Tips to Effectively Promote your Brand on Instagram in 2019

The rapid growth and evolution of Instagram have created a dynamic and ever-growing customer base for businesses on the photo-sharing platform.

Considering the traditional forms of marketing and promotion, Instagram has turned out to be a more reliable, cost-effective, and time-saving way of engaging with acquired and potential customers.

The social media giant boasts of a whopping 1 billion monthly active users, which makes the network one of the most suitable platforms for marketing and promoting a brand or business.

Instagram provides plenty of room and opportunities for brands and businesses to convert Instagram users into prospect customers, increase sales for their businesses, and engage with customers on a larger scale.


Many strategies and tactics can be used to promote a brand on Instagram. Here are a few tips to effectively market and promote your brand:

Create and Optimize your Instagram Business Account

If you are going to promote your business or brand on Instagram, setting up a business account is the first step to attract followers. Your personal account should be separate from your business account.

It is relatively easy to set up a business account on Instagram, and it comes along with a lot of analytical tools like insights that help in managing and understanding the performance and engagement of your posts on the photo-sharing network.

Many new brands and businesses also buy Instagram followers to establish their authority among competitors and to maximize their visibility and interaction with the vast user base of Instagram.

Marketing and promotion on Instagram are all about attracting customers, and you should optimize your page in a way that is catchy and interesting to your prospect customers.

You should also add a link of your webpage in your profile to maintain a consistent flow of traffic to your website or online shop.

Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Cross-promotion is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of promoting your brand. Your presence on Instagram is an advantage to your brand because of broad user base of the social media giant.

The ROI with using the cross-promotion strategy is substantially higher as compared to other forms of promotion.

Keep in mind that the audience culture of every social media platform is different, and you should promote your Instagram content on these networks in a smarter way to attain the most out of this move.

Many Instagram marketing strategies can be used and put in place depending on the different social media platforms you are promoting your Instagram content on.

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Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most highly engaging and most used features of the photo-sharing company.

With more than 500 million using the Instagram stories feature, about one-third of the most viewed stories are of businesses operating on Instagram.

This depicts the potential for engagement with prospective customers for your business. Keep in mind that while Instagram stories are highly beneficial, using the correct techniques for attracting potentials is essential as well.

Instagram stories itself provides many features like stickers, slider bars, questionnaires, etc. through which you can engage and interact with your followers in a healthy and beneficial manner.

With the proper and adequate usage and application of Instagram stories, the interaction and visibility of your brand will sky-rocket on Instagram.

Offers and Promotions

The strategy of providing offers and promotions to your customers through the platform of Instagram is advantageous and is an excellent provider of ROI for your business.

Since its inception, apart from being a photo-sharing network, Instagram has also become a hub for businesses and brands to promote and generate sales of their products.

Many brands and businesses buy Instagram followers to maximize their interaction and engagement with users from the get-go. This enables them to be more customer-centric rather than concentration more on gaining followers on Instagram.

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Customers are always looking for the best deals in exchange for the price they are willing to pay. Offering promotions and discounts to users will be a good pay-off for the performance of your brand on Instagram.

For example, you can offer a discount to customers by laying down a subtle condition of them following your page and sharing it with three friends. This takes nothing out of a users pocket and will be a great promoter as well as the right sales agent for generating revenue on Instagram.

Make sure that your pitch does not sound forced and is easy to follow for your potential customers. Offers and promotions are the right way of generating immediate sales and exposing your brand to a broader audience.

Be Consistent with Content Creation

There is no doubt about the fact that your content on Instagram will always be your most significant and most efficient promoter. So, it is essential to be consistent with the quality of your content and regularity of your posts for maximum engagement.

Posting content on Instagram is not a big task to achieve, but creating an identity for your brand is a tough task to accomplish.

To create an identity for your brand, it is crucial to develop and stick to a theme through which customers can identify and recognize your brand among the more massive crowd of businesses on Instagram.

Following a theme makes your brand stand out from the others and gives a unique identity to your brand.

It is also crucial to maintain the quality of your posts. If you use pictures that are professionally clicked, try to stick to such images for posting on Instagram.

Following a posting pattern is also of great help. Try posting as frequently as possible for your followers and to maintain a constant presence on the photo-sharing network.

Remaining consistent with the quality of your posts and your posting patterns will help you greatly in establishing a unique presence for your brand, and also be a great promoter of your business on Instagram.


Instagram has become the network of choice for brands and business to promote their products. Apart from being a cost-effective marketing platform, the ROI achieved by brands on Instagram is also phenomenal.