Proven Tricks To Get Instant Insta Followers Using Videos

Insta Follower


The introduction of video on Instagram was a milestone for both online marketing and social media industry. This new trend enabled the Instagram user to share more engaging and value-adding information that was not possible through still images.

Studies reveal that this particular post type receives 38% more engagement than the standard images. It also presented a 2.1-times hike in comments.

However, before you get all these benefits, you have to find ways to overcome the competition on Instagram. The marketing and video creating tricks below will help you in this task.

Focus On The First Second

The first few seconds of the Instagram video are the most crucial part of it. The consumers use it as a trailer of the videos to make a decision. If they find it interesting, they continue with it and even follow your account. In case they don't, there is no way to get them back.

Therefore, these few seconds are the time when you have to present the main essence of the video.

It is also beneficial to exclude introductions or talks and jump straight to the main content. If you have a look at the video post of large brands, you will notice that they always use curiosity-generating starting for their clips. Here’s an example that you check.

Adidas Instagram video


In the clip, Adidas doesn't show any shoe, but uses graphics at the start of their videos. It helps them to attract the Insta follower and attain their full attention before showing them the main product. The technique is psychological and presents excellent results.

Pre-Record You Video

The Instagram live video option is a tempting option for new users. They can simply open up the camera and share the video in real.  

While the live videos are great for sharing an event or product launch, it's not always helpful. In most cases, you will have to refine your video clips, add filters, crop them, and make some other similar editing to it. So, it is ideal that you pre-record your video and check their dimension, color, lighting, and content before posting them. It can allow you to create effects that are not possible in real-time. Here’s an example of the incredible effect that you can create in pre-recorded videos.

Pre-Recorded And Edited Instagram Video


Pre-recording is also preferable because it helps in timing the video posts. You can just create the video in bulk and then schedule them for differing posting time and dates.

Description Is A Must

Instagram doesn't have the autoplay audio functionality. The video starts reciting only after the user clicks on the audio play button. There is a great possibility that the user may never listen to your message in the video.

So, try to include a specific and engaging caption with all your videos. The text part will work as a guide to introduce the user about the theme of the video and make them click the audio button. The text doesn't have to be very long or in-detail, but it has to look interesting. You can even prefer to add some emoji and stickers for this aspect. They make the caption look more interactive, casual, and attractive.

The following image will share some examples of captions that you can refer to as a guide for writing them. The first one comes from the Instagram Page of ecommerce brand- Amazon.

Amazon Alexa Instagram Video


The captain of this video makes it clear that the video clip is sharing about Alexa’s role in grocery shopping.

Here's another example from the famous snack brand Oreo.

Oreo Recipe Instagram Video


They have a question-based captain, which makes it clear that the video clip is about a delicious brownie. They have also shared a link of the account "fooddolls," which shared this recipe for this Oreo brownie.

Some users even use this section for providing direct links to their website or other accounts. You can also prefer it for sharing Call-To-Action buttons for your products.

Time The Videos

When it comes to social media video marketing, timing is everything. You post at the correct time, the post gets like; you ignore this factor, and the post gets stacked under million of others and never reach your audience.

Now, since this aspect depends on the audience, times, and niche, it will keep on changing from page to page. So, it's best that you use a third-party analytics tool to find the peak time of your page and use it to your advantage.

You can also take a dual posting approach for a better appearance. This process will involve posting two videos per day-one in the morning and one in the evening. It will help you to cover the time zone gap and come up with the best time to post on Instagram

Other than the analytics, you can also prefer to use a third-party scheduling application and Instagram insight for this part.  

Use Carousel To Attract Insta Followers

Carousel post is one of the most useful features of Instagram. It is the post type, which allows you to share a set of video rather than a single video. You can use them to share multiple aspects of the same post without creating multiple posts. 

 Instagram Carousel


These posts are also ideal for sharing videos that exceed the Instagram video post limits.  You can simply divide them into parts and share them without getting spammed or filling the inbox. You will find tones of resources over the internet that will help you to create engaging Instagram carousel posts and use them more effectively.

The Final Words

The Instagram video post takes Instagram marketing to a whole new level. It removes the barrier of time and offers you the opportunities to share to present a more comprehensive video of your products and services.

With these posts, you can informate consumers, share your views, present reviews, and a lot more. Their flexibility also makes them ideal for telling stories about your brand or products.

So, the next time you need to announce or sell something, just create quality footage, buy some Instagram like for increasing credibility and post it on Instagram. You will be surprised by the results it will present for your page.