Top Instagram Analytics Tools You Need in 2020.

Leveraging on Instagram for your business is one thing, knowing whether or not you're doing well is another, and you need the right tool to be able to discern this.

With Instagram analytics tools, you can be able to tell which post generated the most engagements, keep track of your progress, and note areas for improvement.

As brands and agencies keep having custom requirements, the Instagram analytics tools keep evolving, and demand increases because Instagram has the highest audience engagement compared to other social media platforms.

The success of your influencer campaign is birthed on your ability to set your campaign goals. To do this, you should be able to pay attention to the progress you make and this is where Instagram analytics tools come into play.

With Instagram analytics tools, you can modify your campaigns after considerably checking out the results. At the end of the day, your goals are achieved.

Top Instagram Analytics Tools for 2020

  • Iconosquare
  • This is a three-in one paid app that provides brand leading analytics to enable you  grow your business on Facebook and Instagram.

    With it, you can schedule new posts, track your Instagram analytics and take note of people's opinions about your brand.

    It enables you to compare your brand with other brands, preferably competitors in the same niche. It also provides you with analysis relating to your profile activity, hashtags, engagement, reach and performances.

  • Crowdfire
  • Using crowdfire, you can curate contents from all over the internet that are related to your industry. Basically, this tool is designed to help you schedule contents and manage your social media pages.

    It  keeps a record of the performance of your Instagram business account over a period of time and also helps in increasing your visibility by delivering articles and images from other websites, thus you always have an idea of what content to include in your Instagram strategy.

  • Squarelovin
  • Squarelovin is a free Instagram analytics tool that gives you the information needed to carry out analysis on your improvements. It gives you important information about your Instagram account by providing reports on the posts that attracted the most likes and comments, thereby leaving you with a clue on what your audience may most likely be interested in, and the most favourable time for you to make a post.

    With the information squarelovin provides, it becomes easier for you to optimize your posting.

  • Pixlee
  • This is an amazing tool commonly used by big brands for Instagram analysis because it also comes with content generation options.

    With pixlee, you can create reports that are shareable and have them sent to your team members. It is also able to deliver weekly performance reports, and it helps with identification of influencers in your niche, making it possible for you to monitor the brand's performance.

    With pixlee, you can track hashtag and statistics, monitor the growth of your Instagram followers, and identify your most engaging content.

  • HypeAuditor
  • HypeAuditor provides a highly detailed analysis of the followers of an Instagram influencer. It identifies fake followers, and generally provides third party analytics, going far into the profile of an influencer to calculate engagement rates. You can  use it to find out if the comments on the Influencer's posts are from real and engaged followers, and also it can be used to determine the worth of an Instagram influencer.

    Conclusively, there are lots of Instagram analytics tools one can make use of, and not only do they reveal insights for your Instagram page, they could grow your followers, increase your engagement, suggest top hashtags, compare your business page with other platforms, and several functions that will enable your brand promotion desires to materialise.

    Take time out to read through, bearing in mind your desires and expectations for your Instagram page, then you can decide the right tools to use.