.

Let’s talk about a few creative ideas you can use to make your Instagram profile look creative and boost engagement for your brand:

Behind the Scenes Posts

Everyone sees the pictures you post on your Instagram page. But, not everyone knows what it took for you to create that picture for your followers to see.

Behind the scenes posts are highly engaging, and people take a lot of interest in knowing what goes on behind the curtains of a business.


Sharing behind the scenes images and videos of how you work, or how a product is made, intrigues the interest of your followers and gives them something new and fresh apart from the obvious content that you post every day.

You can also show your followers the hard work that goes into making the products that your customers love. Behind the scenes posts are great engagement tools and are great to share with your followers on Instagram.

Teaser Posts

Teaser posts are a great way to entertain and engage with your followers on Instagram. This form of engagement creates a sense of excitement and curiosity among followers and is an excellent promotional tool that you can use for acquiring a potential customer base.

Many brands and businesses buy Instagram followers to become more visible and discoverable to the general audience of Instagram and to occupy a more extensive customer base.

You can post sneak-peek pictures and videos of a product that you are about to launch. You can drop hints or start a countdown streak to announce an event that you are going to organize or for a new blog post that you are going to release.

You can also post teasers about discount offers related to some of your products. These tactics are great for promotion and engagement with acquired as well as new customers on Instagram.

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts are one of the newer additions to Instagram that enables users and businesses to tag the products they are using for customers to check or even purchase.

It is necessary to frame out a powerful Instagram marketing strategy to use and get the most out of the shoppable posts feature of the photo-sharing network.

 You can post your favorite outfits from a fashion line that you are in collaboration with, or a product that belongs to your company but will benefit customers because of the discount you are offering.

Customers can click on the link provided by you on the post and shop for the product and make purchases with even leaving the application.

The convenience that this feature provides adds up as an excellent engagement tool for brands and businesses.


User-Generated Content

All the businesses on Instagram are in a race to gain the most followers. Some companies even buy Instagram followers to gain an edge over their competitors.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective, and most reliable ways to engage with your audience is by making use of user-generated content.

The application of user-generated content reduces your work by more than half and is a significant factor in customers’ decision making towards the brand.

User-generated content creates a sense of credibility and trust among your customers and followers and sends a positive message about your brand to other potential customers.

You can also share customer testimonials in the form of quotes shared by your customer or in the form of short videos. This acts as a tremendous promotional boost for your business and creates a good image of your brand in your niche.

It is a good idea to take your customer’s permission before posting their picture.

Offers and Promotions

Driving traffic to your webpage or store has never been easier than before Instagram. Spreading the word about offers and discounts on your products has become more cost-efficient and less time-consuming as compared to traditional marketing and promotional strategies.

Offers and promotions are a great way to attract traffic to both your page as well as your website. Instagram provides many features through which you can announce these offers and promotions extensively.

You can post about your offerings in your feed as well as on your story. One-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram come from business pages, and more than 400 million users watch Instagram stories every day.

You can add a live link to your story to direct customers to your webpage where they can avail the discount offer on your products.


Influencer Collaborations

Instagram is home several influencers who users follow with full dedication. Influencers have a substantial number of followers and thus have a pull over their followers.

Many influencers even buy Instagram followers to gain traction on the photo-sharing network and get noticed by the vast audience on Instagram.

There are many influencers in every niche. Find an influencer in your niche to collaborate with for marketing your products or your brand as a whole.

Due to the large following that influencers have, the collaboration will make you visible to an entirely new audience and gain you a lot of potential customers for your business.

Influencer collaboration is a great way to gain rapid sales and massive traffic to your blog or website as users hang on to and trust the recommendation of an influencer.


These Instagram post ideas will make your profile look more dynamic and exciting, thus boosting engagement with more users.

Focus on creating original and good quality posts to maintain consistency. These ideas will help you keep up with your competitors and Up your Instagram game.