Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2020

It’s not realistic for brands to expect instant Instagram success overnight. You can’t just grow from 200 followers to over 1000 in few minutes. Increasing Instagram engagement takes time and effort. 

In this article, you’ll learn what Instagram engagement means, the easiest things you can do to increase your brand’s Instagram engagement, and all the different ways to measure your engagement rate. We’re not going to be teaching you how to cut corners with Instagram automation but we’ll be teaching you about genuine ways to increase instagram engagement. It’s also not going to be about buying likes and followers

Read on for effective tips and tricks that will have positive effect on your brand’s Instagram presence and reach.

What does Instagram engagement mean?

There is no basic definition to the term “instagram engagement” but we can say instagram engagement is the rate at which the public interacts with the content you post. your Instagram engagement rate tells how well your brand is connecting with its audience and your brand’s Instagram engagement rate will likely fluctuate as Instagram’s algorithm keeps changing.

Instagram engagement is more than the likes you get. In April 2019, Instagram began hiding the number of likes a post received for its Canadian users, then by November 2019, they began hiding likes worldwide. 

This means instagram engagement is more than just having likes. Likes are important but not sufficient. 

There are various tools you could use to keep track of various metrics when using instagram for business and we shall be considering them shortly.

useful metrics for measuring engagement rate on Instagram:

  • Reach; The number of unique views your posts and Stories have.
  • Profile visits; The number of times a user visited your Instagram profile.
  • Impressions; The total number of times all your Instagram posts and your Stories are seen.
  • Website clicks; The number of times the website link in your Instagram account is clicked, causing a user to leave Instagram and visit your website.
  • Followers; The number of followers you’ve gained in a specific time period.
  • Views; The total number of times your video or Instagram Story was viewed.
  • Comments; The number of times users have written something underneath your post.
  • Likes; The number of times users have clicked on the heart underneath your post.
  • Saved posts; The number of times users have added your posts to their saved collections, probably to return to it later.

How to calculate instagram engagement rate.

There’s no one way to calculate your brand’s instagram engagement rate. Your brand’s goals and objectives determines how you choose to calculate Instagram engagement rate but you need instagram analytics tools to access accurate Instagram metrics.

Three most common ways to calculate your instagram engagement rates are;

  • Engagement rate by reach
  • Engagement rate by impressions
  • Daily engagement rate

Tips for increasing instagram engagement.

Wondering how to increase your Instagram engagement in 2020? These 

tips are all you need.

Know your audience.

You need better knowledge of your audience so you can create content relevant to them. You can find data about your followers under the “Audience” tab in Instagram Insights.

Post often

Recency is one of the factors Instagram’s algorithm considers. This implies that new posts are most likely to show in your followers’ feeds. Schedule your posts for when your followers are more likely to be online. That way, they are more likely to see your content and engage with it.

Write good instagram caption.

Write good instagram captions to drive engagement. You have enough space to tell your story if you use it judiciously. You have 2,200 characters which includes emojis and hashtags. With that, you can write something thought-provoking. provide some context for the image you’re posting, use it to showcase your brand’s voice, or ask your followers a question. 

Alternatively, you can write a short yet engaging caption. You can do this by posting an open-ended question for followers to answer in the comments, encouraging followers to click the link in your profile bio, or simply trading words for emojis.

Keep up with recent trends.

 Different challenges have been evolving on social media platforms, and brands also get involved. This is the best thing to do. When you get involved in recent trends, staying up-to-date with social media trends and pop culture news, it shows that your brand is popular on the platform and knows what’s happening. Its also one way to show the playful side of your brand. 

Don’t preach- tell stories instead

The social network is supposed to be a ‘visual inspiration platform’. Don’t forget this. More than simply preaching marketing missives, You should captivate audiences through images, video, and text. If you want to increase your instagram engagement, become a storyteller. Tell stories through your captions, videos, Instagram stories and profile. 

Storytelling is a way to create connection between yourself and your followers and people are much more likely to buy into your content and share it with their peers when they feel an emotional connection to it.

You can insert elements of storytelling into your Instagram strategy by sharing user-generated content that resonates with your niche and also with your captions.  When done right, wordy captions can stop scrollers in their tracks and increase the time they spend looking at your post.

In summary, as you post product pictures and sales pitches, provide content that aligns with what your audience cares about or help them with their problems. Also embrace different content formats, such as stories, IGTV, videos, photos, and captions.

As you do these, keep in mind that your Instagram journey is never over. Like an enterprise that is constantly growing and evolving, your Instagram profile is your business. 

With these tips, you can increase Instagram engagement and keep those likes, shares and comments coming.