Lesser-Known SEO Techniques to Increase Your Instagram Reach in 2020

Attract Free Instagram Followers Using SEO

Indubitably Instagram has proven to be the most viable source for brand marketing of the decade. Not to ignore the fact that this social media giant caters to about billion users worldwide every day. There are billions of Instagram users today and endless new who create new profiles every day. If you wish to attract free Instagram followers on you page, earn an identity for yourself. You can do it by get better visibility on search engines, or in simpler words integrating SEO into your Instagram strategies.

We would like to share a formula with you to rage over the marketplace! We know how you have always dreamt of making your brand; product, service, or maybe an Instagram star so, let us help ease your hustle. Let us introduce smart and lesser-known SEO techniques to maximize your Instagram reach.

SEO Secrets for Better Instagram Fan Following and Visibility:

Begin by Optimizing your Instagram Profile

Want to drive huge traffic to your profile? Then you must just not ignore this step! A few quick tricks you need to do your profile to make it outshine and speak volumes about you:

  • Go public! Yes, never keep your profile private
  • An attractive display image would fetch you a lot of free Instagram followers on your profile
  • Play with your username (Make yourself sound not so ordinary!). And, remember not to make it difficult to search. So, choose a different name, use adjectives, but do not go overboard.
  • Prepare an Instagram Business account as it will help you get clear insights on how your profile has been performing
  • Link your Instagram account with other social media accounts to boost visibility of your brand.
  • Do not forget to include one trackable link in your bio which would help take the visitors to your website

Instagram Marketing Calls for a ‘Call-to-Action-Button’

The whole purpose of creating an Instagram business account is to increase business sales. It will be of no use if no visitors are coming to your page. That is why it is crucial to create a phrase that urges your audience to react by either making the purchase, visit your website, etc. 

Use Primary Keywords in Both Username and Display Name 

Following this technique will help increase your chances of showing up on the top of search engine result pages for suggested accounts. For a self-contained search engine like Instagram, you need to be very particular with the placement of the primary keywords. This will give you the desired outcome in no time. 

Focus on the Secondary Keywords and Add it in Your Bio

Fetch the best results for your brand, product, or business by paying heed to the secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are the keyword that circles your primary ones. They are great for attracting attention from those people that might not be searching for your primary keywords, but could still be interested in buying your products or services. Now, it is your time to rage!

Use Hashtags as Your Secondary Keywords 

Optimize your posts on Instagram by treating your hashtags as your target keywords. Blending hashtags in specific posts allows you to boost your chances of reaching a broader audience. Remember, most of the users may not spot it directly, but you will more likely to get discovered via hashtag on a particular post.

Best tools to find trending, relevant, and popular hashtags for Instagram:


Optimize Your Image Captions

Creating an attractive caption on your Instagram helps you to lure and get free Instagram followers while satisfying existing ones. It’s a good idea to tell a brand story with captions. But make sure they are short, unique, and descriptive. You can add secondary keywords in your image captions. It can also help you show up at the top of search results. 

Reap the Perks of Alt Text 

Alt text on Instagram is a new feature that allows users to write captions for the pictures added. This feature is typically created for impaired users to make their experience more enjoyable. You can even use this feature for better Instagram reach.

But make sure that your caption matches well with your picture. Simply click ‘advanced settings’ at the bottom and choose ‘write your alt text’ option. From there, give the best image description to make your posts rank better ad have your results pulled for voice search.

Geo-Tag your Posts 

In case you are promoting your brand in a particular location on Instagram, make sure you tag the current location when publishing posts.  

You can even tag associated accounts in your Instagram story that you think is relevant to it. It boosts your brand awareness and motivates users to tag their location as well. This also helps your posts to get on the top of the Instagram search. Its a local SEO technique that is good to attract free Instagram followers using something or someplace they can relate with.

Use Instagram Analytics

Give a boost to your Instagram strategy and your overall social media goals with Instagram Analytics. It is not an in-built feature, but you can use it to track important data from a specific date. Use this to analyze the performance of your posts and marketing campaigns.  

You can even use this information to optimize your content for the upcoming years. This will help you to gain more Instagram likes and followers as well as better credibility.

Instagram Analytics

Avoid the Use of Common Black Hat SEO Methods

You might think that Google is the only site that penalizes webmasters that use black hat SEO methods. But it’s not true. Instagram has also started this practice of filtering accounts that violate the rules and banning them for repeated breaking of rules. 

Black hat SEO techniques to avoid: 

Stealing content

Using bots

Following too many accounts speedily

Keyword stuffing 

Set Up Profile Schema

Google allows you to use shcema.org to tell which social media profile belongs to you. You can ask your developer to get the structured data for your profile. Make sure your Instagram account is included in it.

Create Special Offers

After setting your Instagram business page, you might be wondering how to use Instagram to drive more users. Creating giveaways, special offers, and contests is a good idea. Remember when your followers target their friends, it exposes your brand to new users in no time. 

Wrapping Up: 

SEO may be primarily used for site optimization, but that does not mean you cannot use it for boosting your brand reach on social media. While showing off your brand personality using these tricks, it’s also vital to engage your users to like, comment, and share your posts. Get ready to become an “Instagram Star” by optimizing your profile by following the above mentioned lesser-known SEO techniques.