5 Trending Instagram Filters That You Must Try

Instagram Filters

Instagram filters are a top priority for every individual, business, or influencers who want to enhance their post and get more likes on it.

 These smart effects can transform even the most standard type of content into an appealing masterpiece without any special software. The platform started with some simple live filters and now offers a whole collection of them.

But, obviously, you cannot just use any of these Instagram filters for your post; you have to consider the market trend.

So, this post will bring you a list of filters that are in-demand amongst the Instagram users. 

Here are the most trending Instagram filters:


    Clarendon is the first option in the Instagram photo filter list. The filter adds a kind of differentiation effect to your image. In simpler words, applying Clarendon will bring out the highlight and shadows of the picture. It increases the brightness in the light areas and intensifies the darker areas. The filter also creates a color pop that makes the image look more detailed.

    Here's a before and after comparison of this filter to clarify its action.

    Clarendon Instagram Filter

    The image on the left side is the image, and the one on the right is image after applying Clarendon. You can clearly see how this filter enhances the color and detailing of the picture. It also presents a charming enhancement effect on the background sky.

    If you are posting a natural photograph, especially the one that includes sunrise or sunset, this filter is a highly preferred choice.


      Vintage is never out of fashion, so you will need something that can add a vintage effect to your post. The Gingham Instagram filter fits the profile. This filter targets the highlights and saturation of your images, reducing them by approximately 48% and 31%, respectively. It also adds a slight haze and warm that makes the image seem old. Here’s an example that you can refer to.

      Gingham Instagram Filter

      This picture portrays a clock tower picture that looks crisp and bright. After the filter, you will find a drastic manipulation of light. For instance, its dark curves drop, the brightness changes, and so does the clarity. There is no overall decrease in image quality or detail, but the picture looks like it was taken a long time ago.

      This filter is exceptionally good and goes with almost every type of picture. However, it works best for images with outdoor and cultural scenarios. It is an excellent choice for attracting more Instagram followers on your photography page.

      X-Pro II

        X-Pro II is the older filter on the Instagram app. Instagram developed it during its initial years to deal with the below-average picture quality of the 2010 cameras. The filter work on a photo developing technique- Cross processing – in which the photo developer used chemicals to create films. 

        The filter is still one of the most used filters on Instagram that is the first choice of anyone who wants to intensity to the picture. It acts on increasing the darkness and the shadows of the image for the additional depth. Here's a snap that shows the changes X-Pro II provides.

         X-Pro II Instagram Filter

        The first part presents a circuit board's photo taken using a standard camera. The second picture shows the same image but with a bit more intensity and depth.

        This particular filter has no specific or type, you can prefer it for any picture that needs intensity, and it will work just fine.


          Want to make your image look dramatic? Lo-Fi can do it.

          The Instagram filter can turn any average or low lit image to a bright and appealing image without removing any detailing from it. It works by targeting the saturation and the shadows of the picture it’s applied on.

          Here's a sample image that you can consider to understand the aftereffect of this filter.

          Lo-Fi Instagram Filter

          Comparing both the images, you will see that the normal image was lit, but it lacked a pop effect. In simple words, it was fine, but the subject wasn't well defined. In the after image, you will see a clear depth in the shadows and increased color pop. The filter also adds a bit of yellowishness that makes the image more realistic.

          The filter is brilliant for images that consist of trees, buildings, and a lot of colors. However, the filter isn't a great choice for selfies. 


            The effect that Toaster creates is very similar to its name. Rather than manipulating the lighting pattern like other filters, this particular filter adds a whole new light. It adds a red-colored center to the picture and then spreads toward the edge creating a burning effect on the way.

            As a result, your picture looks like it is taken from an instant camera or a vintage 80s model camera. Here's what you can expect from Toaster.

             Toaster Instagram Filter

            In the filtered picture, you will notice a slight red-colored tint and a bit drop in saturation. This manipulation makes the subject look not just vintage but very distinct and appealing.

            You prefer it for posts that include an outdoor scenario or could use a vintage 80s look. It is also an excellent choice for night photography. However, try to avoid them in low-light images taken though low-resolution cameras and phones.

            Bonus-Selfies Special Instagram Filter

            Selfies are the most common type of photographs that the Instagram users upload. The list of top filters will be incomplete without a good selfies filters.

            Honesty, almost every filter is applicable for selfies depending on the lighting, background, and angle. However, a preferable choice will be lark and Mayfair.

            Lark- Lark is a type of flaw reducing filter. It balanced the color tones and brightness of the picture to make it look natural. The filter also reduces the visibility of wrinkles, blemish, and other skin unevenness. It’s very helpful for individuals trying to get real Instagram followers on their accounts.

            Mayfair-This Instagram filter balances the intensity of light on your face and helps to recover an overexposed photograph. It is best for are using a harsh light source in an indoor environment. The filter also offers a touch of soft pinkish color that offers a sun-kissed glow to your face.

            The Wrap-up

            Insta Filters are an excellent way to amplify the effect and appearance of posts. They can complement your natural photography and post creating skills for a lot better exposure level. Using them efficiently can easily enhance your market appearance and get instant Instagram likes for your post.

            So, consider the above data and use it for all your future uploads.