6 Brand Building Tricks To Increase Real Instagram Followers On Your Page

Real Instagram Followers

There was a time when Instagram was just a photo-sharing application. Now it is one of the most used platforms for businesses and brands for marketing. A lot of strategies and techniques go into advertisements and branding. It should leave a good impression on your followers. A lot of significant brands run popular Instagram accounts for their customers.

While you can get many real Instagram followers for your account, it is vital to reach followers who show interest and can become potential customers for your business. Brands use a variety of methods and tricks to increase their follower count on Instagram. Let us know about some of these strategies.

Use Relevant Hashtags In Your Posts

Instagram Fashion Hashtag

Whether you are posting a picture or uploading a story, it is necessary to use the right hashtags to go along with it. Hashtagging is the best way to ensure your content reaches interested users. Instagram allows its users to follow hashtags and view the posts and stories with those hashtags. You can only insert thirty hashtags in a post, so be careful with your selection.

When you use a particular hashtag in your post’s caption or story, even users who don’t follow you may see your uploads. It will help you reach a more extensive and targeted audience. There will undoubtedly be an increase in your Instagram followers. There are many tools available online that help you in selecting the best and trending hashtags for your posts.

Save Your Stories In The Highlights

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A significant feature of Instagram is its Stories. Users upload pictures and short videos that appear for twenty-four hours before they disappear. Stories have a lot of reach, and users spend a lot of time viewing the stories of the accounts they follow. If you want a particular story to remain after its time expires, you can add to the story highlights. It will stay on your page, and it will keep reminding your followers about the previous dealings.

Whenever someone lands on your page, they can be able to see the highlights. People can view your previous content and know about your brand. You should save the main features and work of your brand in the highlights. Product descriptions, upcoming products, and other offers can also be put here. If people like what they see, they will surely drop a follow on your page. You can even buy followers for your Instagram page.

Conduct Product Giveaways To Attract Real Instagram Followers

Livingwithamanda Giveaway

If you want to increase your real Instagram followers and get people into talking about your brand, organize a product giveaway on your Instagram page. It will draw the attention of people and attract new followers. Everyone loves winning free goods and prizes. A giveaway will create excitement and buzz among your followers.

You can put one of your new or popular products on the giveaway. Ask your followers to like your post and mention one or two of their friends in the comments. A lot of new users will follow and get familiar with the name and history of your brand. After some days, you can randomly choose one winner and send the gift to him. It is a unique and modern way of marketing on Instagram.  

Use Other Social Media Applications To Gather More Attention

There is no need to limit your reach just to Instagram. Many different social media platforms are almost as famous, if not more, as Instagram. Millions of people all over the world use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Use these platforms to your benefit and promote your brand there too.

Post content related to your business on multiple sites and leave your hashtags and Instagram handles there. People who view your posts will surely check your page out. These sites will lead people over to your Instagram page and thereby increasing your followers. Also, these followers will be beneficial because they will only follow you if they like your brand and products on offer.

Be Creative With Your Captions And Bio

No one will like your page if you post dull and repetitive content. Your followers will remain interested only if they find your posts interesting and worth seeing. It will drive them to reach your brand and buy your products. Thus, it is vital to develop engagement with your followers. You should show a response to your followers’ comments and messages.

 You should always keep your Instagram bio meaningful and catchy. It should tell about your company and its features. The same goes for the captions. Do not be repetitive and try to explain your products’ features and benefits. If your followers like it, they will recommend your page ahead, which will boost your followers count.

Take Advantage Of Influencers And Sponsored Posts

There are a lot of influencers on Instagram who have a huge follower count. Research and find accounts that relate to your business and field of products. Try to contact these people and ask to collaborate with them. Usually, an influencer will charge you a certain amount for a single post. It can be an expensive process but will provide massive exposure.

What you need to do is, send some of your products to the influencer and ask them to do an illustration and product review. An influencer will review your products and share it with his followers. He can describe your product and tell about its benefits and features. A broad audience will get to know about your brand. Naturally, people will show interest, and your followers will increase rapidly.


The world is now in a digital age. A lot of emphases is on online advertising and marketing. Almost all the top companies have an online presence. Social media platforms like Instagram are widely used by brands to reach out to people. We read about various tricks brands use to increase their Instagram followers in the above article. Make the most of Instagram and give a new dimension to your brand’s online marketing.