The Instagram live element is a live video broadcast contained in the Instagram app and is available through the Instagram Stories segment. You can reach out to your followers more often and at the same time respond in a sensible and trustworthy manner to their comments using the Live story feature. Instagram Live Story is one of the simplest and most amazing video recording and streaming mechanisms accessible in these contemporary times. 

In November of 2016, live video Instagram was introduced to selected users. By December, it was made accessible to all and it was very well-received by the millions of Instagram users who started using it in tons of ways. If you check out who is live on Instagram now, you would discover that almost all (if not all) businesses and even celebrities are making use of the Instagram live feature.  Instagram posts provide the ultimate digression for short attention-spanned viewers because live video expects user commitment and their entire attention. While it remains an underused feature, It can become a great way for brands to connect with their followers, and businesses can push their brands with it.

Why Instagram Live?

Research has shown that Instagram videos receive 38% more engagement than regular standard images. It also presented a 2.1-times hike in comments. The Instagram video post takes Instagram marketing and advertising to a state-of-the-art level. It eliminates time hurdles and offers you the freedom to share to present a more comprehensive video of your products and services.

  • Live Story has tremendous potential for promotion and marketing on Instagram. It’s also a great way to improve interactions with followers. Many brands Use Instagram live as an alternative method to communicate directly with followers and drive engagement, leads,  and sales.
  • A cost-friendly way to generate engaging content. Sophisticated equipment or studio access is not required to create fun and intriguing content through Instagram Stories, and you can keep your viewers glued to the screen at the same time! 
  • Monitor participation and viewer metrics. Analyze viewer counts of your stream after concluding the video and use Instagram Analytics to evaluate engagement metrics such as likes or comments or Instagram Stories analytics and reproduce your positive results!
  • Save and share streaming videos. After streaming, you can save and repost live video content to repurpose and prolong the life of the videos. Most viewers also prefer to save Instagram live videos of others for later. This could ensure that your brand remains evergreen in the memory of your audience.

How do I create Instagram live videos?

A vital advantage of Instagram live videos is that you can be creative and unique in your output. It helps you connect with your viewers as though you’re simply interfacing with them on Face-time. This is a great - and one of the best ways to establish trust and relationships with your online community. Want to make the best of your Instagram live video? Try these Instagram live tips.

  • Have a script. An old saying goes that ‘preparation is the mother of success’.  It’s usually great to have a plan in handy. Your script must not be very professional. Ahead of your live stream, create an uncomplicated but organized script and rehearse through what you want to say. You can’t afford to make mistakes while you’re live! Take a quick test run on the videos to know what your output is like and look for areas to improve the audience’s experience. When rating your videos, some things to look out for include audio quality, background lighting, and the whole set-up. It’s usually a better option to pre-record your video before going live. 

  • Timing. In social media marketing, timing is a very salient factor. While not sticking strictly to a particular routine, it's ideal that you use a third-party analytics tool to discover the zenith time of your page and utilize it to your benefit. Now, since this aspect depends on the audience, times, and niche, it will keep on changing from page to page. So, depending on your services and product, it is vital to know when best to post on Instagram. 

    • Use the ‘Add a friend feature to interview someone in your video. This creates an engaging experience and also gives you a chance to access the other person’s audience. This broadens the reach of your Live stream beyond your own audience. You can only invite someone who is already viewing your live video, so inform your friend prior to the interview. 

    • Use the carousel post to attract more followers. Using the Carousel feature enables you to post multiple images and videos in a single post and attract more followers. Instagram permits ten videos and photos in a single post using this feature. You can also edit each of these photos or videos independently or with the use of a common filter for all the media files.  You can use them to share multiple aspects of the same post without creating multiple posts. These posts are also ideal for sharing videos that exceed the Instagram video post limits. When you publish a Carousel post, your audience will see a set of dots under the imagery. 
    • Promote your live video in advance. Inform your followers about your live video beforehand. This will stimulate interest and arouse anticipation. 
    • Share your video to your Instagram story. 

    Take action!

    The best key to engaging your audience effectively on Instagram is to find out which strategy works for you and implement it. 

    When next you need to announce or sell something, don’t hesitate to use Instagram live,  buy some Instagram likes for expanding reliability, and post it on Instagram.