Using Instagram for Small Businesses: The Beginner’s Guide

With more than thousands and millions of users, Instagram is the platform that you can use to grow and promote your business. Every business, regardless of its size, can utilize the power of Instagram. From providing insights to selling products, this social media giant helps you to succeed in this digital world and stand out in the competition.

Clutch 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey revealed that 52% of small businesses use Instagram. In the light of this number, if you list among the 48% of small businesses who don’t use this popular image sharing network, you could seriously be lagging behind the competition.

You can approach new audiences and stay connected with your existing followers on Instagram. It allows you to show your products or services to the targeted group. This article will guide you on how to buy Instagram followers and use this platform effectively to grow your budding business.

Set Up a Business Account

If you are starting on Instagram for your small business, you need to create an effective, winning profile for your business. You can have only one profile on Instagram, either personal or business. Personal accounts are default ones, but a business account will not cost extra to you.

So, if you have a personal account, you need to convert it into a business one. By doing so, you get access to all the business features of Instagram, and the transitions also become smooth for your followers.


You can even go for creating a new business account on Instagram if your personal account does not represent your business correctly. A business account provides you insights into the performance of your stories and posts. You can create promotional advertisements to make them reach a large number potential customers and get real Instagram followers.

With a business account, along with adding business information, you can also add extensions, which enable users to connect with your business in a single click. 

Create a Winning Profile

The user name that you set for your business account should reflect your brand’s objective and vision. It should be memorable yet professional.

Keep your profile name permanent unless you make significant changes to your business. It is necessary because if you consistently change the Instagram profile name, it will end up only confusing your followers or potential customers.

You should also choose your profile picture wisely, as it should reflect your business professionally. It can be your logo, products image, or your storefront, etc.


When it comes to the brand’s bio, keep it brief and consistent to your other social media pages. Even if it is repeating on all your social media profiles, it adds as a benefit. Users can quickly recognize your business in this manner. Don’t forget to add contact information to let interested followers directed to your website.

You can even use hashtags and emojis in your bio to make it eye-catching and interesting. Remember not to give it unprofessional look by adding too many emojis. Your profile all together should speak for your brand.

Post High Quality and Optimized Content

You are creating your Business Page to boost your small business. Attract the followers by keeping your posts engaging. You can buy Instagram followers by posting high-quality photos, videos, and the captions should also be entered focusing your target audience. Fine-tune the pictures before posting; you can even edit them with the in-built tools of Instagram.

Your Instagram followers would be interested in hearing good stories. So be regular in posting interactive stories by adding attractive captions that back your story.

While adding the caption think about the story and the purpose of creating it. If you are targeting users of a particular location, you can tag the post specifically in that location.

To engage your followers more with your post, it would be wise if you post it to the Instagram account when your followers are online. Being the owner of the business account, you can access this feature and use it to benefit your small business.

Stay consistent with your posting schedules; you can even schedule them ahead of time to break the inconsistency.

Live Videos

Video marketing is an excellent way to generate engagement in real-time among your Instagram followers. Video posts receive 38% higher engagement than images.

While streaming live, you can invite the audience for asking questions. You can even introduce subject matter expert and your team during the live Instagram video. Cover important events like product launches or other brand events with this feature.

Allow your audience to tune-in by sharing date and time in advance when you will be live next time on your business Instagram account.  Alert your followers about the live sessions through the Instagram stories. Your followers also get notified a few minutes before the live stream.

With Live Videos, you get a chance to interact with your followers directly. Take full advantage of the feature to attract people more towards your brand.

While posting stories and going live, keep it business-oriented, as all this will ultimately reflect your business. 

Stay Active with Your Responses

It is necessary to maintain your followers; this can be achieved by developing strong business relation with active interactions.

When your followers comment on your posts or messages, responding to their feedback and queries is vital. It shows your interest in them and makes them feel that you care about what they think and are looking for, from your services.

Enhanced engagement will provide a positive image to your brand. As your followers like, comment, view, and share your posts, in the same manner, you should also stay the same with their accounts.

Apart from this, you can even mention and tag people in your posts. It will help to buy Instagram followers of the tagged person also towards your content, which in turn can lead to an increased sale.

Closing Words

Set clear goals while using an Instagram account for your small business. The more efforts you put, the more success you will get. Follow the different parameters as discussed above to take the most advantage of your business account of Instagram.

Grow a solid following by posting best and eye-catching on your account. Don’t make things overwhelming or complicated; maintain a balance between your creativity and strategic planning.

Once you’ve managed to buy real Instagram followers, you will see how it works to make your small business grow effectively.