The Ultimate Guide To Instagram For A Food Blogger



There are 351.9 million photos on Instagram tagged as #food. People love to take pictures, and that is no secret. It takes a lot of work to become a renowned and well-known food blogger. Behind every success story of a food blogger on Instagram, there is a strategy.

Here are a few tips to strategize and start on your journey to becoming a food blogger:

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags play one of the most essential roles in Instagram marketing. Placing the right hashtags on a picture can get you the following that you're working for. As easy as it sounds, hashtags can be tricky.

There are different types of tags that you can place on a picture. There are popular hashtags, niche hashtags, and unique hashtags. A combination of all of these tags makes your post stand out from the others.

A popular hashtag is a very common tag. For example, #cake has 60 million posts tagged to it. While this might reach a lot of people, it would not stand out from the lot. A unique tag categorizes your posts if you don't follow a theme or follow different topics.

A niche tag allows you to tag something only specific to your post or profile. A niche tag differentiates you from the rest and allows your post to stand out. #foodblogger is one such example of a niche tag.

A maximum of 30 hashtags can be used on each post. We recommend using up to ten tags on each post. It has been statistically proven that an Instagram video with the right tags, gets instant Instagram views as opposed to others.



There are many ways of increasing your following on Instagram. Businesses use the influencer marketing strategy by paying popular and well-followed Instagrammers to promote or support their product or business. The best approach for a food blogger is to reach out to similar Instagrammers with the proposal of co-marketing.

This works in a simple way in which you cross-promote each other's posts. Cross-promotion will help in diverting one's followers to another's and expose the followers of both accounts to both of the food blogger's posts.

A reasonable amount of instant Instagram followers can be expected with this tactic. It is also important to connect with similar brands that have the same or similar following or target the same demographic as you do.

Post Regularly

There are many successful ways in which you can establish your authority on Instagram. To maintain constant engagement with your instant Instagram followers, it is important to post pictures of the things you created, discovered, or got inspired by. Many world-famous Chefs recommend sometimes sharing a bit about yourself.

Posting regularly with interesting and engaging content keeps your followers excited and wanting for more. Although a food blog would mostly consist of food-related posts, it is advised to sometimes write about the ‘person behind the plate.'

Posting about mixed stuff will give your page a more dynamic feel, and your followers will feel a bit more personally connected to you.


Invest In A Good Camera

For a food blogger, after food, the most important thing is the camera. Food is the substance of the picture and the camera, its essence.

Investing in a good camera could be a life-saver for a food blogger. It would be wise to say that the food or the recipe or the Blogger make a food blog, but photography makes a food blog complete. The photograph is the initial factor that draws people in.

If it is in your budget, we recommend investing in the proper equipment that will make taking good pictures easier and fun. There are so many things that can be done with food and photography, and a good camera can make it happen.

Follow Others

There are many professional food bloggers on Instagram, and they are called the ‘pros' for a reason. Paying close attention to professionals can pay off in many ways. Take note of the things that professional food bloggers do that gathers them a huge following.

Here are a few things the professionals do that you should do too:

  1. Post about food and recipes that has a massive following. Foods like pizzas and burgers are on top of the list of professional food bloggers.
  2. Create a unique identity for yourself among the other food bloggers in your community. ‘Uniqueness attracts attention.' Run your page according to a theme that you like or create a unique style of photography for your pictures that will make you look different from the crowd.
  3. Engage with your audience. Read and respond to your instant Instagram followers' comments and DM's. Most of the professional food bloggers still maintain contact and hold conversations with their readers, which feel like a personal touch.

Be Consistent

Success does not come overnight. To be successful in any profession, it takes time. In the same way, to make your profile as a food blogger a successful one, you have to take the right steps and give it time to grow. An essential thing any food blogger can do to be successful is, to be consistent and to continue creating good content.

The content that a food blogger creates means everything. Sometimes creating good content takes time, so if you happen to find yourself in a fix, just take your time with it because good content will always be better than quick content.


Overall, being genuine in what you showcase is all it takes. It is absolutely essential to look consistent and be as creative as you can. Implement different ideas into your page and see what works for you.

Utilize the different marketing strategies and try to connect with other influencers in the community. Make the most out of whatever new you learn from the industry and the professionals.