Want to Buy Instagram Followers? You Should Read This First

Buying followers on Social Media platforms are now becoming the norm. As one of the most active Social media platforms, it is no surprise that Instagram users ranging from influencers, celebrities, businesses, politicians, and organizations alike aim at increasing their followers count by all means. For your business to excel on social media, you need a good marketing strategy, and increased engagement is a vital part of your Instagram marketing. Purchasing followers seem to be the fastest option for social security, especially for those with new accounts whose follower count is on the low and wish to grow their page in no distant time. 

The Institute of Contemporary Music performance in August 2019, produced a list of famous people through an Instagram audit, and it turns out everyone had a percentage of fake Instagram followers. Ranging from 46%, 49%, and even 50% of their followers.

There are lots of companies who are willing to help such persons buy Instagram followers and have even made the process easier by allowing buyers to pay with credit cards or via PayPal but what you are most likely to be paying for is a number because most of the followers sold are either bolts or inactive accounts    

In this article, we’ll be helping you answer some questions you might be having about buying instagram followers with a credit card.

Will Instagram Ban Me for Buying Followers?

Absolutely not. A lot of people use all sorts of shady services that might give them a bump in ratings or raise their online profiles such as fake followers, viewer bots, auto likes and others. Don’t be surprised if you hear that some of your favourite celebrities boosted their Instagram following with bought followers. This is because people tend to follow popular profiles with many followers and if Instagram would ban people for buying followers, about 70% of its users would be banned by now, as over a billion followers are purchased each year. Summarily, Instagram doesn’t ban accounts just for buying followers. The same policy applies to buying auto likes.

Why Buy Followers?

The number of engagement an Instagram account will get is dependent on the number of engagement it has already.  People decide if they want to follow and engage with an account based on the number of followers the account already has. Several people buy followers because they want their Instagram account to seem like an authority figure in their niche. Others may buy followers because they are just getting started and they could use a little boost.

Having said that, it can be deduced that the reason for buying followers differs from person to person. But i’d also want to establish that if what you seek is engagement and not necessarily just numbers then buying followers may not be what you want.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

It's one thing to pay for an increased number of followers which could be fake accounts or bots, and It is another to buy real active Instagram followers. If you have decided to buy Instagram followers, then make sure you buy active Instagram followers.

 Endeavour to not go for really cheap offers. You may get enticed by the sales of over a thousand followers for only $10. Although it is not totally impossible to buy Instagram followers cheap, the quality of what you’ll get eventually may be as cheap as the price.

Buying Instagram service can be a pretty expensive service, but there are some sellers of quality followers who have fair prices, and unlike many others who just get you bots and inactive users, you get something good for your money. Partner 

Will I lose the Followers That I Buy?

If you buy followers from a highly reputable provider, chances are slim that you will lose all followers bought. Buyers generally have this fear of losing bought followers. The stability of your followers depends on the company you purchased from and how well they maintain their followers. Instagram upgrades her server from time to time and deactivates some accounts during the process as the case may be, and this can lead to loss of followers but you do not wake up the next day to find all the followers you paid for gone.

What are the Features to Look Out For in a Follower Provider?

Before you make up your mind on what provider to go for, carefully take a look at their quality and retention. These are the top qualities that distinguish them.

Take note of how real and active their followers seem, and also how long they stay after purchase. Next on the line is their customer protections policy. Speaking about customer support protocol, retention guarantee, and privacy policies. When you’re done with these, process to read reviews from previous customers. If you are satisfied with all you find, you may proceed to make a purchase.


While there are many benefits to buying your followers, there are also many down sides.

The pros of Buying Instagram Followers;

Greater Visibility in your Niche.

Buying social media followers can help you a lot in growing and being among the top ones. The number of followers and engagements a brand has plays a major role in determining if and where its contents appear. Instagram uses algorithms to determine the value and visibility of brands.

 It Can Help You in Getting a Boost.

It's not easy for starters to grow on social media because of the amount of people using it. You are surrounded by competitors who probably have large audiences and are offering the same as you, and it becomes difficult to organically grow your audience because when customers look at their accounts and find out they have a higher following, they decide to also follow them instead. When you have no followers, your reach will be limited and chances of making sales are slim. You can decide to buy good quality followers and give a boost to your brand's social presence.

It Saves You Time and Effort. Growing on social media is a tough task that requires a lot of time and effort. Putting in enough time and effort can bring growth but at a slow rate. Some persons are not patient enough to keep investing so much and yet watch growth happen at a very slow rate. Since purchasing followers can give you the immediate boost you need, why not? Buying followers will take the burden off your shoulders and save you time and effort.

Cons of Buying Instagram Followers.

Buying followers does not create engagement by itself. 

If you expect buying Instagram followers to be the end of your social media efforts, you need to think again. Even with your purchased followers, you need to create engagement and encourage other Instagram users to join in. you still need to keep posting contents that are relevant to your niche and ideal followers. Buying followers gives you a boost but it's up to you to keep building from there.

You can get scammed.

 know that there are so many scammers selling things online and you need to be wary of scam in this venture. Several websites may promise real and active followers but after payment is made, they either deliver below the agreed quantity or they fill your profile with bots. You must be on the lookout for scam. If something doesn't feel right, don’t make the purchase.

It's pricey. It is in your best interest to go for high quality Instagram followers, but the amount attached to it may want to make you consider those of lesser quality. Instagram followers may be expensive and you might want to sit and consider your budget before commencing.

Still not sure?

It's okay if you’re not certain about buying or not. We recommend that you take your time and read some other articles on using instagram to promote your business, after which you can decide on what best suits you.