Scheduling Instagram Posts in 2020

Instagram has evolved into becoming an integral marketing channel for over 5 million businesses worldwide. We understand how busy and time-demanding it can be to manage a social media platform amidst other things. It can be difficult to create posts consistently. In 2020, knowing how to schedule Instagram posts in advance is non-negotiable. It's one of the best ways to save time, stay connected to your Instagram followers, and increase productivity.

Whether you're running a personal or business account, one of the best ways to reclaim your time and creativity is by using Instagram scheduler.

Why Schedule Instagram Posts?

Time is precious. So if you're seeking to make good use of your time, you might want to make use of the Instagram scheduler.

Here are three reasons you should schedule Instagram posts.

  1.   It saves your time:

Creating posts on the day you want to publish them can be time-consuming. Instead of having to draft your next post every day, you can make use of an Instagram scheduler to plan,  

spending a few hours at the start of the week to line up your visuals and write content. It’ll save you a lot of time and help you keep a consistent quality across the board.


  1.   Increases your Engagement:

Part of the duties of your analytics tool is to let you in on the best times to post. It calculates when engagements are topmost and when your followers are online. Thus, your content can be posted at the right time.

Also, you increase your brand's visibility each time you post online. If you keep posting consistently, your post may hit it big and make it to the Instagram explore page.

This would increase the chances of having people find you, and it will also grow your engagement.

  1.   Plan a Beautiful Instagram Feed:

You have only got a few seconds to grab the attention of page visitors and convince them to become followers.

The colour, tone, and composition of your page should be recognizably unique and feel genuine.

Visual planner apps aid your planning and design. It rearranges your future posts until you find the perfect aesthetics.

Tools for scheduling Instagram Posts

Apart from having a business profile and an Instagram account that is linked to your Facebook page, the next thing is to choose a social media post scheduling apps that suit your business.

We're giving you a list of our top four ideal social media apps for businesses with various needs. Read through and decide the one fit for you.

  1.   Hootsuite:

This tool allows you to schedule and publish posts directly to your Instagram platform. It also allows you to manage your social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

Hootsuite has several other features to enable you to monitor, manage, and grow your reach apart from scheduling your social media posts. Hootsuite places emphasis on sailing across your organization, building smarter workflows and delivering a demonstrable ROI.

It has a free and paid plan. The free plan allows you to manage and connect up to three social media accounts. It also enables you to schedule a maximum of 30 posts at once.

  1.   Later:

This social media app is best for businesses with a strong focus on Instagram and entrepreneurs. It restricts you from using it with other famous platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google+, but you can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with it.

You can upload media directly from Dropbox or Google Drive using it.

It has a free and paid plan. Using the free plan, you can schedule up to 30 posts for each of your social media platforms, but you must switch to the paid plan to be able to schedule additional posts and manage extra social accounts.

  1.   Sprout Social:

This social media management app is targeted at bigger organizations. It is best for established businesses and marketing teams. It enables you to monitor, manage, and schedule posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook messenger. It has an integrated social CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). This CRM enables you to manage your customers. It also has a comprehensive analytic tool that allows you to gain insights from your social data, and this enables you to come up with better social media marketing strategies.

It has a 30-day trial free usage before you start with the paid plan.

  1.   Buffer:

With this social media scheduling tool, you can schedule posts directly to your Instagram platform and other social networking sites such as: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

With Buffer, you can access the dashboard from which your posts can be managed through the buffer mobile app or your computer's browser.

It has a free plan with which you can manage and connect up to three social media accounts except Pinterest. It also schedules a maximum of 10 posts per time for a social media account.

Conclusively, scheduling your Instagram posts is one of the ways to achieve your goals and objectives without having to spend much time.

Of all the scheduler listed above, think about what features make the most sense of your need, and go for it.