Tips to Amplify your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has become the market place for brands and businesses to market their products. Being one of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram is the network of choice for companies to achieve massive growth.

With more than 1 billion active monthly users, the social media giant promises great potential for expansion to new and established businesses alike.  

While many established businesses use the services of marketing professionals, other budding brands find it hard to come up with strategies that are effective and cost-efficient at the same time.


Here are a few tips and tools you can use for marketing and promoting your brand or business on Instagram:

Switch to a Business or Creator Profile

Before you even plan a venture on Instagram for marketing your business, make sure to sign up for an Instagram business account.

Instagram recently introduced an option through which content creators and businesses can switch from a personal profile to either a business profile or a creator profile.  

Switching to a business profile gives you more access to crucial and essential data relevant to the performance of your business on the photo-sharing platform.

An Instagram business account gives you access to analytical tools called insights. This tool provides you with information and statistics on the engagement, impressions, and reach of your posts on Instagram.

Use Instagram Features for Engagement

Brands and businesses operate on Instagram to engage with the vast user base of the photo-sharing network and potentially convert them into customers of their products.

Instagram comes with features like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV. For keeping followers interested and engaged, and for gaining a more significant follower base, many brands use these mass engagement features of Instagram.     

Many brands also buy Instagram followers to give their marketing campaign a kick-start on the social media platform.

Statistics state that nearly 1.7 billion people use the Instagram stories features every day, with one-third of the most viewed stories being uploaded by businesses. Stories are one of the best features to use for maximum engagement on Instagram.


Instagram live is another feature that businesses use to give their followers a sneak peek into their more casual and fun side of working. The live feature is especially useful because it provides the business with a more human and personal connection with its followers.

You can use these features to engage with your audience and analyze you’re the performance of your posts with the help of the analytical tools that come with a business account.

Partner with Instagram Influencers

Influencers, as the name suggests, play an important and influential role on the social media giant that Instagram is. A majority of Instagram users follow influencers, and that makes partnering with them so crucial and profitable.

Influencers have an already built up following, and the fastest way to reach potential customers on Instagram is through the influencers on the platform.

Building a relationship with an influencer will result in long-lasting brand awareness. Apart from gaining direct sales, you can also acquire a new follower base for your brand’s Instagram page through the promotion of influencer partner.     

Many businesses also avoid such time-consuming efforts and buy real Instagram followers  to get an edge over other brands starting their campaign on Instagram.

Partnering with an Instagram influencer will sky-rocket your brand’s publicity and gain you more exposure to a new potential customer base.

Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Platforms

Cross-promotion is one of the best and easiest ways to add followers to your brand’s Instagram page. You can post and promote your Instagram page on all other social media networks and invite them to follow your brand on Instagram.

Users that are already following you on other social networks are interested in your brand and its products. Inviting them to follow you on Instagram will give them another way to connect with you and avail your offerings.

Doing this keeps your followers connected to you on all social media platforms. Also, encourage your followers to invite other users to follow your business on Instagram.

Keep in mind that offering something in exchange for inviting other users will boost up the process and increase your chances of acquiring more followers and potential customers.

Use Interactive and Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are of great help when it comes to organizing and categorizing image and video content to find content easily on your Instagram page. An interactive and engaging hashtag creates instant engagement if used correctly.   

Using hashtags for your posts and all the content you share makes your brand more visible and discoverable to the general audience of the photo-sharing network.


Instagram allows the usage of up to 30 hashtags per post but overusing and placing random tags to your post will create a negative impression among your followers. Use tags only relevant to your post and keep the number of tags up to 10 per post.

Using unique and brand-related hashtags will give your brand a unique identity and make your posts more visible to the audience in your niche.

Interact With Your Audience    

Being interactive with your audience will pay-off for your business in many ways. People appreciate it when a virtual entity takes out to the time to answer customers’ questions or reply to comments.

Simple acts of such engagement will create a loyal customer base and will act as a great promoter of your business and the way you engage with customers. Interaction and engagement with your followers will also earn your brand a great deal of respect and credibility.

Create Engaging Content  

Creating content that is immersive, engaging, and keeps your followers interested in your brand is the key to effectively marketing your brand on Instagram.

You can buy real Instagram followers for your page but creating unique and engaging content will still have to be on your priority list to maintain and grow your authority on Instagram.


Putting into effect and making the proper use of these tactics and strategies will significantly help in building your brand authority on Instagram.

Amidst all the competition, it is essential to keep up with the latest Instagram marketing strategies to make suitable changes for the growth of your business on Instagram.